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Mr.Bacardi - 02/01/2020
This game was also distributed via A.N.G Software
Lockett - 16/03/2008
Oh, man! I was looking through my C64 game collection today and found Subterranea by Rack-It - Humanoid's a cheap rip-off of it! Basically, the guys who "made" Humanoid took the level graphics and player ship from Subterranea, and added their own random enemy patterns. They also used the bonus bosses, but made them impossible to beat by taking out the weak points! I now know why it looks so much like a C64 game - it IS one, only crippled! Play the original - it's infinitely better!
Lockett - 16/03/2008
Don't let the slick graphics and cave-like levels fool you - this game is actually pretty mediocre. The player ship moves quite slowly, the bosses can't hit you if you don't move from the starting position, and the enemy patterns are completely random! If this game played as good as it looked, it would have rivaled R-Type - but that wasn't the case.
Cimelek - 15/12/2007
Good game with nice graphics but I think it's a little too hard
LS - 15/10/2007
My old favourite - one of the best horizontal shooters ever made for 8-bit Atari. Rivals Zybex in terms of playability (it lacks 2 player mode, though). Game is enjoyable as a whole and has very good graphics.


Humanoid atari screenshot
Humanoid atari screenshot
Humanoid atari screenshot
Humanoid atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - Horizontal ScrollingYear1992
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherSonix Software

Mikolajczyk, Zenon

Graphic Artist(s)

Mikolajczyk, Zenon

MediumTape Disk

Majewski, Jerzy / Gwozdziej, Miroslaw

Cover Artist(s)[unknown]SerialS00392
Dumpdownload atari Humanoid Download

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Missing original tape and disk images!


Humanoid Atari disk scan Humanoid Atari disk scan


Humanoid Atari tape scan


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