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gwobby - 03/05/2014
Very good overhead racing game with cars that you can actually control! Graphics, Sound, and Music, all very good too. Track 5 is excessively hard but if you stay close behind the computer car on lap 1 you can overtake him on the short loop near the end of the lap. Great fun in 2 player mode where the computer car joins you both.
Jonny EOL - 20/03/2009
Given that Codemasters will release an official F1 game later this year, it's amusing to look back to this thing. Two rectangular cars racing round 12 different circuits. Despite the rubbish-looking cars, it was enjoyable enough as a poor mans 'Super Sprint' and sufficient practice did allow you to get further than you did the previous play. Also featured voice synthesis - not the best quality but, hey, it was a pocket money game in the 1980s, and served it's purpose well.


Grand Prix Simulator atari screenshot
Grand Prix Simulator atari screenshot


GenreRacing - OverheadYear
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherCode Masters
PlayersCountryUnited Kingdom

Sheppard, Adrian

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape

Whittaker, David

Cover Artist(s)Serial5068
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Grand Prix Simulator Atari tape scan Grand Prix Simulator Atari tape scan Grand Prix Simulator Atari tape scan
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