Fight Night

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Mr.Bacardi - 19/01/2020
U.S. Gold release was also available on tape
Wes - 11/07/2019
Typo here - serial number sohuld read RX8085, not RX8079
Waterflux - 13/10/2017
I used to play this game quite a bit as a teenie. Although it was not as sophisticated as coin-op arcade counterparts like 'Super Punch Out' and 'Ring King', 'Fight Night' was nevertheless fun to play. I think the hard part is learning proper hand-eye coordination with respect to the opposing boxers. Otherwise, their special moves will easily take out the player's hit points. Since the player has no special moves, he has to play more defensively (e.g., keep an eye on the opponent's moves and block his blows) than his opponents.
eppy2000 - 05/07/2016
The next best thing to having Punch-Out! This was another game from the mid/late eighties that showcased the best of the Atari 8-bit's capabilities, even though by this point it was a lost cause.

I suppose using silly characters (as opposed to "real" boxers) would give it a broader appeal, and in that regard, this is what makes the game succeed and entertaining. The graphics are well done, although the execution occasionally lags. Punches don't respond fast enough to your button pressing at times, and when you do land punches, sometimes it doesn't register. But that aside, the game is fairly (although not always easily) winnable. Thirty years on, and I've only been able beat the champ by TKO.
Adam Cruickshank - 24/09/2007
A great game with great animation. It made the C64 version look average
steve - 27/08/2007
This was a great fun boxing game. The graphics were very good and the game play was great fun. Brings back fond memories.
Panemon - 26/04/2006
I had this game on my Atari 65k XE, back in the mid-80's, and I deffinately enjoyed it. I think I still remember some of the character names, like dip stick, British Bulldog, Bronx Bomber, but I forgot the rest. I used to play this game a lot, and I would love to find it to play it again. The feature where you could create your character and fight with him, was genius.


Fight Night atari screenshot
Fight Night atari screenshot
Fight Night atari screenshot


GenreSports - Boxing / Martial ArtsYear1987
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAtari
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloperDistinctive Software
Players1, 1 vs. 2, DemoCountryUSA

Wong, Amory / Peavey, Chuck

Graphic Artist(s)

Panthaky, Ron

Medium Cartridge

Bergen, Gail

Cover Artist(s)SerialRX8079
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Other versions with the same title:

Accolade, US Gold.

Cartridge conversion by Sculptured Software.


Fight Night Atari cartridge scan Fight Night Atari cartridge scan Fight Night Atari cartridge scan




Book / Magazine Reviews

 Atari User · July, 1988

This game helped to fill a gap that had for a long time been ignored – boxing simulations. Written by Accolade last year, it offers you the chance to create a boxer and then enter into competition with other fighters. You have five different modes of play – construction, main event, sparring, training and tournament. You control your boxer using the joystick and have the choice of eight... [more]

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