F-15 Strike Eagle

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Scott Stilphen - 06/08/2018
I posted the Authentication codes online for years, both on my site and on Digital Press:

Petr Kratina - 18/07/2018
Auth codes: 0=G 1=A 2=J 3=G 4=J 5=B 6=C 7=H 8=L 9=H 10=A 11=P 12=C 13=P 14=K 15=E
Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 09/05/2011
The Microprose combat games just ROCKED. F-15 Strike Eagle was the best of the lot, by far, with all the cool options and weapons and missions. I only wish a two-player mode could have been included, like Spitfire Ace and Mig Alley Ace. The Atari 800 had a lot of solid flight sims, now that I think about it.
gilgar - 05/06/2009
im not picking on it and im serious it is just the flight engine from stor riders with a blue and green BG abd im just stating that the oversaturation of games caused by lack of legal protection from companies copying one another caused the game market to crash
Gwobby - 03/06/2009
This has always been one of my favourite games; used to wait for ages for a copy of this to load from tape on a mates 800XL and then find out we didn't have all of the authentication codes! Play on arcade mode to get started but then go on to one of the other modes for more fun. Especially satisfying launching missiles and diving down and bombing a target. Thought I'd stick up for F15 as the other comments are not so positive - I've played this recently and still enjoyed it. You have to resist cheating when you run out of fuel by holding down the A key to keep firing the afterburners:-D
gilgar - 02/06/2009
the thing about it the atari could do a LOT more look at rescue on fractalus or eidolon or ballblazer or road race or well i could go on for ever its weird how every jack shamk went to game makin and wanted to get rich oof some poor clone of an older game and wound up wreking the videogame market this is more like 2600 starider clone with a cockpit overlay and a ble and green background
eppy2000 - 01/09/2008
I remember buying this game after reading a highly favorable review in Antic magazine. But I was a little disappointed, given the description that the game was developed and tested by real combat pilots.

The Atari's hardware limitations restricted the game's realism. The simplified graphics and sound also took away from the fun factor. Occasionally it was disorienting to play without crashing or missing the intended targets, so I always played in "arcade" mode to make it easier.
Hawthorn - 27/02/2008
I agree with Jonny EOL especially the WAS part. This WAS a great game but one which just doesn't stand the test of time--the ultimate of tests for a top 100 list. F15 adds nothing to the genre now. Too many better simulations now and too many great unique games for Atari to have this in the top 100.
Jonny EOL - 02/07/2007
This was quite a neat simulation of F-15. It lacked a landing and takeoff sequence, and 8-bit micros could never handle the graphics simulations like this deserved, but it was a worthwhile simulation challenge nonetheless.


F-15 Strike Eagle atari screenshot
F-15 Strike Eagle atari screenshot
F-15 Strike Eagle atari screenshot
F-15 Strike Eagle atari screenshot


GenreSimulation - AirYear1986
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMicroprose Software France
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper[n/a]
Players1, 2 (alt.), 2 (sim.), 2+, DemoCountryFrance

Meier, Sid

Graphic Artist(s)


MediumTape Disk


Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-

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Other versions with the same title:

MicroProse Software, US Gold, Microprose Software UK.

Missing original tape and disk images!


F-15 Strike Eagle Atari tape scan F-15 Strike Eagle Atari tape scan
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