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Monk - 07/06/2020
Lucasfilm Games really experimented a lot, these early games are expressions of their creative freedom. A luxury that most game development groups/corporations didn't, and especially nowadays, don't always have.

The manual is incredible, inspiring and atmospheric, I recommend everyone to read it fully and admire the great art. The whole story is unique (never seen this story anywhere else), the idea is sound and mysterious, and everything in the game supports this.

However, I found the gameplay a little cumbersome and boring. It doesn't quite give the player the 'feel of an epic adventure', but more like 'how do I complete this level so I can get to the next, almost identical level with more difficulty'-feel.

It's not about exploring (the caves look the same everywhere), it's about jumping through annoying hoops to advance to next level, then doing that again and again.

The drawn art is great, of course (done by same artist that created the amazing Maniac Mansion on the C64 side), the game is very ambitious for its time, but I find the 'fractal effect' doesn't really work, it looks a bit clunky and chaotic instead of precise and three-dimensional (but so does 'Rescue on Fractalus' (try to spell this right, people! It's not 'Fractus' or 'fractulas' - it's based on FRACTALS, so of course it's FRACTALUS).

I could never really get much joy out of Eidolon or Koronis Rift - the technical side is very impressive, and there's a lot of atmosphere, but the gameplay just seems more 'annoying' than 'fun'.

However, I do enjoy 'Rescue on Fractalus', because its gameplay is tight (although the 'mountains' really just look like chaotic lines instead of proper 3D again).

As a sidenote; I really only learned to not only like, but seriously love 'Rescue on Fractalus' only after playing the Atari version. The C64-version is so bad that although I wanted to like it, I couldn't.

Atari version has everything done correctly, from intro to sound effects to visual eyecandy to playability - and it's fast enough to actually enjoy playing.

I don't know how different the C64-version of Eidolon is - I think I played both of the versions on real machines the other day, but can't remember well enough to really compare. I suppose they're very similar in most respects, except C64-version has a bit more boring soundworld and less bright graphics.

The Eidolon is an OK game, but the gameplay itself is a bit of a simplistic let-down, and the cave always looks the same, so the only variance is the beautiful 'monster art' and the incredible manual - both of which I enjoyed more than the gameplay itself.

This is the price of 'experimenting' - sometimes you get inspited, vision-based, ingenious gems, and other times you fall flat on you face, because the experiment didn't quite work. The Eidolon, for me, lives somewhere between Rescue on Fractalus and Koronis Rift, as I think the latter is even more boring and annoying to play than this.

I might be a bit biased, since I think Maniac Mansion is the best game I have ever experienced, on all possible levels, except maybe a bit of annoyance because you have to keep running back and forth between upstairs and downstairs.

So I do enjoy these early games somewhat, but in my eyes, they never quite reach to the level of the Mansion. However, Rescue on Fractalus is the perfect "pre-Maniac Mansion" game from this brilliant Lucasfilm Games group, The Eidolon I can 'give or take' in short servings.

Timmy - 27/05/2020
This game doesn't run on my UNO cart and 800XL. I just get the title screen?
Barryso - 18/05/2018
A super super game. Technically brilliant. Used the game engine as recused on fractulas, and boy is it a good engine. Simply incredible engineering.
rave.N - 24/04/2016
Is this disk download really the scan of an original? It comes in "middle density" 128KB size, with the expansion zone on the disk entirely empty save for a speck of garbage in only one sector near the end. Game appears to function from a single density 90KB size disk. One of the newest Homesoft Library disks offers a .xex file conversion of The Eidolon, though file version requires model 130XE (more than 64K RAM). xex format is good as ROM, especially in emulation.
Thripston - 30/05/2008
Definitely one of the more memorable games of that era for the Atari. I would *LOVE* to see an updated version this game, it has so much ptoential for a remake using proper up to date 3d graphics.
Moon - 22/04/2008
My first game I bought on tape back in the days, thanks for the nice scans of the manual. If you want to see how it get's finished check out my longplay over at http://www.c64-longplays.de/downloads.html#T

It's from the C64-version so please bear with me ;)
Haz - 18/12/2005
Lucasfilm released some really groundbreaking games at around this time - Rescue on Fractalus, Ballblazer, and this work of art.

Very atmospheric. The first time you saw a dragon wake and stare at you...
Ason Digital - 15/12/2005
I love this game.. This was my favorite game on the C64.

i STILL have the music in my head from exploring the caves... :O)
Fred - 11/03/2004
This game is very impressive (as Rescue on Fractus and Koronis Rift are), I love it. Dragon are terrible :)


Eidolon (The) atari screenshot
Eidolon (The) atari screenshot
Eidolon (The) atari screenshot
Eidolon (The) atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherEpyx
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloperLucasfilm Games

Kellner, Charlie / Crockford, Douglas

Graphic Artist(s)

Winnick, Gary

Medium Disk

Crockford, Douglas / Kellner, Charlie
Levine, David

Cover Artist(s)Serial55300D-6
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