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Atari Frog - 20/05/2020
File replaced with a working executable until an original tape image is found.
Ace - 04/05/2020
Something is wrong with this .cas file? Altirra 3.20 gives an error about it can't read some bytes, but Atari800 loads it just fine. Any ideas?
rave.N - 09/01/2016
This is probably the oldest game here, full title is Colossal Cave Adventure, made by Don Woods in 1977 USA Berkeley - before there was Atari home computer. Like Zork before there was Zork, this one started it all. I think I first saw it on an Apple. This particular file is likely a beta conversion, judging from all the spelling mistakes it has.

"Jewels of Darkness" does not belong in the name of this file. JOD came a lot later, a collection of 3 similar games on a disk. Atarimania created list entries for all 3 but the other 2 might not even exist in this form. JOD fixed the spelling mistakes, added gfx stills, and one of the nicest things about JOD is it buffers your input so you can type while it is drawing or thinking. This beta can't buffer.

Since JOD is 3 games made years after, I'll place CCA comments here. Why was "Cave" dropped from name??

There are three secret code words that teleport the adventurer to the far reaches in no time, but you have to be in a connecting room to be teleported, otherwise "nothing happens" which at least is an admission the words are understood. XYZZY connects the "inside building" to the "debris room", PLUGH connects the "inside building" to the "Y2 room", PLOVE and/or PLOVER connects the "Y2 room" to the "plover room".

To see all 3 teleports right away, start the game like this:
ENTER (the building)
LIGHT LAMP (now or when it gets dark)
XYZZY (sends you to debris room)
XYZZY (sends you back)
PLUGH (sends you to Y2 room)
PLOVE (puts you in plover room)

The very first CCA used 5 character keywords, so does this, so you need type only the first 5 letters of longer words (in Zork it's six letters). In CCA, PLOVE(R) is a noun too, can get confusing. Rumor is PLUGH was short for PLUGHOLE but extra letters in PLUGH aren't recognized.
rave.N - 29/12/2015
There you are! I didn't recognize you, without "Cave" in your name.


Colossal Adventure atari screenshot


GenreAdventure - TextYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherLevel 9 Computing
ControlsKeyboardDeveloperLevel 9 Computing
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Austin, Mike

Graphic Artist(s)




Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari Colossal Adventure Download

Additional Comments

Part of the following series:
Colossal Adventure
Adventure Quest
Dungeon Adventure

Re-released with graphics and enhanced text in the Jewels of Darkness trilogy.

Missing original tape image!


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