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the big m - 13/08/2023
Back in the early 80's, I owned an Intellivision.
When I saw a picture of the game on a magazine, I was jealous of Atari owners.

Herrera became a celebrity for the 3d design of the city and the animation of the spaceman waving and taking off in his spaceship.

Now a days, we see the game as a bit frustrating when running into the stars and planets.

The game defaults to level 8. Start on level 1 and you'll have more fun. My daughter and I did.

Scott Stilphen - 05/12/2020
Not sure why magazines like Electronic Games just raved about it. It's a great-looking game but incredibly frustrating to play. Having to move around a layout of a random number of planets and stars (especially little stars that your ship gets hung up on) really affects how you progress. If only all that stuff was on a different layer, with you either moving in front of or behind them, so that you had the entire area to freely move around.
Monk - 09/11/2017
As the loving owner of both Atari 800 XL and a Commodore 64C, I feel obligated to compare the differences between versions in my reviews / comments.

Astro Chase is one of those games that you have to really look at with a magnifying glass for hours to find all the little differences between the Atari and the C64 to be able to finally declare a winner.

Which you probably can't, anyway.

I just recently played both versions today, and I have to say, they are so similar, that I wouldn't blame anyone for having strong nostalgic feelings for either one (or both).

This was the first game that I saw having a wonderful intro sequence that got me all excited. The game itself, sadly, didn't quite reach the potential the intro sets up.

The game is very simplistic and repetitive, and I couldn't really care about saving the Earth for the fourth time, after nothing seemed to change.

But it's a good game to spend a few minutes in a simplistic, mindless, relaxing destruction of some attackers. And the explosive Pokey always delivers the satisfying aural pleasures.

The Atari version seems to be ever so slightly better than the C64 version.

First of all, in the intro, Atari doesn't have boring grey, which is a big part of the C64 version's color scheme. Second of all, the animated space pilot actually synchronizes the footsteps, unlike the ice skating C64 pilot, who slides while walking.

The crunchier Pokey noise wave sounds just fit this game better than the softer SID noise, and makes for a more massive experience.

Oddly, the space ship in the intro has a different shape, depending on which version you play.

The gameplay is pretty much the same, and just as repetitive and simplistic. There are simple games that are great classics, but this one is a bit too simple, perhaps. Also, not being able to stop your spaceship is really annoying, although you learn to play 'around' it.

All in all, a good little game, when you just want to have a quick, not-so-serious fun for a couple of minutes, and nothing much more. Even Orc Attack offers more entertainment (another game where Atari version shines over the C64 version).

Good game, but only in short sessions.


Astro Chase atari screenshot
Astro Chase atari screenshot
Astro Chase atari screenshot
Astro Chase atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherParker Brothers

Herrera, Fernando

Graphic Artist(s)


Medium Cartridge


Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial1190
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Other version with the same title:

First Star Software.

Also available on the Greatest Hits - Volume 1 compilation.

Load with OS-B.


Astro Chase Atari cartridge scan Astro Chase Atari cartridge scan Astro Chase Atari cartridge scan



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Book / Magazine Reviews

 Electronic Fun · June, 1983Rating: 3 / 4 

Astro Chase is such a pretty game to look at, it seems a shame that it isn't more exciting to play. And that's perplexing, because at first blush Astro Chase looks like a space game with everything. It's got shield depots, it's got energy generators and it's got pulsating enemy mines so powerful that just one of them can blow up the entire Earth. It's got a screen full of zillions... [more]

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