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Smaku - 29/03/2019
I tried today a little, to play this game, to see what it is, and it looks like quite well made, playable game. I found heremite in some small cave who asked me for fuel to his fire. In hell I found gloves on the shelf and weared it to lift the catch on the gates, so I escaped the place with demon somehow, demon was absent probably, hmm... then I was burnt in flames, but I took some amulet before my death. I didn't find too quickly any escape. Must try again probably. Well made, 'clean', precisely somoehow, good game it looks like, with long stories describing places and events. Maybe it is so to the end of the journey, not only at the beginning, where I tested today a little.
Amby - 09/02/2009
Just wondering if having a copy of the "Circle of Nine" which was originally included is essential to playing the game now?

Please say "no" because I'm totally enjoying the game so far....
mrnukem - 01/02/2009
I have started playing this and am enjoying it. Thanks for sharing the game!

Peter Lister - 27/01/2009
I am the author and publisher of this adventure game which sadly was not a commercial success, being released too late when the demand for text adventures and indeed all 8 bit games was quickly declining. It was great fun writing it though and I don't regret the time it took me (over 2 years!). Hope some people will still enjoy playing it. PL


Amulet (The) atari screenshot
Amulet (The) atari screenshot
Amulet (The) atari screenshot
Amulet (The) atari screenshot


GenreAdventure - TextYear1990
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherTiara Software
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Lister, Peter

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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