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Muffy St. Bernard - 10/10/2014
Hawthorn, it's here:

It's for the Apple II but it looks identical to the one I remember for the Atari, right down to that wacky font.
Hawthorn - 27/09/2014
Could anyone post the docs to this program? Or tell me where to get them? I'd love to try to resurrect this game and write an adventure for it.
Muffy St. Bernard - 12/10/2007
Well John, you were responsible for a LOT of wasted time during my childhood! And I can't thank y'all enough.
John - 12/10/2007
Wow I cannot believe I came across this site! Back in 1983 I was one of the US developers of the AdventureWriter system for CodeWriter Corp. The owner of our company had a relationship with the folks in Europe who did the Quill system and we converted/translated it over to the Atari, Commodore 64, Apple, and early 8086 IBM machines. What a blast from the past.

Oh and by the way... color text was a sacrifice we had to make for the Atari conversion Muffy lol.
eppy2000 - 02/10/2007
I really enjoyed using this program; it gave me a better appreciation of how time consuming it can be for the folks at Infocom! I always loved mapping the game out and writing the room descriptions and smart-ass responses. But I disliked parts that required "programming," albeit it was minimal. Half the time, I couldn't get the logic routines right and made the game too winnable (or vice versa!). Writing out the sound routine wasn't hard since I was used to doing that in BASIC all the time.
Pengwin - 23/07/2007
An excellent package. I have an original copy, thanks to the guys at Atarimania, and it allows me to compose an adventure on my A8, and then enter the data exactly the same way into The Quill to port the games to the Spectrum.
The documentation is better than The Quill's, and the packaging of a higher quality (in my opinion).
10/10 to Gilsoft and Codewriter Corp for this gem.
Muffy St. Bernard - 30/04/2007
The best! Though the sample adventure was lame (complete with inverse-character nouns) you could create some quite sophisticated games, provided you didn't mind the two-word parser. A great collection of "conditions" and "reactions" gave you control over the game world; if you were smart and had a high tedium-threshold you could even create rudimentary creature AI. Plus you could compile your adventures and share them with people who didn't own AdventureWriter. Sadly only the Commodore users got colour text. I still have the dog-eared manual, a remnant of happy days spent writing the Next Big Adventure Game.
FastRobPlus - 20/01/2007
As a previous commentor mentions, this utility was called The Quill in Europe. The name was changed for the US release.
Mr. T. - 15/01/2006
I am one of the developers for Codewriter Corp and did scome cleanup work on Adventurewriter for the IBM PC version. Codewriter is the publisher of the software. It was bought from Gilsoft, and then we (Codewriter) spiced it up a bit, wrote the documentation, etc.
John E. - 05/04/2004
I wonder if anyone ever realised how close this was to 'The Quill' adventure writing system that was created for the Spectrum. All the commands were the same, and the only difference I noticed is that we got one extra (PLACE obj# loc# if I remember correctly). We could have had so many more adventures for our Atari because the Spectrum has hundreds that were written with 'The Quill' and to convert them would just be a matter of entering the same commands into 'Adventure Writer' as you did 'The Quill'!


AdventureWriter atari screenshot
AdventureWriter atari screenshot
AdventureWriter atari screenshot
AdventureWriter atari screenshot
AdventureWriter atari screenshot
AdventureWriter atari screenshot


GenreAdventure - Construction KitYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherSofitec

Yeandle, Graeme

Graphic Artist(s)


Medium Disk


Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial?
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