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the big m - 30/07/2023
Has a pleasant tune but thankfully it can be turned off.
Then you can hear the sound of your motorcycle as you explore the terrain through slightly jerky 4 way scrolling.
Your mission find 40 items before you can race!
Once you find the first flashing item, another will appear.
Each item is always located in it's same place so you can notes if you wish.
But don't crash!
Baz - 01/10/2013
One of the very first games I played on my Christmas present of an 800XL computer. The music drove the family utterly mad. I haven't heard it a good 20 years but I can still hum it and I'm sure my memory is accurate!

As for the game itself, I once came close to completing it... think I only needed just one more item before the big race at the end but bungled it and lost my last life which was crushing since it seemed to had taken a long time to reach that point. Not the greatest game but it offered enough variety and determination to try and scale things like the roller coaster and trying ones hardest not to go too fast or else you'd fall off again!
Auntie Pastie - 21/06/2013
@Andy and@MarkTheMorose; I think Andy's referring to the screenshots on the inlay card. AFAIK those are from the ZX Spectrum version which I've heard is almost a completely different game.

Only guessing, but I suspect they *did* start out as completely different games that had similar-enough scenarios to market under the same title, at least after a few tweaks.

IIRC, my Dad was confused by this too, and went back to ask the guy in the computer shop about it.
MarkTheMorose - 21/06/2012
Andy: not sure what you mean by 'where are the screens from'. Do you mean the screenshots on the game's page here?
Andy - 17/06/2012
Great budget game. Beat it lately. Can anybody tell me where the screens are from? I always thought I'd get to the screens when the drag race takes place, but the "race" takes place in the same setting at the racing point already identifiable when playing...
Andy UK - 08/11/2010
Great game, have the original KP Skips Action Biker Clumsy Colin Cassette which my parents brought me from a games workshop over 20 years ago. Budget game but fun to play and complete.
Jonny EOL - 08/04/2007
This was my introduction to the world of budget cassettes. The game involved motorbiking round a wrap-around landscape collecting various biker-related items with a drag race at the end. Some of the later items were really tricky to acquire. Not brilliant, but OK for pocket money.


Action Biker atari screenshot
Action Biker atari screenshot
Action Biker atari screenshot
Action Biker atari screenshot


GenreRacing - MotorcycleYear1986
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMastertronic (UK)
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper[n/a]
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom


Graphic Artist(s)




Cover Artist(s)Words and Pictures Ltd.SerialIC0087
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Action Biker Atari tape scan Action Biker Atari tape scan Action Biker Atari tape scan
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