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Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 24/07/2018
I remember these "insult" programs during the 1980s. I even wrote one of my own for the Apple IIe while in my high school computer class (which was being taught by some clueless soccer mom who barely knew how to turn the computers on). As a program, this is incredibly simple and anybody who has even a rudimentary knowledge of BASIC can put one of these together. You just write a massive database of insults and then write triggers that have the program respond to specific words or phrases.

Gameplay-wise, it's good for a chuckle, will probably amuse you for about ten seconds. If you could write an insult program that uses the SAM voice, that would be better.
Abuse Victim - 14/08/2014
That's what I loved about this, Jordi -- the mind games. I always felt like there were a lot more secrets hidden in the game that I tried to find by typing the right thing. It was sort of like an Infocom game in that way.
Jordi - 24/04/2011
Something cool that's not apparent in the screenshots or description is that this game plays mind tricks on you. It will let you hit the Escape key and act like you have successfully escaped from the program and returned to Atari Basic and then surprise you when you try to do things like type the command "LIST" by listing reasons why you're ugly. It even lets you go into Atari DOS and attempt to erase or copy the game whereupon it lets loose with more insults. A pretty ingenious program.


Abuse atari screenshot
Abuse atari screenshot
Abuse atari screenshot


LanguageBASICPublisherDon't Ask Computer Software

Simon, Randy / Freedman, Robert

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Medium Disk


Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
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Load with OS-B.

Missing original disk image!


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 Electronic Games · January, 1983

Some of the early computer teaching and quiz programs tried to personalize the machine by having it make extra little comments depending on whether the human operator had just given the right or wrong response. It was quite common for a computerist to be told "you're wrong, you turkey" or the equivalent by his machine.
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