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Andreas Koch - 07/03/2011

some addendum regarding the gfx: The original gfx as found in the Ariola-Soft version were drawn by Arno Weber. The gfx found in the Secret Games version were however drawn by Armin Stuermer...

KE was so nice to first sell this game via Axis/Ariola, later he sold it to AMC (who published it under the Secret Games label) and ignoring the fact that he did not have the rights anymore, he sold it himself at one point... but selling his rights twice or three times was typical for KE (on one of his homepages he still sells his old KE-soft stuff, allthough he has long sold the rights)...
Matt Huls - 04/03/2011
Sounds cool! Thanks for the translation!! :)
partykiller - 24/02/2011
Let me translate the package blurb for you:

An old book from a dusty library cupboard of a friend of yours somehow has appealed to you and caught your attention.
It tells about the adventures of Scott, the North Pole explorer (remark: wasn't that the South Pole?).
Not only does it tell how Scott had to pay with his life for all his research, but it also mentions a precious treasure that he left behind in the "perma-ice".
Legend or truth?
Fascinated by the thought you gather further information, you find more documents about Scott's expedition and the results leave no doubt: the treasure actually exists.

Determined to defy all dangers, to face perma-ice and snow storms, you dare take on the risk of surviving the adventure in the snow, searching for the way to the North Pole and looking for the treasure. But already in your home town you discover information that .....

Put on something warm (this has a double meaning: also a German way of saying: prepare yourself for difficulties)! That is the motto of everyone who is willing to undertake the difficult expedition into the land of permanent ice.
Good nerves, instincts/flair and power of deduction are necessary to master this adventure in the snow. Are you daring enough?
Matt Huls - 20/02/2011
Can someone provide a quick summary of the story for those of us who don't speak German so well?

The graphics are excellent and the box art intrigues me...
Kerem - 22/05/2010


GenreAdventure - Text / GraphicsYear1991
ControlsKeyboardDeveloperAxis Komputerkunst

Ezcan, Kemal

Graphic Artist(s)

Weber, Axel

Medium Disk

Ezcan, Kemal

Cover Artist(s)[n/a]Serial-

Additional Comments

Other versions with the same title:

Ariolasoft (Germany), Secret Games.

Also known as Zielpunkt Null Grad Nord.

Missing original disk image!


Did you ever wonder who the guys you can see on the Ariola front cover really are? Well, nobody else than the authors of the game Kemal and Axel! Actually, the photo was shot in the summer at a bus stop in Hamburg! So the authors did not only sweat while programming and testing but during the photo session as well!

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