Donkey Kong

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Tony - 16/01/2013
Another big arcade conversion disappointment that doesn't get anywhere near the attention of pacman. The graphics aren't even that bad considering it's a 2600, maybe DK could be a little less blocky. The real problem was the gameplay that felt way off, and the awful sound.
eppy2000 - 01/04/2010
The blurb, "Plays like the real arcade game" is a bit of an overstatement! I remember how, in 1982, this was one of the highly most anticipated titles for the 2600. ColecoVision put the bar up with one for their own system. Alas, due to hardware/memory limitations of the 2600, the end product had very much left to be desired. The graphics are only passable -- this is the 2600, after all -- and the sound effects are too simplified. When your primary adversary is nothing more than the firefoxes scrolling back and forth (and not even chasing you!) in two screens there's nary a challenge to be had.
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