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Helpful Horace atari screenshot
Helpful Horace atari screenshot
Helpful Horace atari screenshot

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GenrePrinting - MiscellaneousYear
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DeveloperDistributorST Review
ControlsMouseCountryUnited Kingdom
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Skellern, Chris

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
SerialST TypeST / 0.5MB
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Instructions - Helpful Horace

                      H E L P F U L    H O R R A C E                          
                    B y   C h r i s   S k e l l e r n                         
After wrestling away and getting nowhere with some two column printing        
utilities, I decided to write my own with user friendliness being a major     
design feature.                                                               
Helpful Horrace is the result. Programmed in assembler on my assembly program 
ASSEMBLER 2000 (available from Emerald City) it is a versatile printing       
utility which allows for standard disk based ASC11 files to be printed in     
either single or double columns. The idea of 2 column printing is to save     
paper when printing out disk based read_me files or PD manuals etc.           
Most printers allow you to configure them to achieve 160 characters across a  
single page width. With this setup, 2 column printing can be a real paper     
Helpful Horrace only accepts pure ASCII files with the standard 13/10 line    
terminators. Tab settings (9) are replaced with a single space and any other  
obscure characters are ignored altogether.                                    
The program allows for a variety of options to be set including half and full 
hyphenation, centre character definition, margins, centre gap, page numbering 
All these settings can be saved to disk as a preference file.                 
GETTING STARTED                                                               
First thing to do is to load a file into memory. Do this by selecting the LOAD
icon and then selecting your desired file from the file selector screen. Once 
a file is loaded into memory its time to setup the program variables. The     
VERT LINES value must be set to the total number of lines that your sheet of  
paper is capable of displaying. NOTE: this should NOT be set to the number of 
lines you want printed since this value is calculated automatically from      
within the program by means of adding up the margins etc. HOZ CHARS needs to  
be set to the maximum amount of characters that can be displayed on the page  
width. This value is dependant on the font size you are using, so could be    
anywhere between 40-200. Again ensure the value is the total characters that  
the sheet width can handle and not the number you want displayed. The column  
widths are calculated by the program at time of printout by subtracting the   
left/right margins and the centre gap.                                        
The CENTRE GAP value determines the number of spaces you wish to act as your 2
column gap. I find 2 or 3 works quite well. The centre gap character is a     
little optional extra that allows you to have a vertical division running down
the centre of the page. Use a '|' for the best effect, if you dont want       
anything to appear then set this value to a ' ' (space).                      
The above settings are the basic 'get you started' variables required. To     
start printing select PRINT or if you wish to do a dry run on the screen      
select SCREEN.                                                                
OTHER FEATURES                                                                
2 primitive hyphenation modes exist within the program, selectable from the   
main screen. WORD BOUN forces any words that cannot fit fully into a column to
be moved to the next left margin. WORD SPLIT goes one step further and splits 
the offending word into 2 and placing the '-' character at the end of the     
first half. Leading spaces are ignored when hyphenation is in operation.      
SAVE PREFS                                                                    
This selector allows for the current program variable settings to be saved to 
disk as a special resource file. This file is loaded automatically at the time
of program startup (providing the pref file is on the main menu of the disk   
and on the same disk as the HH program itself).                               
This selector takes you into the printing setup screen. Data can be sent      
directly to your printer from here allowing you to set your favourite font    
style and size etc. The commands must be entered as a hexadecimal string only 
with commers separating each command.                                         
EG:                       1B,4D                                               
The above command is the standard printer command for setting elite pitch. You
should consult your printers handbook for the complete listing of commands.   
You can send the printers string directly to the printer by selecting SEND    
PRINTER STRING or have the program do it automatically for you whenever you   
start a print run by selecting the auto flag.                                 
The notes string allows you to enter a few words describing what commands you 
have set. Both printer command string and notes string are saved and loaded   
automatically with the preference resource file.                              
This selection does a quick format of the loaded text file using the current  
program settings as its guide. It lets you know exactly how many pages your   
current file will require with the current pref settings in operation, thus   
allowing you to 'fiddle about' with the settings if you wish to achieve a     
definitive amount.                                                            
PAGE NUMBERING                                                                
This will only work if the TOP MARGIN value is equal or greater than 1. It    
simply prints the current page number at the top of each page during printout.
PAUSE AFTER PAGE                                                              
Set this to perform a pause after each page print procedure giving you time to
adjust/load paper etc if required.                                            
DOUBLE PASS                                                                   
If you have a dot matrix printer with a worn ribbon, set this selection to    
achieve crisper results.                                                      
PAGE FEED                                                                     
This command automatically informs the printer to perform a page feed after   
every printed page. If displaying to the screen then it will be ignored.      
Starts the printing procedure. Is important NOT to use any Proportional       
settings on your printer since the output text has been formatted to specific 
column widths and proportional printing will upset this balance.              
Dumps the text to the screen instead of the printer. Only 80 characters width 
will be visible.            
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