Atari Hard Disk Driver (AHDI)

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Screenshots - Atari Hard Disk Driver (AHDI)

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Information - Atari Hard Disk Driver (AHDI)

GenreTape / Disk / Cartridge UtilityYear1991
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAtari Corp.
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Lai, Minna [Ml]

SerialST TypeST, STe, TT, Falcon030 / 0.5MB
ResolutionLow / Medium / High / VGA / RGBNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided / HD Installable
Dumpdownload atari Atari Hard Disk Driver (AHDI) Download / MSAMIDI

Additional Comments - Atari Hard Disk Driver (AHDI)

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Development version. Found from ex-Atari employee's hard disk. Assembler sources included.

Instructions - Atari Hard Disk Driver (AHDI)

; Dec 03 1991 v5.00'

;									:
;	AHDI Hard Disk Driver for the Atari ST, TT and ST Book		:
;	Copyright 1985-1991 Atari Corp.					:
;	All Rights Reserved						:
;									:

; Edit History
; 22-May-1989	ml	Started this from ahdi 3.00
;			Files created for this driver:
;			ACSI.S	    Low-level driver for ACSI.
;			CMDBLK.S    Builds packets for command blocks.
;			DOIT.S	    Sends packets out to SCSI or ACSI.
;			DRIVER.S    This file.
;			SCSI.S	    Low-level driver for SCSI.
; 25-May-1989	ml	Eliminated pread(), use _ahdi_rw() in physical mode
;			instead.
; 06-Jun-1989	ml	Created INSTALL.S for driver installation.
; 11-Jul-1989	ml	Rwabs() now handles DMA to fast RAM on ACSI side
;			also.  If no extra RAM was reserved for fast RAM
;			transferred, _dskbufp is used for the transfer.
;			(This is going to be really slow!!!)
; 19-Jul-1989	ml	If there is cache on CPU, Rwabs() reads will
;			flush both the I and D cache.
; 06-Sep-1989	ml	Use _FRB (in the cookie jar) for fast RAM transfer,
;			assuming _FRB WILL be there if there is fast RAM on
;			the machine.
; 20-Feb-1990	ml 3.64	Fixed bug in return code when doing ACSI odd transfer.
;			When successful, 0 should be returned.
; 02-Mar-1990	ml 3.65	Took out wait loop for SCSI 0 to be ready.
;			(modified file: install.s)
; 05-Mar-1990	ml 3.66	Added more checks for I/O to ACSI and SCSI non-
;			accessible memory.  _FRB will be used if it exists.
;			If _FRB doesn't exist, _dskbuf will used (which
;			means I/O could be "really" slow).  (_do_rw())
;			_FRB is being looked for when it's needed for the
;			first time, not at boot time.  (Applications can
;			add the _FRB when they are executed.)
; 08-Mar-1990	ml	Added SCFRDMA flag in defs.h to make SCSI DMA to 
;			fast RAM conditional assembly.
;			(modified file: driver.s)
; 15-Mar-1990	ml	Added DEBUG flag in defs.h to make debugging code
;			conditional assembly.
; 09-Apr-1990	ml 3.67	Added a "read" from WDL after toggling the ACSI DMA
;			chip to point the MMU to the correct direction.
;			(modified file: acsi.s)
; 10-Apr-1990	ml	Put up banner at beginning and end of loading driver
;			(requested by jwt), instead of just at the end.
;			(Printing of banner moved to install.s)
; 17-Apr-1990	ml	Added ODMA flag in defs.h to make the klutch of 
;			making byte counter bigger than # bytes requested
;			when receiving data from SCSI conditional assembly.
;			(modified file: scsi.s)
; 20-Apr-1990	ml	Added RDWDL flag in defs.h to make the "extra read"
;			added on 09-Apr-1990 conditional assembly.  (When
;			writing to ACSI, first 32 bytes are always FF's!!
;			Wondering why...)
;			(modified file: acsi.s)
; 30-Jul-1990	ml 4.00	Final for TT release. 
;			(Vectored-interrupts code not included)
; 31-Jul-1990	ml 	Vectored-interrupt code included as conditional
;			assembly.
; 29-Oct-1990	ml 4.01	BUG!!!  Getcookie() module provided by AKP has a
;			variable declared in the bss.  This bss will be
;			clobbered when the driver adds GEMDOS buffers and
;			OS pool.  When getcookie() was called, and access 
;			the bss, it clobbered whatever was using its space
;			at the time.
;			Fixed in cookie.s by changing moving the variable
;			from the bss to the text segment.
;			(modified file: cookie.s)
; 26-Nov-1990	ml 4.02	BUG!!  From 3.00 through 4.01, when Rwabs() is called
;			in raw mode, it ignored media change completely.
;			This created problems with cartridge swapping on the 
;			removable drives.  If Getbpb(), on a logical drive 
;			that has not been accessed on the previous cartridge,
;			is called right after a cartridge swap, Getbpb() will
;			call Rwabs() in raw mode to read the partition map of
;			the physical unit concerned.  This Rwabs() call will
;			get the media change error from the controller and 
;			ignores it without setting any mcflg of the physical
;			unit.  Now when Mediach(), on a logical drive that was
;			accessed on the previous cartridge, is called, the 
;			driver will return media not change!
;			In version 4.02, Rwabs() still does not return media
;			change error when called in raw mode, but will 
;			remember it  by setting the mcflgs of the physical 
;			unit concerned to maybe changed.
; 02-Apr-1991	ml 4.03	BUG!!  At boot time, 
;				move.l	#(i_sasi1-i_sasi),tokeep 
;			is used to find number of bytes of code to keep.  
;			In pre-4.00 AHDI, this works just fine because both 
;			i_sasi1 and i_sasi are in the same file.  But, since 
;			3.00, i_sasi1 has been moved to the file INSTALL.S, 
;			thus external.  Madmac did not complain that the 
;			expression #(i_sasi1-i_sasi) is not valid anymore.  
;			Instead it assembles the code as
;				move.l	#i_sasi1,tokeep
;			This is bad, because it depends of where the driver 
;			is being loaded, the driver may end up hogging large
;			amount of memory that it is not using.  This is now
;			fixed by calculating the amount at run time.
;				move.l	#i_sasi1,tokeep 
;				subi.l	#i_sasi,tokeep
;			(modified file: driver.s)
; 04-Apr-1991	ml	Some SCSI drives will recalibrate every so often.
;			While recalibrating, the drive still accepts the
;			command block, but delays the transfer of data to 
;			after the recalibration.  So, timeout for the data
;			transfer should include the amount of time spent 
;			on recalibration.  The worst case we know of is
;			the Fujisu drives which takes 4 seconds.  So, the 
;			default for recalibration time is set to 4 seconds.
;			(modified files: driver.s, scsi.s)
; 08-Aug-1991	ml	BUG!!  When the eject button on the MEGAFILE 44 is
;			pressed without actually changing the cartridge, the
;			driver still thinks there is a media change.  The
;			driver complains that the FAT checksum is different
;			from what's been recorded.
;			The cause:
;			    When _ahdi_rw() is called in physical mode, the
;			variable sizr should not be set.  First, it is not
;			necessary to set it, because the variable is not
;			used at all when in physical mode.  Secondly, the
;			setting of the variable overwrites its value which
;			may have been set by the logical mode _ahdi_rw() that
;			calls _ahdi_rw() recursively in physical mode!
;			(modified file: driver.s)
; 14-Aug-1991	ml 4.60	Folded v4.59, which handles the IDE drives, into 
;			v4.03.
;			(added files: ide.s, ide.h, blitter.h)
;			(modified files: driver.s, install.s, defs.h)
; 19-Aug-1991	ml	Modified errcode() so that it returns a BIOS
;			error code instead of the controller error code.
;			It now handles error for ACSI, SCSI and IDE drives.
; 20-Aug-1991	ml	Optimized code by eliminating as many mulu's
;			and divu's as possible.
;			(modified files: driver.s install.s, acsi.s)
; 21-Aug-1991	ml	Modified the ACSI-accessible RAM boundary check
;			in _do_rw().  The boundary is at 4Mb for STs,
;			at 10Mb for TTs.
;			(modified files: driver.s, install.s, defs.h)
; 30-Aug-1991	ml	Eliminated the requirement that physical units 
;			connected to the system must have consecutive
;			physical unit numbers.  The flag how2scan tells
;			the driver how to scan the physical units.  If set,
;			the driver will scan the physical units as specified
;			by the flags to be explained later.  If how2scan is
;			not set, the driver will do the scanning the default
;			way, which is, consecutively.  Acsi2scan, scsi2scan
;			and ide2scan are flags introduced to tell the driver
;			which physical units to scan at boot time.  Each bit
;			in the flags corresponds to one physical unit.
;			acsi2scan: bit 0..7 corresponds to ACSI unit 0..7
;			scsi2scan: bit 0..7 corresponds to SCSI unit 0..7
;			ide2scan:  bit 0..1 corresponds to IDE  unit 0..1
;			Acsi2scan, scsi2scan and ide2scan are defaulted to
;			0xff, which tells the driver to scan all units.
;			(modified files: driver.s install.s)
; 06-Sep-1991	ml	Added boot-time-messages to show information of the
;			device being scanned.
;			(modified files: install.s)
; 13-Sep-1991	ml	Decision has been made that there will only be ONE
;			IDE drive connected to the controller at the current
;			IDE bus address.  So, code that was written to take
;			care of IDE unit 1 was eliminated.
;			(modified files: driver.s install.s)
; 16-Sep-1991	ml	Check if driver is running on ST Book.  If so, do
;			NOT use BLiTTER for IDE hard disk data transfer.
;			(modified files: driver.s install.s)
; 17-Sep-1991	ml	Added a flag, called ideinit, for programs (e.g. 
;			Slavik's POWER.PRG) to set to let the driver know 
;			that it needs to reinitialize the IDE drive.
;			Initializing the drive involves doing an identify(),
;			an initparm(), and reset of the drive's internal 
;			spin down counter.
;			(modified files: driver.s)
; 18-Sep-1991	ml	Assuming that an IDE drive will boot up in a mode as
;			specified by the parameters returned by the Identify
;			command, there is no need to do the Initparm command
;			at boot time.  It is also not necessary for the 
;			to reinitialize the drive after a shut down.  So
;			changes added yesterday are deleted.
;			(modified files: driver.s install.s)
; 24-Sep-1991	ml 5.00a Wrapped up driver for ST Book and STE+.  To show 
;			info of ACSI devices at boot time, delay must be 
;			added to take care of the slow ones (e.g. laser 
;			printer.)
;			(modified files: acsi.s driver.s install.s)
; 01-Oct-1991	ml 5.00	First preliminary release for ST Book.
; 07-Oct-1991	ml	Changes made to _rcvacsi() in calculating # of 
;			times to send the command.  Refer to comments in
;			acsi.s.
;			(modified file: acsi.s)
; 11-Oct-1991	ml	Special-cased Conner CP2024 in finding current
;			drive parameters of IDE drives.
;			(modified files: ide.s install.s)
; 22-Oct-1991	ml	Added in check for command line arguements.  If
;			there is any, do NOT print any messages on the
;			screen.
;			(modified files: driver.s install.s)
; 03-Dec-1991	ml	Fixed a bug in _qdone.  Refer to comments in acsi.s
;			for details.
;			(modified file: acsi.s)
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