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Address Book atari screenshot

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GenreDatabase / SpreadsheetYear1990
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsMouseCountryUnited Kingdom
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Noble, Cy

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
SerialST TypeST / 0.5MB
ResolutionMediumNumber of Disks1 / Single Sided
Dumpdownload atari Address Book Download / STMIDI

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Source code included

Instructions - Address Book

      Address  Version 1.2

       This is meant to be a shareware program. That means if you
find the program useful and use it regularly then a contribution
of œ5 is expected from you. Contributors will recieve the latest
version of the program and a listing to play with in case you want
to tailor the program. Please report any bugs you find but don't
expect to find any. I haven't -

       Please feel free to distribute it among your friends but be
sure the three files are all together. 

       Phone.adr is a sample file with my name and address

       Address.doc is what you are reading

       Address.prg is the compiled machine code version ( GFA 
3.5 Version ) and is clickable from the desktop. It only works
in medium or hi res. and is menu driven throughout. Just click
on the option you require.

     The first thing to do is run the address.prg (med.res) & 
load in the phone.adr file. This has just one entry - mine. Click 
on the 'Find an entry' option and type a space & RETURN. It will 
come up with my name & address and ask you if you want to do a 
label. Put a label in your switched on printer and hit 'Y'. Put 
the resulting label on an envelope with a œ5 note in it and post 
it. You will get a disc with the complete listing of the program 
for you to play with...

       You can keep as many files of names & addresses as 
required but the maximum number of entries is 500 per file.
You may want to keep friends in one file, business addresses in 
another etc. Or you may want to keep records of other things 
... it's up to you. Bear in mind that the whole file is loaded 
into memory so finding entries is very fast but the bigger the 
file the longer the loading time. Also GFA 3 is much faster 
at file loading than earlier versions.

       To find entries the clue required is any sequence of 
characters known to be in the file. Ba would find all the 
entries 'barbara,barbados,malabar ...'. As all entries are 
capitalised when you first put them in it doesn't matter what 
case you type in.

       To make single labels remember the FIRST FOUR lines of the 
entry are printed.*** Just hit 'Y' when asked if a label is to be 
printed, but make sure the printer is connected and on line.

       You can also select entries to save in a plain ASCII 
file via the "File Save/Load" menu. This is in order to be 
able to use them in a Word Processor document. This option 
only saves the first four lines as printed on a label.

       When making new entries you will be asked if the entry 
is to be put on the mailing list. If 'Y' then that entry (and 
all those others with a 'Y') will be printed, so make sure you 
have enough labels ready. Very handy at Xmas time.
       I use the program regularly and have not 
found any that I haven't fixed.

       Enjoy ...

       Cy Noble
       323 North Circular Rd.
       Palmers Green
       London N13 5JH

       July 12 1990
     There is now a new option in the Menu for finding the London 
dialling code for any London exchange. Where it used to be O1 for 
London it is now either O71 or O81, depending on the exchange you 
are calling. Enter the exchange code and the appropriate code is 

       August 7 1990
     Another new option on the menu - this one will find the 
exchange code from the name of the exchange name or the exchange 
name from the exchange code. For any exchange in the U.K.

***    Sept 25 1990
     Another new option on the menu - this one will allow you to
print the phone number on the label as a fifth line. Do not adjust
the label spacing in the printer codes - it's taken care of.

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