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Screenshots - Dopewars

Dopewars atari screenshot
Dopewars atari screenshot
Dopewars atari screenshot
Dopewars atari screenshot

Information - Dopewars

GenreStrategy - Stock Market / CorporateYear2000
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-


CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Stompy / Davey, Richard

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 1MB
MIDIVersion2.0 [Beta]
Dumpdownload atari Dopewars Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Dopewars


An Atari would be  good,  even  better  if  it  still  works or you've
managed to find it in your loft.

Dopewars was created on a 4meg STe, but has also been tested on:

*       One slightly buggered halfmeg STfm
*       Pacifist and Gemulator running Tos 1.62
                - Although not perfectly

It hasn't been tested  on  any  sort  of  Falcon,  but  as  its a STOS
creation my optimisn isn't great.   I  recommend play on your standard
STfm/e computer but if requested I will  attempt to make the game more
compatable with other Ataris.


Dopewars is a game, based  on  an  imaginary  drug market.  The game's
objective is to make as much money  as  you  can in 32 turns by buying
and selling drugs, which is done in the old Elite trading fashion, eg:

Buy some Hashish for $526 from Bronx
Sell it for $1,234 at Ghetto
Thus making a profit !!

Wow, this is what you call state  of the art computer entertainment (I
am of course talking complete rubbish),  but  please - believe me, the
games good - honest.


Control is mainly mouse based, but  some  hand to key motions are also
needed . . .

*       To answer YES or NO questions use the Y and N keys (Y for Yes
        and N for No for the slower ones among you)


        All options are selected via the Left Mouse Button . . .

        * BUY

        Buy some drugs, to buy a drug click on the appropriate drug
        with the LMB

        * SELL

        Sell some drugs, to sell a drug click on the appropriate drug
        with the LMB.  Needless to say, you'll need to own at least
        one of the chosen drug.

        * JET

        Move on to another location, simply click with the LMB on the
        elected location.

        * BANK

        Choose from either DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW, again - with the LMBld.  To increase units to buy  press  the RMB, to decrease press the
LMB.  The longer you hold a  mouse  button  the more rapidly the units
will increase. Once you are happy  with  the number of units selected,
press space.

Selling drugs is done in the same way.


Depositing  and  withdrawing  money  is  done   in  the  same  way  as
buying/sellin drugs, although its money rather than units.
The same can also be said for paying of your debt, so I won't.


Each time you visit a new location,  messages may appear in the bottom
of the screen.  To move on from a message press the RMB, or press Y or
N if its a question.


At start of play, you have room in your Trenchcoat for 100 units, this
can be increased by buying more Trenchcoats when asked.

Sometimes you will be asked if  you  wish  to purchase a gun, guns are
used for Cop confrontations (read section  on that), the more guns you
have the better chance you have of killing cops.


If this happens, you will be presented with 2 options, FIGHT or RUN.
Select fight if you have gun(s), otherwise opt for the RUN option.
All fighting is in realtime, hence -  you have no control over whether
or not you hit or get hit.

If hit you will lose  energy,  energy  can  only  be  topped up if you
succeed in killing Officer Hardass, at  which stage you'll be asked if
you wish a doctor to sew you up (for a small price).


This is a simple  game,  but  fairly  addictive,  and  of  course is a
conversion from the PC MS-DOS version  which  also goes under the name

I am still actively improving the  game,  the first thing that will be
changed is the COP part, but  of  course  bugs will be fixed and other
things will be touched up  (mainly  the  control routine).  So please,
mail me with suggestions and  comments.   As  this  way I will know if
anyones interested, and of course -  motivate me to continue improving
the game.

Check the webpage out at:
Mail me at              :


Buying and Selling drugs is  of  course  a  silly  thing  to do, and I
totally disagree with it and  wouldn't  recommend  anything to do with
it, this includes selling tunes to your friends.

Killing cops is another thing I wouldn't recommend, because A: Its not
very nice, and B: You'll go to prison for a fairly long time.

So please, do not take anything in this game as appropriate behaviour,
as - after all this  is  just  a  game,  and  if  I hear of anyone re-
inacting any part of this game,  i'll re-release it with selections of
sweets from a dolly mixture.  Then  just  imagine, how long it'll take
to earn a million.
Unless of course the cops do a  bust  on those small jelly things with
suger coatings, and addicts  decide  to  pay  a  few hundred bucks for
there sugar intact. Oh, dreams of a candy fields.

I have no  hard  feelings,  or  irrational  thoughts  about  the royal
family, infact - there a  bunch  of  lovely  people  who live in a big
house and are lucky  enough  to  be  born  into  royality.  And Prince
William is actually quite cute (although, I won't admit it if asked)


All code by Stompy of Divine Inspiration

Title Screem by Requiem/Richard Davey  of  Bristol (and (and
LGD) )

All other GFX by Stompy of DI (aka the crap stuff)

Motivation and Encouragement by Richard Davey ("Look, just finish it")


Britney Spears (OMG!) and Melissa  Joan  Hart (Wow!) together, naked -
in my bed chanting "Last  longer  than  5  minutes  this time or we're
going home".

These two have seen me through many  a coding session, and also - many
a long sweet (lucid) dreaming night.

Thankyou, both of you.   Now  I  have  super-stardom  in  the ST scene
(Yeah, right) will you sleep with me?


Prince William, because the songs Britney sings should be dedicated to
me, me I say.  Come on - she was obviously born to make *ME* happy.
And i'm English, okay - i'm not  a  posh,  and  I haven't got a lot of
money - but i'd bet five pounds that i'm more interesting.
And persides, POLO is  so  crappy,  wow!  Hockey,  but on horses.  How
entertaining, i'd rather puke out my liver.

And this bloke who lives in  my  street  who speaks such utter crap, I
have never known anyone so boring in my life.
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