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Screenshots - Megapede

Megapede atari screenshot
Megapede atari screenshot
Megapede atari screenshot
Megapede atari screenshot
Megapede atari screenshot

Information - Megapede

GenreShoot'em Up! - CentipedeYear1992
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJoystickDistributorInternational Freeware Assoc.
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Dytmire, Robert

Graphic Artist(s)

Feldman, Ari / Dytmire, Robert

Game design

Dytmire, Robert

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Munsie, Dave

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Dytmire, Robert

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Megapede Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Megapede

Hello again! Welcome to Megapede 1.1-SW (C) 1992 Robert Dytmire.  This 
program is SHAREWARE and may be distributed freely as long as the two 
.DOC files are UNCHANGED and INCLUDED with the program.  These Docs are 
split into two sections.  1) Playing Megapede and 2)Techie Talk 2.0.  
The is another .DOC file on registering megapede, please read it.

1.1 Vs 1.0

Version 1.0-SW of Megapede is best regarded as a Beta version.  I 
apologize to anybody who go ahold of it.  Vr 1.1 fixes the following 
bugs and adds some more features.  NOTE: Vr 1.1 will NOT run correctly 
with vr. 1.0's support files.  Delete the old files!!

     * The man will no longer be trapped by mushrooms during a growth 

     * The fleas will not overlay onto DDT's nor will they lay those 
       weird mushrooms on the lower left corner of the screen.

     * The speed of the game has been set to 3 Vsyncs for overall 
       smoothness and playability.  The child's mode has been changed to 
       4 Vysncs.

     * The Child's Mode has fewer things coming at you and more leeway 
       versus timing than vr 1.0.

     * There is now an extra life sound effect song.

     * The Med/Low res flip problems are resolved.

     * The sampled sound now cuts off during select level.

     * DDT shutdown problems have now been corrected.

     * Big Bug's pattern flicker has been resolved.

     * The display was changed into a more logical (if not more eye-
       pleasing) format.  This allows for the registered version to have 
       more compatability.

     * More mushrooms were added for better(?) visuals.

     * The game has had a LOT of internal bug fixes.  This is not 
       noticable unless you get the registered version.

Thanks go out to Dave Munsie and Ari Feldman for thier help in 
troubleshooting and playtesting this game.

1: Playing Megapede

Megapede requires 1 meg of memory.  It plays from med or low res but not 
on a mono system.  It SHOULD run just fine on a Mega STE,TT and all 
versions of TOS but I will not guarantee this 'cause I can't test for 
anything but the STE and TOS 1.6.

Playing: The Joystick in port 1 controls movement.  You cannot move 
your man through a mushroom or flower and your movement is restricted to 
the lower third of the screen.  The fire button starts the game and 
fires your shots.  You have only one shot at a time.
If you happen to have Version 1.5-REG of Megapede then the 2nd player 
can start the game and play with a joystick in Port 0.  BOTH players are 
active AT THE SAME TIME for twice the action!!!

DDT: To help increase your firepower you can shoot the various DDT 
bottles on the screen.  When hit, it will explode into a large cloud of 
posion that will kill everything that hit's it.  You can only have 1 DDT 
exploding at a time (More would really slow down the game!) so the game 
will ignore all DDT hits during a smoke cloud.  This is NOT a collision 

Pieces: The mushroom come in two flavors, posioned and regular.  
Posioned mushrooms will send a Megapede segment rushing to the bottom of 
the screen.  Note the color change of the Megapede when it hits a 
posioned mushroom.  The flower is created from regular mushrooms by the 
Ladybug.  It is invincible and cannot be shot through.  Spiders, Ants 
and DDT clouds will effect Flowers.  Bees really like flowers.


Megapede- This multisegmented creature will move back and forth across 
the screen.  When shot, it will create it's own mushroom.  When it hits 
a posioned mushroom it will go crazy and drop like a rock.  The megapede 
will also regenerate segments once it gets to the bottom so watch out!

Mushroom Mite- These creatures drop down laying Mushrooms as they go.  
These creature speed up every time they are hit and take three hits to 
kill.  Don't get too close when trying to tackle one.

Spider- This creature is the only one that can come from below the 
screen to get you.  It's value varies depending on how close you are to 
it when you shoot it.  They eat Mushrooms and Flowers so sometimes they 
can be helpful.

Bee- This creature swings back and forth searching for a flower.  When 
it finds one it dives straight down in glee.

Silverfish-Move diagonally back and forth.  This creature tends to end 
up killing you more often than not.  Be careful!

Inchworm-This creature crawls accross the screen posioning mushrooms.  
It's worth quite a bit to kill one.

Snail-This creature crawls slowly accross the screen.  When hit the 
Megapede will slow down to a crawl.  VERY helpful on upper levels. 
(NOTE: The Megapede segments will NOT slow down until it's next bounce)

Ant-This creature moves from one side of the screen to the other 
charging flowers to mushrooms.

Spiker-This creature is REALLY dangerous!!! It takes 6 shots to kill and 
it speeds up with every shot.  It's best not to try for this guy.

Swarm Waves- Every 4th level is a Swarm Wave.  This is a good time to 
clear mushrooms and gain lives.

Big Bosses- Every 10th Level has a Big Boss creature.  Every time you 
are hit by a Big Boss you are immune for about 2 sec.  USE this to your 
advantage!!  Some bosses re-generate parts of themselves if you wait 
too long.

Every creature has it's own special sound.  Learn it, as the upper 
levels will not allow you to see every launch. (You'll be too busy!)

If you get beyond level 40 then the game gets even harder, Mushroom 
Mites lay more mushrooms, The megapede takes more hits to kill, ect..

The Child mode will slow the whole game down, increase the shot's effect 
area (Making it easier to hit stuff) and limit the amount of things 
attacking the player.  This mode has a seperate high score table so you 
hot shots won't take advantage of the easier game.

Selecting a higher start level will NOT get you more DDT's but it WILL 
give you a cleaner board.

2) Techie Talk 2.0

Oh how the winds of fate change!  I had decided to finish DROPIX ST 1st 
and then Cyberdroid and THEN Megapede.  But after I finished the Beta 
version of Dropix ST I recieved word that my samples may be held up (I 
STILL haven't recieved them!).  I decided to get a good start on 
Megapede and ended up finishing it!!!   So instead of Dropix, I'm 
writting the Docs for Megapede.  To all registered users of Mrs. 
Munchie, don't despair! Dropix is finished and simply awaiting some 
sampled sound before I release it.

Speaking of Registered users, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!  I have had a 
great response (Considering U.K. users have not been able to participate 
until now..more on this) to Mrs. Munchie.  If you don't have vr. 1.40-SW 
of Mrs. Munchie GET IT, I have fixed all movement bugs in this latest 
version.  If the poor control turned you off in the older versions, try 
Mrs. Munchie again with the improved control and REALLY enjoy it!  

Dropix is really neat, although the smaller kids in the Beta test group 
had a lot of trouble with the Attack menu.  For those who haven't heard, 
Dropix is a 2 player Tetris clone that allows you to collect power rocks 
and use them to throw different powers at your opponent (Sort of Tetris 
meets Gods!).  The game will have a sampled, sequenced, soundtrack 
playing to keep you company.

Ok, there's more....

Megapede is the fastest thing I've written yet, I hope you enjoy it.  
The Game is running 33 16x10 4 bit-plane fully clipped sprites with a 
190 scan line background redraw and collison checking and no less than 3 
VSYNCS.  The game runs at 2 VSYNCS most of the time, only slowing down 
to 3 when I go over 30 sprites or so.  Not bad for GFA Basic, huh?  
Well, Ok.. I am using DSA's new GP Graphics engine to help me along.  
This product should take the ST world by storm!!  Finally you can get 
some REAL speed in an environment that's easy to use. NOTE: For more on 
VSYNCS see my DOC file with Mrs. Munchie...most experienced programmers 
will know what I mean and should be impressed.  The game will NOT slow 
down with two players at the same time, even though this adds two more 
sprites and two more collision checks to the game.

As an aside, GFA Basic is really slowing me down in this game.  The Move 
Megapede routine is a real drag, with a couple of if-thens per segment 
(If you don't already know it, If-thens should be avoided at all costs 
during game design).

This game has no hidden screens like Mrs. Munchie (which has 8 NOT 
including the "Treat Mazes").  I just didn't think they belonged in a 
game of this type..I hope you agree.  For those of you still wondering 
how to access the hidden screens on Mrs. Munchie just eat two unusual 
things last, say two power pills or a dot then a power pill.  These 
screens will really show off the depth of my previous game.

I would like to support the Falcon with quality shareware but I am leery 
of investing $1500.00 or so to purchase a system that users may not 
support.  I think Atari is making a halfway decent move with this new 
system, it's about time that they joined the SVGA world and jumped ahead 
on computer design again.  The ST/STE systems a very solid but the 
displays look a bit dated...the time has come to get back into some real 
power computing.  Let me know if you plan to support the Falcon.

Now for the greetings:

All my supporters: Thanks Again!!!
ST Format: Hope you like this one better.
All ST USERS: Support you shareware!!
Cory Chapman:Still don't know where you are!
MACE: Thanks for the nice meeting guys!
PHAST: My Atari Home.
DEMO Groups: Please send new demos my way!!
User Groups: You can get a copy of my latest game for me!
BBS's: See Above.
Disk Mags: If you want to publish this game...please drop me a line 
(Mike Goodman will help you out if time is a question).
Goodman's: The BEST shareware house in the U.K.!!
Mr. Minter: LookouthereIcome! Your still the man to beat!

Techie note: This game runs FASTER in 60hz than 50Hz.  This is because 
it runs at 2 VSYNCS in both 50 and 60Hz and I limit the Max speed of the 
game to 2 VSYNCS.  This goes against traditional thinking that the game 
will run faster at 50Hz.

Please read the Reg.DOC file also on this disk!

Peace folks!

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