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Screenshots - Testmaster

Testmaster atari screenshot
Testmaster atari screenshot
Testmaster atari screenshot
Testmaster atari screenshot
Testmaster atari screenshot
Testmaster atari screenshot
Testmaster atari screenshot

Information - Testmaster

GenreBrain - Trivia / QuizYear1990
LanguageCompiled BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboard, MouseDistributorInternational Freeware Assoc.
ResolutionMedium / HighLicensed from-

Shipley, Bill

Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Shipley, Bill

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Testmaster Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Testmaster

                                 Version 2.01 
                      Copyright 1989,1990 by Bill Shipley
                              All rights reserved

            This program is distributed as shareware.  It may be freely
       distributed as long as all files are included.  If you like and
       use the program please send a $10 registration fee to

                                William Shipley
                               798 Blenheim Ct.
                            Severna Park, Md. 21146

           TESTMASTER should run on any ST computer.  Version 2.01 runs
       in either medium rez on a color monitor or high rez on a
       monocrome monitor. 

           TESTMASTER was written in order to provide a structured study
       environment.  It can be used to teach general subjects; but the
       primary use of the program is preparation for specific tests. A
       short test demonstrating a math quiz (VOLUMES.DAT) is provided. 
       The potential for the teaching of general subjects is
       demonstrated by the CAPITOLS.DAT file which is also included.

           The most common use would require entering of specific
       questions and answers relating to a test for which the student
       has to prepare. For an older student, the entering of the data
       will be part of the learning process.  For a younger child, an
       adult may have to enter the data.  From personal experience, this
       effort is much less painful than attempting to help a child to
       study - especially one who has difficulty studying.  For simple
       subjects, even the younger child may be able to enter the data by
       himself since the process of entering data is very easy.

           In order to run the program, TESTM201.PRG, either TESTC20.SCR
       or TESTM20.SCR (for color or mono monitors respectively) and all
       .DAT files should be copied into the same folder on your disk. 
       Actually, .DAT files can be anywhere; but the File Selector will
       initially show the data files in the same directory from which
       the TESTM201.PRG file was executed.  Double clicking on
       TESTM201.PRG will load the program and a title screen will be
       presented.  Press any key to get to the main menu.

                                   MAIN MENU

           The menu will present the following selections:

           Create a test

           Join tests

           Select a test

           Review data

           take a Multiple choice test

           take a Question and answer test

           eXit program

       The appropriate menu item can be selected by clicking the mouse
       on the item or by pressing the letter key indicated by the
       capitalized letter.

                                  DATA ENTRY

           Before we get into a discussion of the menu selections, I
       will describe the features common to data entry throughout the
       program.  Text is always entered in the insert mode with existing
       text pushed to the right of the newly entered character.  You can
       use the "delete", "backspace", and left and right arrow keys for
       editing text.  If you are entering or editing text in a question
       field, word wrap will be done automatically when you have
       finished so don't worry about a word continuing from the first to
       the second line.  In addition to the normal text characters, the
       pi symbol and superscripted 2 and 3 may be entered by pressing
       ALT-P, F2 and F3 respectively.  The data entry is completed by
       pressing the RETURN key or the down arrow key.

                                 CREATE A TEST

           Now, back to the menu selections.  Select "Create a test" to
       enter new test data.   The File Selector will appear.  You may
       either enter a new name or select an existing data file.   It is
       not necessary to add the .DAT extension.  It will be added
       automatically if you don't.  If the name is already in use, you
       will be asked if you want to replace the existing file or add
       additional questions and answers to the selected data file. 
       Next, a prompt will appear asking if you want autosave ON or OFF. 
       If you select "ON", your data will be saved automatically after
       each ten questions and answers.  This will prevent any major loss
       of data in the event a catastrophe - such as a power loss -
       occurs before you have completed your data entry.  Just press
       RETURN at the prompt if you do not want autosave on.  You will
       then be asked if you wish to add or modify a header.  The header
       is simply a single 80 character line which will be displayed on
       the line immediately above each question.  This could be used as
       a title or as a leading phrase common to each question.  If you
       pick this option you will be allowed to enter a new header or
       modify an existing one.  Press RETURN or the down arrow when
       done.  If you answer "no" to the header question, the header will
       not be modified if you are adding data to an existing test.
           You will then see the data entry screen.  If you are creating
       a new data file you will be at question #1.  If you are adding
       data to an existing file you will be placed at the question
       number following the last one in the selected file.  Data is
       entered and edited as described previously.  Pressing RETURN or
       the down arrow while in the question field will place the cursor
       in the answer field.  An up arrow keypress while in the answer
       field will return you to the question field.  Pressing RETURN or
       the down arrow in the answer field will take you to the next
       question and answer entry screen.  When you have finished
       entering data, simply press RETURN in both fields without
       entering data.  The data you have entered will be saved and you
       will be returned to the main menu.

                                  JOIN TESTS
           The second menu selection is "Join tests." This allows you to
       merge two tests into one.  If you have, for instance, produced a
       series of data files for quizzes in a subject and now want to
       combine the data in preparation for a major test, you could
       combine the files using this menu item.
           After selecting this item, the File Selector will appear
       twice in succession.  Respond with a first and second test name. 
       The data contained in the first test will be appended to the data
       in the second named test.  The resulting combined test will keep
       the same name as the second named test.  Also, if the second test
       had a header defined, it will become the header for the combined
       test.  The first test will not be deleted.  If you want to delete
       this file or rename the merged file, use the Desktop.

                                 SELECT A TEST

           The next menu item is "Select a test." This can be used to
       select a test for subsequent data review or testing operations.
       Just use the File Selector when it appears as you normally would
       - use the mouse or type in a name.  The program will
       automatically prompt you for a selection if you try to review
       data or generate a test before selecting a data file.  Once
       selected, a data file will continue to be used until another
       selection is made.

                                  REVIEW DATA

           The "Review data" menu item allows you to review and modify
       the data in an existing test data file.  Operations available in
       this mode are Forward, Reverse, Menu, change Question, change
       Answer, and Delete.  All of these operations may be chosen by
       either clicking on the command with the left mouse button or by
       pressing the key indicated by the capitalized letter.

           The Forward command will cause the question and answer number
       to be incremented by one.  The question number will continue to
       be incremented until the mouse button or the "F" key is released.

           The Reverse command operates in the same way as the Forward
       command except that the question number is decremented.  These
       operations will allow you to quickly move around in the data

           The Menu command will take you back to the main menu.  Any
       modifications made to the file will be saved to disk.

           Selecting change Question or change Answer will place a
       cursor in the appropriate field where you may edit the currently
       displayed data.  Press RETURN or the down arrow when finished.

           The Delete command will cause the current question and answer
       to be marked for deletion after confirmation.  The marked
       question will not be shown during subsequent moves through the
       data.  It will erased and the data file will be repacked when you
       return to the main menu.  Any number of questions may be marked
       for deletion.

                          TAKE A MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST
           We are finally getting to the heart of the program.  The
       "take a Multiple choice test" selection will present on screen a
       multiple choice test based on the currently selected data file. 
       Questions will be asked in random order.  Answer choices, in
       addition to the correct answer,  will be randomly selected from
       the rest of the answers in the data file being used.  Each
       question will be displayed along with the header, if used.  A
       list of four possible answers will also appear on screen.  The
       "answer" is selected by clicking on the appropriate answer line
       with the left mouse button.  You will get a CORRECT!! message if
       you pick the right answer.  If you select a wrong answer, a bell
       will ring and an INCORRECT!! message will appear.  You will also
       be shown the correct answer.  Pressing the right mouse button
       will cause the test to continue with another question and answer
       set.  Pressing the ESC key instead of the right button will abort
       the test.  The question number and percentage correct will be
       continually displayed in a status bar at the top of the screen. 
       After the test has been completed, you will be told the number of
       questions answered correctly and a percentage score.  You will
       then be given the option to return to the main menu or retake the
       test.  This test may be sufficient in itself, but it is also good
       preparation for the Question and Answer test.

                        TAKE A QUESTION AND ANSWER TEST

           After selecting the "take a Question and answer test" option,
       you will be asked if you want the answers checked for
       capitalization.  If you select the "YES" button, answer
       verification  will be "case sensitive."  If you select "NO" (the
       default), the answer will be considered correct regardless of

           When this test is selected, questions will be displayed in
       random order and you will be prompted to give an answer.  After
       typing in the answer - you can edit your input with the usual
       editing keys - press RETURN or the down arrow.  Your answer will
       then be checked for exact spelling.  You will be informed if your
       answer is CORRECT!! or INCORRECT!!, and you will be shown the
       correct answer if you were wrong.  If you feel that your answer
       was close enough to be considered correct, even though it did not
       match the stored answer exactly, you can override the computer by
       pressing CTRL-O at the "press any key to continue" prompt.  You
       can also abort the test by pressing the ESC key at this prompt. 
       As with the multiple choice test, the question number and
       percentage correct will be continually be displayed in a status
       bar at the top of the screen.  After the test has been completed,
       you will be told the number of questions answered correctly and
       the percentage score.  After pressing a key to continue, you will
       then be given the option to, (1) take the Entire test again,     
       (2) test on Incorrect responses, or (3) return to the Main menu. 
       The 2nd option will not be presented if you have correctly
       answered all questions.  These options can be selected with the
       mouse or by pressing the appropriate letter key.

           If you select option (1), the entire set of questions in the
       selected test will be asked again.  Selecting option (2) will
       cause only those questions not previously answered correctly to
       be asked again.  This feature allows you to repeatedly take a
       given test until all questions have been answered successfully,
       without having to repeat questions that you know.

           Option (3) will return you to the main menu.

                                 EXIT PROGRAM

           The final main menu selection, "eXit program" will return you
       to the desktop.


           To sum up, the following steps would normally be taken in
       preparation for a test.

       1.) The test would be created.  Questions and answers would be
       entered - hopefully by the student, but more likely by a helpful
       adult if the test is for a younger child.

       2.) If necessary, the data would be reviewed and any necessary
       corrections made.

       3.) A multiple choice test would be taken to familiarize the
       student with the material.  This can be taken as often as

       4.) If necessary, the student would proceed to the Question and
       Answer test.  This test could be repeated until all answers have
       been given correctly given.  To be absolutely sure, the entire
       test would then be retaken.

           After going through the above steps, the student should be
       thoroughly prepared.  This sequence, at least after the first
       step, can be accomplished by the student entirely on his own.

           TESTMASTER was written and compiled using HiSoft BASIC.
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