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Screenshots - Home Worker

Home Worker atari screenshot
Home Worker atari screenshot
Home Worker atari screenshot
Home Worker atari screenshot
Home Worker atari screenshot
Home Worker atari screenshot
Home Worker atari screenshot
Home Worker atari screenshot
Home Worker atari screenshot

Information - Home Worker

GenreWord ProcessingYear1991
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboard, MouseCountryAustralia
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Camp, Geoff

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
SerialST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
ResolutionLow / MediumNumber of Disks1 / Single Sided
Dumpdownload atari Home Worker Download / MSAMIDI

Instructions - Home Worker

          *** HOMEWORKER ***
          By Geoff Camp, 1991

        Presented by UNDERSOFT

The word processor designed with
children's needs in mind.

Features include:
  -choice of fifteen fonts - three
   fonts in memory at once
  -large, easy to read print
  -full edit commands
  -true insert
  -full cursor control
  -delete or backspace with or without
  -move quickly to start or end of
  -up to 10 full pages per document
  -save or load documents for future
  -80 characters per font
  -large left margin on document for
   ring binder or stapling
  -select disc drive for saving or
   loading files
  -disc drive and file information
   available from menu
  -select own paper length
  -for use with EPSON compatible
  -all functions controlled by drop
   down menus or function keys


Double click on the HOMEWORK.PRG icon, 
and the program will run.

The program file, HOMEWORK.PRG, can be
placed in an AUTO folder. Then turn
the ST off, insert the Homeworker disk
in the disk drive,and then turn the
computer on. Homeworker will then 
automatically load and run.


Cursor keys - to move cursor!
(Del) - delete character under cursor,
        replace with a space
(Backspace) - delete left character,
        replace with a space
(Insert) - turns insert on/off,
        delete or backspace will now
        remove character and move the
        following characters to fill
        the space
(Help) - centres line of text
(Esc) - exit printing routine
(Return) - moves to next line


F1  -  changes character under cursor
       to the first font
F2  -  changes character under cursor
       to the second font
F3  -  changes character under cursor
       to the third font
F4  -  move 1/2 page up
F5  -  move 1/2 page down
F6  -  move to last page of document
F7  -  move to 1st page of document
F8  -  insert a blank line below
       current line
F9  -  delete current line - following
       lines are moved up to replace
       the deleted line
F10 -  clear line - any characters are
       replaced with spaces


HOMEWORKER - (INFO.) gives information
             about HOMEWORKER.
           - (HELP) list the function
             keys effects.
           - (QUIT) select yes or no
             with mouse - last screen
             can be exited by pressing
             either mouse key, or wait
             until the tune finishes.

             file - uses normal STOS
             file select routine -
             there are 4 sample files
             on the disc, INFO.HMK and
             INFO2.HMK, containing
             these instructions,
             FONT.HMK that shows the
             three currently loaded
             fonts. Use this file to
             test the different fonts
             available, and to select
             the fonts you want for
             your documents. The last 
             file is TURTLES.HMK and
             is about the infamous
             Teenage Mutant Ninja
           - (SAVE DOCUMENT) saves a
             file to the current disc.
           - (NEW DOCUMENT) select yes
             or no to confirm.
           - (DISC/FILE INFO.) prints
             list of files and space
             available on current disc
             drive, and also shows
             length of current file.
           - (SELECT DRIVE) select one
             of the drives - can also
             be changed when saving or
             loading files. Use with 
             RAM discs or Hard discs.

FONT       - (ABC) first font.
           - (ABC) second font.
           - (ABC) third font.
           - (LOAD FONT) replaces
             currently selected font
             with one from the disc.
             File must be a .HMF file.

             document on the screen -
             left mouse key to pause,
             right mouse key to quit.
           - (TEST PRINT) prints the
             document to the printer,
             but in normal text - used
             to get a quick copy for
             proof reading - press
             (Esc) to exit - picture
             names only are printed.
           - (PRINT DOCUMENT) prints
             full document - press
             (Esc) to exit.
           - (PAGE LENGTH) selects
             paper length - this is to
             allow for different
             length of paper - 70 is
             for 11 1/2" paper.
           - (TEST PAGE LENGTH) sends
             a form feed to the printer
             to test page length.

EDIT       - (INSERT ON) turns insert
             mode on.
           - (INSERT OFF) turns insert
             mode off.
           - (CENTRE TEXT) same as
             pressing (Help) key.
           - (INSERT LINE) same as
             pressing F8.
           - (DELETE LINE) same as
             pressing F9.
           - (CLEAR LINE) same as
             pressing F10.
           - (1st PAGE) same as
             pressing F7.
           - (LAST PAGE) same as
             pressing F6.
           - (1/2 PAGE UP) same as
             pressing F4.
           - (1/2 PAGE DOWN) same as
             pressing F5.

             the picture designer part
             of Homeworker.
           - (ADD PICTURE) adds a
             picture to the current
             document in the half page
             that the cursor is in.
             Select file with STOS
             file select routine. If
             insert is on then room is
             made in the text for the
             picture. If insert is off
             then the picture will
             replace the text in the
             half page. Pictures are
             shown in text as small
             boxes containing P's.
             These pictures cannot be
             over written by text.
           - (DELETE PICTURE) deletes
             picture in half page that
             cursor is currently in.
             If insert is on then the
             text is moved up to
             replace the picture. If
             insert is off then the
             picture is replaced with

           - (WHAT PICTURE?) tells you
             the name of the picture
             in the half page that the
             cursor is in. 


General Information

The picture designer is selected by
clicking on the 'DESIGN PICTURE' menu
selection from the main screen in
Homeworker. This will then present you
with a blank screen in low resolution
mode. Screens are drawn in black and
white only, as this is how they will
appear when printed. The designer is
also menu driven. Screens are saved in
Homeworker's own format, and files are
only 7296 bytes long. Each screen from
a document must be on the same disc,
as they are loaded into memory when
the document is printed. This special
file format allows you to have more
than the maximum 20 screens from a
document on the one disk. The screen
designer also allows you to convert
.NEO or .PI1 pictures to Homeworker
format. Pictures are slightly smaller
than the normal ST screen - drawing is
limited to below the menu, and to the
right of the red line on the left of
the screen.

Free-hand drawing is the default
drawing mode. Move the mouse around
and press the left mouse key to draw.
Other drawing modes are selected from
the menu, and when exited will return
you to free-hand drawing.

Menu Selections

SCREEN    - (QUIT DRAWING) exits the
            screen designer.
          - (CLEAR SCREEN) clears the
            screen - press (UNDO) if
            you change your mind.

LINE      - (THIN) draws a thin line
            in free-hand mode, and
            when drawing lines, boxes
            and circles.
          - (MEDIUM) draws a thicker
          - (THICK) draws a thicker
            line again.
          - (VERY THICK!) draws a very
            thick line!

DRAW      - (LINES) draws straight
            lines in the current pen.
            Move mouse pointer to
            start of line and press
            left mouse key. Keep key
            pressed and move to end of
            line. Release left button.
            Repeat until all straight
            lines are drawn, then
            press right mouse key.
          - (BOX) draws boxes in the
            current pen. Draw as for
          - (FILLED BOX) draws a solid
            box, filled with the
            current fill pattern.
          - (CIRCLE) draws circles in
            the current pen.
          - (FILLED CIRCLE) draws
            solid circles, filled with
            the current fill pattern.
          - (SPRAY - SMALL) spray can
            in current colour. Press
            left mouse key to paint.
          - (SPRAY - MEDIUM) slightly
            larger spray area.
          - (SPRAY - LARGE) large
            spray area.

PEN       - (BLACK) selects a black
            pen for drawing.
          - (WHITE) selects a white
            pen for drawing.

FILL      - (FILL AREA) fills an
            enclosed area with current
            fill pattern. Move pointer
            to area and press left
            mouse key. Repeat until
            all areas filled, then
            press right mouse key. Use
            The (UNDO) key to correct
          - (CHOOSE PATTERN) press
            left mouse key to change
            pattern, right mouse key
            to select pattern.

FILES     - (LOAD PICTURE) select a
            .HMP file from the normal
            STOS file select routine.
          - (SAVE PICTURE) as above.
          - (CONVERT PICTURE) this
            routine can be used to
            convert a .NEO or .PI1
            picture to Homeworker
            format. The picture
            selected is loaded and
            shown on screen. Move the
            mouse pointer over a
            colour and press left key.
            This will change that
            colour to black. Press
            again to change to white.
            Press the right mouse key
            when you are happy with
            the picture. Note that not
            all pictures can be
            converted to Homeworker
            format. Any colours not
            changed during conversion
            will be set to black.

OTHER     - (MAGNIFY) enlarges an area
            of the picture to edit
            detail. Move box over area
            and press left mouse key.
            Press right key to abort.
            The colours of pixels can
            be changed on the enlarged
            picture by pressing the
            left mouse key. Press the
            right key when finished.
          - (CUT and PASTE) used to
            copy an area of the screen
            to another part of the
            screen. Move the pointer
            to the to left corner of
            the area to be copied.
            Press left mouse key, and
            expand box to cover area
            to be cut. Position
            pointer over top left
            corner of area to be
            copied to, and press left
            mouse key. Repeat this
            until all copies made then
            press right mouse key.
          - (TEXT) position cursor
            with left mouse key, then
            type your text. Press
            right mouse key to exit.

The (UNDO) key

To correct mistakes, press the (UNDO)
key after returning to free-hand mode
from a drawing routine. Does not work
after the Magnify routine
Can also be used to restore the last 
picture edited when first entering the 
drawing mode.


Homeworker is a complex program and
has been tested over a long period.
Programming errors may have slipped
passed this process. If the program
detects a bug that has not been
previously detected it will show a
message and an error number. If this
occurs with you will you please send
me a note giving the error number and
saying what you were doing with
Homeworker at that time.


I am currently upgrading HOMEWORKER to
include the following-
    - automatic word wrap
    - fonts saved with document
    - display available fonts for
    - larger files if more memory
    - printer selection - if I can
      find out the control codes for
      different printers! Send me the
      details of your printer -
      control codes for graphics 
      dumping, line spacing, etc.
      Maybe a editable PRINTER.INF
      file would be better?
     -Batch files for fonts, and 
      automatic loading of selected 
      fonts when HOMEWORKER is first 


HOMEWORKER is share ware. You can
become a registered user by sending me
$20. For this you will receive details
of updates, and support if (?when)
bugs are detected. I will also send
you details of other UNDERSOFT

Registered users will also obtain a 
version specific to their printer if 
needed. Just send me details of your 
printer with your cheque.

Registered users may also obtain a
copy of the source file for $15 from

Please feel free to hand copies of 
HOMEWORKER to your friends, but I ask 
you to include this READ.ME file on
the disc, along with all font and
picture files.

Remember if share ware is not 
supported, then it dies a sudden
death, and support for the ST goes
down and we all suffer. Sad, isn't it?

UNDERSOFT is Australian software for 
the ST. If you have any programs that 
may be suitable for release under 
this label then send them to me for 

Other programs currently available 
from UNDERSOFT include -
          SPIDER SPELL
          MATHS ACTION
          1st MATHS
          BRAIN FOOD

My Address is

     Geoff Camp,
     47 Alawoona Rd.
     Munno Para,
     South Australia,

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