Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer

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Screenshots - Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer

Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer atari screenshot
Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer atari screenshot
Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer atari screenshot
Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer atari screenshot
Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer atari screenshot
Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer atari screenshot
Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer atari screenshot
Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer atari screenshot
Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer atari screenshot
Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer atari screenshot

Information - Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer

GenreAdventure - RPG (3-D)Year2000
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Valenti, Vince

Graphic Artist(s)

Valenti, Vince / Easton, John

Game design

Jaeger, Jag

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Richardson, Eric R.

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 2MB
Dumpdownload atari Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Additional Comments - Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer

Instructions - Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer


                             T O W E R S  I I                       Ver 1.2d
                          Plight of the Stargazer

    Welcome to the enchanted world of Towers.  The second in a series of
real-time roll playing games, from JV Games, Inc.  From its Atari Falcon
desent, Towers II has made its way to: Atari Falcon -  1995, 
Atari Jaguar - 1996, Windows 95 - 1997, and Game Boy Color - 2001.

    Following will be instructions on how to play Towers ][ on the
Atari Falcon 030.  Please read and follow the instructions before you begin.
For ease of reading and for future reference, we recommend that you print
out this text file.


    Towers II requires a Falcon 030 with a Hard Drive and at least Two
megs. of available memory.  Towers II will work with a VGA, RGB, or TV.
Towers II has been tested with NVDI, MultiTOS, Warp 9,
and Blowup (software.)


This is the SHAREWARE version of Towers II.  You can progress all the 
way in the game without the manual.  If you like the game you can send 
a donation to:

JV Games, Inc.
PO Box 97455
Las Vegas, NV 89193



VERSION 1.2d - Towers II can now be played without the manual!!!  You 
can finish the game as is.  From its Atari Falcon desent, Towers II 
has made its way to: Atari Falcon -  1995, Atari Jaguar - 1996, 
Windows 95/98 - 1997, and Game Boy Color - 2001.  Enjoy!

VERSION 1.2b - Allows users with removeable media not to have to enter the
password protection every time they run the game.  AI has been improved on
the monsters.  Switching between a shield and the Mirror shield did not
activate the Mirror shield, it is now corrected.

Version 1.2 - Fixes a problem that a few computers had with saving the game.
A 'Not Enough Memory' message would appear even if they had several megs
of disk space left!  Also, on a lighter note, it fixes the door right past
the golem on level 9.  Once the golem is dead, trying to close the door
caused an endless loop, keeping the door from closing and you from ever
getting through (however, who would want to close a door that they tried
so hard to open?)

Version 1.1 - Fixed problems running with ICD Bootup software and save
problems in the upper levels.  Even if you were not having any problems,
it fixed a problem with a supervisor call and it was HIGHLY recommended
that you upgraded to this version.




    Located in the zip file are separate instructions on how to use the
install program.



    When Towers ][ first loads, you will hear the chiming of bells and be
presented with the title screen as the music starts to play.  On the title
screen are three options written in the sand; Introduction, Incarnation, &

    By moving the mouse pointer over Introduction and pressing the left
button, the Sheriff Farele, will tell you a short graphical story of the
new problems in Lamini.  Pressing either the left or right mouse button will
advance the pages, pressing 'Q' at any time will return you to the title


    Continuation can only be used once you have saved a game (saving a game
will be explained later).

    Pointing the mouse pointer over continuation and pressing the left
button, will bring up a menu with your previously saved games.   To load a
game, simply point the mouse over one of your selections and press the left
button.  In a few seconds you will be where you last left off.

    If you make a mistake and decide not to load a game, press on the
'RETURN' message at the bottom of the screen.  This will take you back to
the main menu.


    Next, move the mouse pointer over the section marked Incarnation and
press the left mouse button.  Soon a screen with four pictures & names will

    Gerand, Tasler, Merton, and Andros are your four character choices.
Move the mouse pointer over one of the characters and press the left mouse
button.  In the center of the screen the characters statistics will appear.
If those statistics suite you, then move the mouse pointer over the word
'accept' and press the left mouse button, otherwise click on the character
again, to re-roll.

STR (Strength) - Strength is used for determining how much weight the
character can carry.  Also, strength can increase or decrease the amount of
damage you inflict and the chance of hitting your opponent.

INT (Intelligence) - Intelligence is used for determining how well you
pronounce a spell.  If you pronounce it correctly it will be cast. If not,
it fails.

WIS (Wisdom) - Wisdom reflects your mystical context.  If your wisdom is
high, you are more adept at casting spells and thus will have more mana
to cast spells from.

DEX (Dexterity) - Dexterity determines how fast and flexible you are.
With a high dexterity you will naturally weave in and out of your opponents

CON (Constitution) - Constitution shows how healthy and physically fit you
are.  Any healthy warrior or mage in battle, is apt to live longer.

    The characters statistics can have a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 20.
Once you have chosen your character and are happy with is statistics,
press on accept.  This will bring you into the game.

Some characters will have an easier time in the dungeon.  We suggest that
you start the game playing Gerand.  Merton will probably be the most


    Once you've pressed 'Accept', the program will take a few seconds to
load.  You will then find yourself inside a large room.  From this point,
you should save your game.  (GO TO THE SAVING AND LOADING SECTION.)

    Lets take a quick look at your play screen, and make sense out of the

    In the center of the screen is your view window.  Inside the window you
can see a wall and pillar to your right.  To the left is a bag and in the
center is the mouse pointer.

    To the top left of the view window is another window with a picture of
your character in it.  Also inside that window is an arrow pointing to the
right.  Underneath your character, are four slots for holding items and

    Above the view screen, you will find two horizontal bars.  One green
and one blue.  The green bar represents your hit points.  This is how much
life energy you have, before dying.  The blue bar represents your mana.
Mana is the mystical energy needed for casting spells.  Some characters will
be more apt at casting spells than others.

    The top right of the view screen is your compass.  Right now it reads
north, as you move about the tower it will change directions as you change.

    To the right of the view screen and underneath the compass is the spell
canvas.  As you travel throughout the tower, you will find and learn spells.
As this happens a representation of the spell you just learned will appear
on the canvas.  Right now the canvas should be blank.

    Underneath the view screen you will see the message canvas.   Any and
all messages will appear here.

    To the right of the message canvas and underneath the spell canvas are
five symbols:

     A fist
     Three combined "Z"'s
     A map
     A floppy disk
     Two musical notes.


    Move the mouse pointer over the fist and press the left button.  You
will see your characters statistics divided into three columns.  In the
first column, it displays his STR, INT, WIS, DEX, and con.  In the center
his current food, stamina, hit points current and maximum, mana current and
maximum, and weight current and maximum.  In the last column is the amount
of damage you can inflict (minimum and maximum),  your current attack skill
(how well you hit), defense (how hard it is to hit you) and save (your
resistance to magic).

    All of the statistics in the second and third column will change
throughout the game.

    Should your food & stamina become too low, it will have an adverse
effect on your movement.


    Next are the three combined "Z"'s.  Should you become tired or need to
heal and regain mana.  Click here.  The view screen will turn black and a
message will say that you fell asleep.  You can not sleep if you are hungry.


    Towers ][ is equipped with an intelligent auto map feature.  While
traversing the tower, should you become lost, just click onto this spot to
find where you are.

    The auto map will take the place of the view screen with an arrow
pointer.  You can move the arrow pointer up and down to scroll the map,
or left and right to change the level to look at.

    Every time the auto map is engaged it will bring you to your current
level with a small blue dot showing your position.  You will see a large
tan area, with the gray depicting where you've been.  Various X's, circles
and squares are used to show obstacles you have encountered.


    Next is the disk icon.  If this icon is pressed, it will bring up a
menu with several options: Load game, Save game, Restart game, Quit game,
and Back to game.

LOAD GAME - Pressing on 'Load game' will bring up another menu with your
previously saved games on it.  Left click on the game you wish to reload
and voila, you are back where you once left off.

SAVE GAME - Pressing on 'Save game' will bring up another menu with four
empty slots.  Left click on a spot and type in the new name.  Your game
is now saved so you can return at a latter time or continue playing.

RESTART GAME - Pressing on this spot will (guess, go on guess,) restart the

QUIT GAME - Do I really need to explain this?

BACK TO GAME - Pressing on this will (of course) take you back to the game.


    The final Icon is the musical note.  If the volume of the game is too
high or too low, it can be adjusted here.  When you click the mouse pointer
here a small 'v' and a large 'V' will appear in your view screen, with
many '-' in-between.  By moving the mouse pointer over the 'v' and clicking
the left mouse button, it will lower the volume.  The opposite will occur
if you click on the 'V'.  Click on "back to game" to leave this menu.

SPECIAL NOTE ON SOUND - Towers ][ has true stereo sound.  For a greater
effect and sound realism, connect a set of headphones to the back of your
falcon.  You'll be able to hear all of the effects as they truly happen.


    Move the mouse pointer to your characters picture and press on the arrow
in the bottom right of the box.  Your characters picture should have flipped
around to show the silhouette of a man and several small boxes located
around him.  These are the areas where you'll place the items and equipment
you find around the tower.

    The top left box is where all the necklaces and amulets will go.
The box to the right should outline the characters head.  All head gear will
go there.  On the next row, far left is a box with a small dagger carved
into it.  Any active weapon should go here.  When you place a weapon in this
spot, you'll see the weapon appear in the lower right of the view screen.

    The next box outlines the body of the character.  All armor, cloaks,
and body Items will go here.  In the box to the right.   Shields, quivers,
and any miscellaneous items go there.  In the next row directly underneath,
gloves and rings are placed here.  In the next roll is a box that outlines
the feet of the character, and you guessed it, all boots and shoes are
placed there.

    Underneath the character window are four boxes for holding items.  When
you put the bag in one of these areas, it will open up eight more spots
directly underneath.   These can be used to store any Item, weapon, and
armor as long as your strong enough to carry it.  You can always press
on the fist to find your current and maximum weight.

SPECIAL NOTE- When ever you place an object on your character, be sure to
check your statistics to see if it benefited or hindered you.



    All of the game's functions are handled in two different modes:
Movement mode, and Hand mode.  Movement mode handles moving and attacking.
The Hand mode does just about everything else.  To toggle between the two
modes, simply use the right mouse button.  The mouse pointer will turn into
a box or arrow in movement mode, and a grabbing hand in the Hand mode.  If
you are holding an object, then in hand mode the mouse pointer will turn
into the object you are holding.


    By pressing the right button on the mouse, the mouse pointer will turn
into a small box that will appear in the center of the view window.  If you
move the mouse slightly forward, the box will turn into an arrow and you
will start to move in that direction.

    By moving the mouse to the left or right will cause you to turn in the
appropriate direction.  You can also back up by pulling the mouse toward
the bottom of the view window.

SPECIAL NOTE- While in movement mode you can press the 'F' key to go to full
screen mode.

    In this mode you will have your compass, hit point and mana bars in the
top left corner.  Pressing the right mouse button will bring you into the
main screen, where you can do all normal functions.  To remove the full
screen mode, simple press the 'F' key again.


    To pick up an object, move relatively close and press the right hand
button.  The arrow will once again turn into a hand.  Now move the hand
over the object and press the left mouse button.  The mouse pointer will
now turn into the object and you can place it in your inventory.  If you
decided not to keep it, you can place it back on the ground or throw it.

    Just point the object somewhere on the view screen and press the left
mouse button.


    To open a door, you must be in the Hand mode.  Simply move in front
of one and press the left mouse button, while the pointer is over the door.
To close a door, just left click the mouse pointer over the doors opening
and it will slide back into place.  Many doors in Towers ][ are locked.
These doors can only be opened by various keys, switches, or some magical
items.  To unlock a door, you must be holding the appropriate key or magical
item and then maneuver the mouse pointer over the door and press the left
mouse button. You will hear a click as the locking mechanism opens.

    You can open and close the door as normal from this point on.  To search
for a secret door, just point the mouse pointer on the area that you think
can open and press the left mouse button.  If you choose correctly, the
area will slide open.


    In various areas of the tower, you will come across chains and levers
hanging from the ceiling.  To use these chains, while in the Hand mode,
move the mouse pointer over the chain and press the left mouse button.  You
will hear a click and see the chain lower or raise.  You must be facing the
wall when pulling the chain.


    Throughout the game you will find items to eat, drink and read.  After
every good fight, or walking a billion miles of floor space, every man
deserves a good hardy meal.  Simply pick up an edible item and click it
over the characters face.  You will hear a satisfied crunch, and just know
that you ate well.

    Should you find a need to indulge yourself in one of the many potions
scattered about the tower, just pick up the vial and click it over the
characters mouth.  You should hear a gulp, as your character consumes the
delicious liquid.

    When you are curious as to the writings on a scroll, just pick it up and
click it over the characters eyes.  The writings will appear on the message

    Sometimes at the bottom of the canvas, the message "more" will appear.
This means that there is still something to be read.  Just click the mouse
button on the "more" message and you can continue to read.


    In Towers ][ there are several characters that you can interact with.
To see what someone has to say, simply point and left click the mouse
pointer on that character.  You must be within speaking range.  A character
will never talk if he is frightened or hostile.

    If you intend on giving a character an item of yours, hold the item over
the character and left click the mouse button.



    Hand to hand combat is performed by being in movement mode and getting
within striking distance.   To strike out and bludgeon your enemy, press
the left mouse button.  If you don't have a weapon equipped in your left
hand, you will punch with your fist.  If you hit your enemy you will see a
brief blood spot and hear the sound of your weapon slicing through his hide.

    If your enemy hits you, the screen will briefly flash red, and you'll
hear a disgruntled grunt.


    For added protection, pick up the nearest shield and equip it on your
characters right hand.  To use the shield, simply press and hold the left
mouse button.

    Your character will make a quick attack and then hold up the shield to
help block oncoming blows.  The longer you hold the left mouse button, the
longer the shield stays up.


    Out muscled?  No problem, just equip your character with the nearest bow
(left hand) and quiver (right hand).  Stay out of arms reach and fire away
(left mouse button).  You will hear the delightful pluck of the bow string,
as arrows race away to find its mark in the heart of the nearest enemy.
Pay close attention to the number of shots fired, finding yourself out of
arrows as a guard is running your way can prove to be painful.


    Have you found the perfect item to break across someone's noggin?
Well, simply pick it up, aim it on the screen, and press the left mouse
button. The object will soon find itself sailing across time and space.
Remember that every object has a different weight.  Depending on the
strength of your character and the weight of the object will dictate the
distance it will travel and the damage it can do.


    To cast a spell, you must first find a scroll with a spell on it.
By reading the scroll, you will duplicate the spell on to your spell canvas.
When the spell is on the canvas, point and left click the mouse over the
picture representation of the spell.  It will then say that you memorized
the spell.  To speak those those magical words of power, press both mouse
buttons simultaneously or the space bar.  If at first you don't succeed,
well, you know the rest.

    If you cast a spell that has a delayed or continual effect, a spell
representation will appear on the left side of the message canvas.  When
the spell ends the picture will disappear.

Good Luck!



    A special thanks goes out to everyone that helped beta test this
program.  All the support we received from our friends and family.
Everyone that worked so hard on making this program a reality, and most
of all the Atari community.  

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