Double Bobble 2000

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Screenshots - Double Bobble 2000

Double Bobble 2000 atari screenshot
Double Bobble 2000 atari screenshot
Double Bobble 2000 atari screenshot
Double Bobble 2000 atari screenshot
Double Bobble 2000 atari screenshot
Double Bobble 2000 atari screenshot
Double Bobble 2000 atari screenshot
Double Bobble 2000 atari screenshot

Information - Double Bobble 2000

GenreArcade - Platformer (Single Screen)Year1995
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJagpad, Joystick, KeyboardDistributorMaggie
Players1, 2 (sim.)DeveloperReservoir Gods
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Tattersall, Steven [Tat] / O'Reilly, Leon [Mr. Pink]

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Dempsey, Kevin [SH3-RG / Sparehead 3] / Lomas, Nathasha [Ripley]

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish

Dempsey, Kevin [SH3-RG / Sparehead 3]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Lomas, Nathasha [Ripley] / O'Reilly, Leon [Mr. Pink]
Dempsey, Kevin [SH3-RG / Sparehead 3]

Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari Double Bobble 2000 Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ?

Instructions - Double Bobble 2000

                  Bubble Bobble '030, the facts..

   Some things Leon nearly got around to telling you in this text..

1)  Standard  (9  pin) joystick controllers  are  enabled,  but  Atari 
Powerpad has been left out of this demo, not too much of a revelation, 
I agree,  but some people may recall a very early single level version 
which ONLY had the Powerpad implemented..

2)  Once  the main proggy is loaded,  press 'space' to start and  keep 
pressing  'space'  until you get to the main game  screen  (ST  Format 
reviewers note!)

3) This is a three level demo, and will play through all three levels, 
to  quit  at  the end of the third level,  simply press  'space'  once 
more to return to the desktop..

4)  The bugs referred to in the program text may have been  caught  at 
the last minute?

5) Tested ok on early TOS 4.01 Falcon (Mine!)

6) Works ok with both VGA and RGB monitors..

7) DSP totally untouched and sitting in a relaxed fashion,  now put it 
to work with 'Rape the DSP',  a Desk Accessory modfile player which is 
DSP specific and does not affect the running of 'Bubble Bobble' in any 
way whatsover,  now you can have your own choice of music for the demo 
version..  Guess  what,  that  little .ACC is also on this disk! 

 Ed-note -  10.1.95.

        Bubble Bobble 030 will be arcade perfect - all 100 levels with
complete airflow data and monster  start  information have been ported
to the  Falcon.  The  graphics  for  the  first  40  levels  have been
completed, as has most of  the  monster's artificial intelligence. The
main thing which needs to be  added  are the power-ups - special fruit
such as potions and crosses. There are also lots of bugs to be removed
and things should be generally tidied up.

        The full version will support  Joystick, Powerpad and Keyboard
so giving you a range of options  if  you  wish to play two player and
haven't got the right controllers lying around.

        The music hasn't been finalised  yet,  but it will probably be
done by Greg Lovesy (of Impact Software  and Team fame), but this will
be the last thing to go in. I know the importance of sound effects and
music, but I want the rest of the game working 100% before I put these
in as it lengthens assembly time and takes up too much memory...

        The font and title pictures and some backgrounds were drawn by
Sparehead 3. The sprites, bubbles,  backgrounds  and level layout were
by Nice Guy Eddie. All graphics were drawn with God Paint, the premier
True Colour art package by the Reservoir Gods (plug plug!). The levels
were constructed using God Map Edit,  another  one of our handy little

        All code is by Mr. Pink.  It  is written in 100% 68030 machine
code, and I use a lot of the extra instructions of this chip including
the Bit Field instructions (slow but  very handy!) and the extra table
accessing functions. I have just started using the BLiTTER (I coded my
first blitter routines last week)  after  getting hold of some ancient
Atari blitter documentation from 1987,  which is actually very useful.
I must also thank Chris of Passion  and  Opium for there help and tips
on using this chip.  At  the  moment  the  BLiTTER  is  being used for
zooming the score and clearing the screen, but by the final version it
will be helping out in other areas too.

        All the fruit scores, bonuses,  special fruit effects, monster
intelligence and other idiosyncrasies  have  been faithfully recreated
from the original. We are hoping  to  do  some totally new levels, and
perhaps some new monsters as an additional level data disk, or perhaps
as Bubble Bobble 2. (No  its  not  going  to  be Rainbow Islands, just
bubble bobble with some new twists).

        The ST version of Rainbow Island  was so good it doesn't merit
a recode and we never really like Parasol Stars so don't expect Falcon
versions of them. We have got a lot  of other games lined up, the next
Reservoir Gods release  probably  being  an  excellent  3D racing game
coded by two new members of the group. This will work on all platforms
- STFM/STe/Falcon - so no-one should feel left out!

        I think my coding has come on a long way since my last release
(April 1994's "Tautology") which was pretty bug ridden and didn't even
run on VGA monitors!  Bubble  Bobble  will  work  100%  on VGA and RGB
monitors as well as Televisions.

        I must thank  all  the  people  who  have  written  to  me and
encouraged me with Bubble Bobble and other projects. Big thanks go out
to Chris of Maggie (thanks for  putting  this  on disk), Kev, Chris of
Passion (thanks for all the info),  Mick  of  DNT crew (hope you get a
new Falcon soon), TSCC (Scy and Dynacore  - cool game guys, thanks for
all the letters), Dan of Lazer  (haven't  heard  from you for a while,
did you get my last letter), Richard  Karsmakers (I know you are going
to find a million things in this that are 'not quite right' but try to
enjoy it anyway - I know you were  a big fan of the original!), Opium,
Tyrem of the Respectables, Nigel of  Ripped Off (Thanks for the Falcon
and VGA monitor!), Arnaud  Linz  (is  L&M  finished yet?) and everyone
else who is active on the Falcon scene.

Mr. Pink 8/1/95

Trivia - Double Bobble 2000

Early versions of this game were called Bubble Bobble instead of Double Bobble.

Book / Magazine Reviews - Double Bobble 2000

 ST Format · December, 1995Rating: 96% 

Double Bobble 2000 Atari review 

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