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twh - 13/08/2017
a pretty decent version of that flappy bird kind of game. Technically nothing special, but the design and music makes it imho worth to play.

Screenshots - SuperFly

SuperFly atari screenshot
SuperFly atari screenshot
SuperFly atari screenshot
SuperFly atari screenshot
SuperFly atari screenshot
SuperFly atari screenshot
SuperFly atari screenshot

Information - SuperFly

GenreArcade - Avoid'em!Year2002
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJagpad, Joystick, KeyboardDistributor-
Players1DeveloperReservoir Gods
ResolutionLow / VGA / RGBLicensed from-

O'Reilly, Leon [Mr. Pink]

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Dempsey, Kevin [SH3-RG / Sparehead 3]

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish

Grant, Malcolm [MSG]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe, TT, Falcon030 / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari SuperFly Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - SuperFly

               [ SuperFly ]

One man. One mission. One woman. One fat
evil enemy. One goal. One flight. One
adrenalin pumping ride. One vision. One
decision. One button.


Dr Snuggles awoke from troubled dreams.
He felt like there was something 
missing. Feeling around in his bed he
found there to be a vacuum where his
girlfriend kylie should be lying.

He sat up with a start and quickly
removed the vacuum cleaner from his
bed. How did it get there? Had he put
it there himself? No, he would never
sleep with a vaccum cleaner. Well,
there was that one time, but he had
been drunk and lonely ... no, there
was something more sinister afoot.

Peeling back the bedsheet like the 
crusty custard skin on an old sponge
pudding he wailed for his lover.


He could hear no response.

In fact, he could hear very little
over the din of the vaccuum cleaner.
Switching off the device, he bellowed

All was quiet. Too quiet.

Dr Snuggles went through a range of
emotions; worried, scared, sad, anxious,
angry, frustrated, mischevious,
confused, carefree and constipated.

Stumbling around his bedroom like an
antelope on a roundabout, something 
caught the eye of Dr Snuggles. It was a 
coathanger that was protuding at an 
awkward angle from the wardrobe. Rubbing 
his bruised eye, he then noticed the 
reason for the unwanted protrusion.

Attached to the coat hanger was an

Trembling hands snatched it up.

Two words in large red letters were
emblazoned on the envelope.


Under this, in smaller letters was
the phrase.


And under this, in even samller print
was the following"


Well, thought Snuggles, at least the
author must have some sense of humour,
although he had to admit that he didn't
get the joke.

Inside was a single sheet of A4.
Letters cut from newspaper made up a
crude message.

"i HaVE kIDNaPpe YoU GiRLL."

Damn, thought Snuggles, he's used
newspaper cutting to disguise his
handwriting. I'll never know who this
is or where he's taken her.

A shudder passed over Snuggles. He 
hoped this kidnapper hadn't taken her in
the biblical sense too. Not without at
least providing him with photographic

With sweaty palms he continued reading.

"sOOn ILl RuLE THE WuRLd!"

Having the planet ruled by such an
illeterate didn't seem like a good thing
to Dr Snuggles. However, he resoned, it
hadn't stopped Geroge Bush.

The stakes had been raised. Not only 
had he got to save his girl, the world
also needed saving too.

"It never rains but it pours."
He mumbled in annoyance.

But the time for mumbling was over, it
was now time for action. Grabbing his
cleanest pair of pants (only worn twice
this month to his memory) and a 
practical but not fashionable jumper,
Snuggles started to get ready.

Absent mindedly putting his pants on
the wrong way, he continued reading
the note for further clues.

"yOO wIl nEVER fIND ME !!!"

Under this it was signed

"Professer Evil, Moon Base Alpha
tel (+93)01307 432821

Maybe this could give me some clue
to his identity ... thought Snuggles.

And then it struck him. The Moon! It
was the last place he would have
thought of looking - so that is
probably where the Evil professor had

"Very Clever Prof Evil" thought 
Snuggles "but not clever enough!"

So, Destination : Moon. Snuggles 
pondered about taking a rocket directly
there or going on a long circuitous
route involving submarines, helicopters,
spaceships and rocket boots.

The latter option, whilst slower and
less practical appealed to his gadget
loving nature.

"It will be cool!" he declared to
no-one in particular, pulling his
brown pringle jumper over his head.

It was time to head for the secret
cave and his secret submarine. Looking
around the room for a final time he
saw kylie's clothes scattered over
the floor, and a discarded vacuum
cleaner box.

He narrowed his eyes, gave his Hoover
Suckomatic 3000 a farewell pat, and
with steel in his eyes and his pants,
he headed for the door.

                            How To Play

Throughout the game you will get to
pilot different vehicles through
different terrains. The basic control
mechanism stays the same - press fire
to thrust upwards, release fire and
gravity will start pulling you towards
the ground.

In certain game modes you will have
items to collect, in other you have
to reach a certain point on the map.
In all modes you must avoid the


SuperFly should run on all atari 
machines with 1MB of memory or more.

If running from a 1MB floppy system,
create an AUTO folder on that disk
and move SUPERFLY.PRG into there.

SuperFly has been tested on the
following hardware:

* Atari STFM
* Atari STE
* Atari Mega ST
* Atari Mega STE
* Atari TT
* Atari Falcon

You need a colour display to run
this game. It will work with both
RGB and VGA displays.

If using an emulator, we recommend
STEEM. You must use STEEM v2.4 or
higher to play this game.


After going through some intro and 
loading screens you will be presented
with the front end. Here you can set
up various options and view stats and

The front end can be controlled with
keyboard, joysticks or jagpads.

There are 4 types of controls in the
front end - switches, icon lists,
sliders and links.

The switches represent toggles for
options that can have two states (on and 
off). Press fire on a switch to toggle
its state;

Icon lists present you with an array
of icons representing a list of 
different options. Only one icon
will be displayed on screen with
arrows on either the left or right
(or both) indicating which direction
you can scroll through the options 
in. Use left and right to scroll
through the options in an icon list.

Sliders give you a range of values for
an option. Use left and right to set
the slider.

Links take you to another page in the
front end.

Throughout the front end you can press
the Back button to return to an earlier

The Back button is defined as:

Keyboard - UNDO
Jagpad   - Fire B


Here you can find a brief on-line guide
to playing the game. Press Fire to
progress through help pages and Back to
return to Front End.


Here you can find various hardware 
settings to control the audio and video.


Here you can configure the audio aspects
of the game to your liking. You have the
following options:

* MUSIC - toggle music on/off
* VOLUME - sets output level
* SPEAKER - toggles internal speaker 
* DSP OUTPUT - outputs sound to dsp port

( NB: some of these options may not be
available depending on the hardware that
this game is run on )


Here you can configure the video aspects
of the game to your liking. You have the
following options:

* REFRESH - toggles between 50hz & 60hz
* GAMMA - modifies brightness
* WIDESCREEN - toggles widescreen
* CENTRE - centres screen display

In the screen centring section, the 
borders and centre of the screen will
be displayed. You can scroll this
around with up,down,left and right.
Press Fire to select new screen
centre setting or Back to cancel.

( NB: some of these options may not be
available depending on the hardware that
this game is run on )


This displays information about the
games you have played. The following
stats are displayed:

DISTANCE - total distance travelled
STARS - total gained in starsearch
ITEMS - total gained in hunter
FREEFLIGHT GAMES - total played
STARSEARCH GAMES - total played
STAGE GAMES - total played
HUNTER GAMES - total played
STORY GAMES - total played
EXPERIENCE - total experience
EXP NEEDED - for next level
LEVEL - current level
PLAY TIME - total time wasted


Here you can view the hiscore tables
from all game modes and all worlds.
When entering into this menu, first
select a game mode, then select a
world. The highscore table for
that combination will be displayed.

Any highscores you have created in
that table will be highlighted.
Move up and down to select one of
your highscores and press fire and
you will see a complete replay of
that high score!


The gallery contains artwork related to
the game, concept artwork, unseen logos
and other cool stuff.

Each time you fill up a highscore table
(all 10 entries on it are user made)
then a picture will be unlocked in the

When all pictures are unlocked in the
gallery you will get another bonus ..

Move around the portraits with up,down,
left and right. If a portrait is 
unlocked you can press Fire to view
the picture, and Fire again will 
return you to the gallery.

Each portrait will display information
in the bottom right hand corner about
which highscore table it has related
to and how many scores (out of 10) you
have so far achieved on this table.

Press Fire on the Menu button or press
Back to return to Front End.


The jukebox gives you access to all the
MSG composed SID chiptunes in the game.

So simply select your favourite tune
(with left and right) start it playing
(press fire) and relax and enjoy :)

The jukebox is initally locked, but as
you play through game and gain 
experience points you will unlock this


So who exactly were the crazy kids 
behind this crazy game? Find out here
in the crazy credits!

Note - the credits sequence is 
initially locked, but you can unlock it
by playing through the game and gaining


Here you get to chose what type of
game you want to play.

When you first begin playing, all of
the game modes apart from FreeFlight
will be locked.

As you play and gain experience points
you will unlock the game modes one by
one culminating in the epic story mode.


In the pregame screen you can select
your control method and a few other
options related to playing that game.

CONTROL - you have the option of
playing with mouse, keyboard, joysticks
or jaguar powerpads.

ANOTHER DAY - a special gamemode that
can only be used when all pictures in
the gallery have been unlocked.

WORLD - when you unlock worlds, you
can select which world to play on here.
each world has an associated set of
high score tables.


Once the level has loaded, you will see
your vehicle waiting in the centre left
of the screen. Press fire to begin
your mission.

During game, press fire to thrust up,
release fire to float down.

Other keys that can be used during
the game:

F1  - Pause
F2  - Toggle Music On/Off
F10 - Quit

Jagpad Pause  - Pause
Jagpad Option - Toggle Music On/Off
Jagpad #      - Quit

                         Results Screen

Here you will be presented with detailed
information about your last flight - the
distance you travelled, the amount of
items you collected, your score and your
best score under similar conditions.
The stats that are actually displayed
are dependent on game mode.

Also displayed here is the amount of
experience points you gained for that
game, the amount you need to reach the
next level (and unlock cool stuff!) and
the total amount of experience points
you have. 

In the results screen you have some of 
the following options depending on game
mode :

VIEW REPLAY - here you can watch again 
how well/badly you performed on your 
last flight.

TRY AGAIN - restart game from beginning

CONT - continue onto next stage

QUIT - return to front end (you will 
lose your highscore for this game if 
you quit)


In this game mode you have the freedom
of the world. Your mission is to fly
as far as is humanly possible. Push the
boundaries and find your limits!


In the StarSearch mode, you have to
collect a set amount of stars on each
stage. Once the defined number of 
stars is collected, you move on to the
next stage.


In Stage mode you have to fly for a 
defined distance to reach a goal. Once
the goal is reached you will move onto
the next stage.


In Hunter mode the aim is to collect as
many stars as possible without crashing.
Can you be the biggest hunter out there?


The Story mode is the centrepiece of
the game. Here you take on the role of
Dr Snuggles in his epic battle against
the evil Professor Evil who has 
kidnapped your beloved girlfriend,

Played out over many locations and
differing gametypes, the plot twists
and turns like a jellyfish in a
tumble dryer.

Eventually you will face down Professor
Evil in his own lair. The fate of Kylie
is in your hands ...


We will be running an competition for
the best SuperFly player on our 

Please contribute by sending your
SUPERFLY.SAV files to :

And keep checking our site for
updates of the best scores and
exclusive superfly downloadable extras:



If you have any feedback about this
title or other Reservoir Gods prods,
do not hesistate to contact us:

sh3....[ gfx]
msg....[ zix]

Don't forget to visit our website:

                [c] 2002 Reservoir Gods

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