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Screenshots - International Cricket 2

International Cricket 2 atari screenshot
International Cricket 2 atari screenshot
International Cricket 2 atari screenshot
International Cricket 2 atari screenshot
International Cricket 2 atari screenshot
International Cricket 2 atari screenshot
International Cricket 2 atari screenshot
International Cricket 2 atari screenshot
International Cricket 2 atari screenshot

Information - International Cricket 2

GenreSports - CricketYear1992
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisherBudgie UK
ControlsJoystick, MouseDistributor
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Dowers, Paul

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)SoftwareEnglish
Game designBox / InstructionsEnglish
Sound FXSerial
Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari International Cricket 2 Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - International Cricket 2

       (C) 1992 P.Dowers all rights reserved

Full 3D animated action with realistic sampled sound effects brings
the game to life.

Below is a list of just some of the features of the game.

Choose batting order and team

Each player has individual batting,bowling,catching,throwing stopping
skills which will actually affect the way he plays on pitch.

Fielders also have agility ratings which affect their running speed
when fielding.

Position the fielders where you want them.

3 different bowler types fast,medium,spin.

Bowl bouncers,yorkers,fulltosses,etc etc.

6 different batting shots hook,leg glance,straight drive,off
drive,defensive,square cut.

Glorious sampled sound effects and animation and much much more.

Catches,run outs,lbw,over throws,no balls,wides etc.

Every aspect of playing a game of cricket is covered.


Place disk in computer and turn on the game will now load


This is where you will choose whom to play for and against and over how
many overs and at which level the game will take place.

PLAYER First of all choose your team by clicking on the player

Load in any one of the 4 sides by double clicking on it.

COMPUTER Next choose which team you will play against by clicking on
computer and load in the computers team.

OVERS Click on the overs option to choose how long the game will be
then click on 20,40,55 overs with left mouse button

When you've finished click on right mouse button.
LEVEL click on level and choose which level of play.

Levels affect the way the computer plays and the speed of the

level 1 is easiest 3 is hardest.

You can now choose play to start the game or select your team.

QUIT will take you back to the desktop.


This part of the program will let you choose the batting order and
who plays.

On the left side of the screen is the list of players in your squad.

On the right is the player attributes,skills.

To look at any players skills put the pointer over that players name
and press the left button.

His skill will now be displayed on the right of the screen.

Individual skills affect the way they play on pitch for example:-

A player with a slow agility rating will run slower on the field than
a player with a very fast agility rating.

All skills are out of 10 so someone with 10 in batting would be the
best he possibly can in this game.

Catching, throwing, stopping all affect the way the player acts on

So a fielder with a low catching rating would drop more catches than
someone with a rating of 10.

A player with a low batting skill will have less control over the ball
than say a player with skill 10 who would keep the ball under control
and have less chance of being caught out.

Batting no. this shows which number the batsman is in the team if he's

                     SELECTING A TEAM

If a player is in the team and you want to take him out just place the
pointer over his name and press the right mouse button once.

This will now take that player out of the team.

You can now put a player in the team who will take the place of the
one you have just taken out just press the right button over the
player you want to put in the team but you must choose someone who
isn't in the team to take his place.

Otherwise clicking on someone who is allready in the team will just
remove them from the team.

If you wanted you could remove all the players from the team and start
the batting order from the beggining the first player you put in will
bat at number 1 second 2 and so on.

There are a few rules you must follow.

You must choose a minimum of 5 bowlers and have 1 wicket keeper.

EXIT to exit from the select screen place the pointer over the right
hand side of the screen and press the right mouse button.

                        THE TOSS

Once you have loaded in both computer and player teams and chosen to
play you will find yourself on the pitch standing opposite the
opposing teams captain.

Click on H or T with left mouse button to choose heads or tails.

The coin will then be flipped up in the air.

If you have won the toss you will be given the choice to bat or field
by pressing keys 1 or 2.

If you lose the opposing team will decide if they want to bat or field
and the game will begin.

The game will allways start by displaying the batting team and then go
on to display the bowling team.

The player will now use the joystick to control every part of the

                   PLAYER FIELDING


First of all you must choose a bowler to bowl the next over.

Put the pointer over the chosen bowler and click left button a status
bar at the bottom of the screen will tell you what type of bowler he
is and what his skill is.

When you've selected the bowler you want just click on play to go to
the bowling screen.

In a 20 over match each bowler is allowed 4 overs.

In a 40 over match each bowler is allowed 8 overs.

In a 55 over match each bowler is allowed 11 overs.

                THE BOWLING SCREEN

This is where all bowling and batting will take place.

On the top right of the screen the following information is

Who's bowling and who's facing the bowler.

How many balls have been bowled in the current over and how many runs
have been scored so far in the current over.

On the bottom right of the screen is a window which displays the
bowlers run up from an over head view.

                  THE BOWLING SCREEN

First you must choose to bowl over the wicket or around the wicket by
moving the joystick left or right.

You will see the bowler change to over or around the wicket from the
overhead view.

To start the bowlers run up press fire once.

The bowler is now running towards the batting crease you must press
fire again just before he reaches the crease otherwise it will be a no
ball but dont hold the fire button.

Once the bowler has reached the crease you will now see a picture of
his arm moving downwards you must now press fire at a chosen angle
then the bowler will release the ball.

If you choose a high angle you'll bowl a full toss or if you choose a
low angle you'll pitch the ball short.

Using the above method allows the player to bowl all kinds of balls
bouncers,yorkers,full tosses ect.

If the bowler is fast pace and bowls a ball short it will be a

Spin and medium pace bowlers dont bowl bouncers.

Different types of bowlers have diffrent run up lengths.


Once the opposing teams batsman has hit the ball the view changes to
the fielding screen.

The fielding screen is made up of 3 screens all together.

The wicket area,left of the wicket,right of the wicket.

So if a ball goes of the main screen left or right that area of the
pitch will then be displayed with your fielders on.

If the action changes to left or right of the wicket you can still see
the batsmen running at the top of the screen.

Pressing and holding the fire button will bring an arrow above the
active fielder.

On the main screen thats allways the wicket keeper.

Moving the joystick left or right while the fire button is pressed
will cycle through all your fielders in turn placing an arrow above
the current active fielder.

Once you release fire the player with the arrow above him is now under
joystick control.

If that player touches the ball he will automatically throw it back to
the wicket unless he thumbles or drops it.



On each screen a ball height meter is displayed this shows the actual
height of the ball.

There are 3 different bars in the height meter.

GREEN If any part of the ball is in this area it is on the ground.

GREY  if any part of the ball is in this area it is in the air but
catchable if a fielder comes in contact with it.

BLUE  The ball is in the sky and too high to catch.


On the bowling screen pressing F will take you on to the main pitch
area and you can now move your fielders around in the same way as you
would when fielding.

Keys 1,2,3 will call up the main pitch,left of the pitch,right of the

Pressing the space bar at any time will take you back to the bowling
screen where you can carry on with your game.

You can make field changes after each ball bowled if you want.

If you move the bowler or wicket keeper they will be replaced in the
positions they where before you moved them but any other fielder will
stay where you move him to.



        FIRE PRESSED                  FIRE NOT PRESSED

      CUT   DRIVE    HOOK
         \    |    /                     \    |    /
          \   |   /                       \   |   /
OFF        \  |  /    LEG         MOVE     \  |  /    MOVE
DRIVE   ----     ---- GLANCE      LEFT  ----     ---- RIGHT
           /  |  \                         /  |  \
          /   |   \                       /   |   \
         /    |    \                     /    |    \

When batting make sure your bat is lined up with the ball and the ball
is close enough to hit.

Its all a matter of timing and positioning the batsman in the right
place and playing the right shot to a certain ball.

You can tell the height of the ball from the distance between the
balls shadow which is ground level and the ball.

Eg if the bowler bowls a BOUNCER or FULL TOSS you should either play a
square cut or a hook shot depending on which side of the wicket the
ball is.

The above two shots are for balls waist high and above.

But if the bowler bowls a LOW BALL which does'nt bounce much then you
could play one of the following shots leg glance, straight drive,
off drive, defensive.



Once you have hit the ball the view will change to the field and you
can now run by pressing the fire button.

If you have started to run and you decide you dont want to as long as
the batsmen havent crossed you can turn back around by pushing the
joystick up and pressing fire.

If the ball goes to the left or right fielding screen you can still
see exactly where your two batsmen are at the top left and right of
the above two screens.

                      GENERAL COMMANDS

PAUSE pressing P while the ball is in motion will pause the game press
P again and the action will re-start.

QUIT pressing Q while the game is paused will quit the current game
and return you to the main menu screen.

                      GENERAL INFO

Don't expect to beat the computer the first time you play.

It will take a while for you to master the batting and fielding.

Play on level 1 as the bowling is slower which gives you more time to
think of which shot to play and the computer batsmen aren't very good.

SRI LANKA is the easiest team to play against.

Even if the computer batsmen arent very good you must still bowl a
good length ball otherwise they'll have a better chance of scoring

Always play with at least 5 bowlers in your team and distribute the
overs out evenly.

Otherwise if you bowl 4 bowlers and they have bowled the maximum
amount allowed your only left with one bowler who can't bowl more than
one over in a row.

This game only comes with 4 teams on disk 2 International and 2 County

This text and International Cricket II are Copyright Paul Dowers (c)
1992 all rights reserved.

A Budgie UK licenceware release
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