Chopper Command

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Vanheems - 16/10/2022
Another smooth, classy, very playable and enjoyable game by Activision. Very slick, nice scrolling and use of colour.
Hoessi666 - 01/03/2020
A minor Classic in my Opinion.
Fast and furious - but lacking variety. I, personally, play it often but not for long times...
A better Defender-type Game is STARGATE (aka Defender II) for the Atari 2600 or SUBTERRANEA, which is strangely widely unknown/underrated, and my Favourite for that Type of Games!
Larry Russo - 23/02/2011
^ Agreed

This was Activision's answer to Defender and they did a great job too !
8bitjeff - 08/12/2010
I remember it being a choice between this and 2600 Defender for my birthday one year. This was the winner and what a great game it is. This is a pure Activison classic.
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