Bobby Is Going Home

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aros - 29/12/2022
Picked this at random from a gameslist to play and cannot believe I had never heard of this gem. Fantastic game.
Extreme Wreck 2000 - 06/11/2021
One of the best games on the Atari 2600, & it's by some Taiwanese studio almost nobody remembers. This is proof that Manic Miner was already sort of outdated even back when it was released.
duder - 19/11/2017
A good game weirdly enough since bit corp. isn't good at making games. This is pretty much a way you're able to control your 2600 jumps.
Arnulfo - 06/10/2015
An excelent game, one of the best I played on the 2600, excelente music, challenging levels, and I think I never finished! Always thought it could have been an inspiration for mario.
Moodi - 07/06/2012
Man, could you believe that?!
It was 21 years ago in the early 90s when me & my brother were playing it as a reward from daddy when we done our elementary school homework & got good marks, suddenly one night the cartridge burned during a play & never again we saw this Gem, Now I feel like crying while seeing this here, ..., How much we've grown up & how much are we far from childhood!!
Cody Rushton - 20/06/2007
In my opinion one of the best games out there and deserves a little more respect than it gets.It delivers more of a challenge after each level as you go.
Eduardo Peralta - 19/06/2007
A nice platform gaem. "Bobby is going home" may be a little repetitive, but at least it delivers good fun with its easy gameplay. Every level has 7 scenes, and then you finally reach home, listening to a version of "Home, sweet home". After the song, you begin again in a harder level. The levle number is displayed on the screen bottom.
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