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Screenshots - Tecknoball [Falcon030]

Tecknoball [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Tecknoball [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Tecknoball [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Tecknoball [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Tecknoball [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Tecknoball [Falcon030] atari screenshot

Information - Tecknoball [Falcon030]

GenreArcade - Breakout / Pong / CircusYear
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Ognibene, Pascal

Graphic Artist(s)

Ognibene, Pascal

Game design

Brouard, Katherine / Ognibene, Pascal

Box / InstructionsEnglish, French, Spanish

Deshayes, Fabrice [Xtream]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Ognibene, Pascal

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeFalcon030 / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari Tecknoball [Falcon030] Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ?

Instructions - Tecknoball [Falcon030]

Ognibene Pascal
Cit‚ Universitaire St Antoine
Chambre 1224
69 chemin de St Antoine
06200 Nice
E-mail : ognibene@eea.unice.fr


    Sum up of this documentation :

1) Advertising
2) How to install it
3) About Tecknoball
4) How to play
5) I want the full registered version !!
6) Little sounding
7) Technical notes

1) Advertising
    First  I apologise for my poor english...

    The  author denies any responsability for the dammages that could
result of the use of this program. You use it at your own risk.

    As  it  seems to be politically correct to say this, and  despite
the  fact  that  it has  no  real  scientific basis, I must  warn you
that some people are very sensible to flashing lights, and so on, and
that playing for more than two hours with this game could lead to an
epilepsy crisis.
    If  you  are  especially nervous, take ??? before playing, you'll
need it. (haha).

2) Installation
    Installing  the  two versions, demo and full version, is the same
procedure. Create a folder of any name (for example teknobal) on your
hard drive. You must have a free disk space of at least 3.5 megabytes
for  the full version. Unpack in this folder the .ZIP archives of the
two  floppy  disks.  All  the files must lay on the same level of the
disk  tree. All are needed : dont try to delete one of them, it won't
work anymore !

    To launch the game just double-click on the "TEKNO.PRG" icon.
Useful  note  :  the right  video mode is automagically set. The game
needs  a  lot  of  free  memory : about 3.3 megabytes. The best is to
launch first the Falcon with the "control" key hold down, and then to
launch the game.
   If  possible  try  to  launch  to game in RVB mode, because in VGA
there  are  sometimes  slowdowns, especially in shoot'em'up parts. In
the other hand the game is easiest, make your choice...
   The  game  should  run  on 32 and 40 Mhz accelerator boards, but I
haven't  tested. If it works, no more slowdowns on VGA ! (please tell
me if it runs on "exotic" accelerator boards!)

    I  must  say  for  PC  users  that  this  game WONT WORK on their
machines. It seems stupid, but who knows...

3) About Tecknoball

    Tecknoball  is  a  breakout  game  (yeai),  in  true-color (Aha),
running  in  one  vbl  (hooo), both on RGB and VGA monitors (Super!).
Nevertheless  it  has  some features that you won't find in any other
breakout game:

-You  can  have  NUMEROUS  balls  on screen at the same time. (try to
count them to see). Maybe it seems to be a gadget, but in some levels
it will be really useful...

-There's a whole bunch of options that i could describe. Yes I could,
but I think it's more funny for you to discover them by yourself.

-Sometimes  bad  dudes  will  come  and try to crush you. The defense
technic,   elegant  and  very  strong, is  described in the following

-Every  five  levels, you will fall in a pure arcade sequence, with a
BIG boss to explode by any means. The game have thirty levels : there
are six zogloufs to kill.

-There  are  little  girls, every five level too, that will apreciate
your performance. One more reason to keep in the competition !

-You'll be able to save a game (and also, to load it after!)

    Now let's see ...

4) How to play

    Like  in  every respectable breakout, you have a bat, and you can
move it from right to left, and maybe up and down, using the mouse.

    Your goal in life, at least during the game, is to catch the ball
before  it disappears of screen, and of course, to sweep the floor of
all  these  bricks.  Some bricks are almost undestroyable, others are
invisibles.  These  two types of bricks do  not need  to be destroyed
to go on the next stage.

    However  if  you  destroy  one  of  them, it will be counted as a
normal brick.

    The  direction  that  you can give to the ball depends of the bat
speed when you touch it.

    Sometimes  during  the game the ball can be stucked somewhere. In
this case, try "ENTER" on the numpad, it should free it.

   You  can  pause the game by pressing the F10 key. Fire to continue
the game. (left mouse button)

    To  eliminate  the  stranges things that will sometimes appear on
the  screen,  try a bomb (right button) if you have some, or blast it
with your laser (left button).

    Of  course  you  should avoid the boss's lasers, and use yours to
explode them.

    In  the "save screen", you just need to click with the left mouse
button  on the desired choice. Only one save file is possible, so try
to use it sparingly.

    Some  options  work  with the left mouse button. As a rule if you
dont  see  any effect for an option, try to hold down the left button
and see the results...

    Ok, let's go to the worst part:

5) I want the full registered version !!

    Tecknoball   is  a  shareware.  The price is of 60 french francs.
Please  refer  yourself  to the file 'register.doc' to see what's the
equivalent amount for your country.

    This  price  includes  the  post fee and two HD disk,(over)filled
with packed data.
    To  get  it  just  send  me  a  letter ONLY at the address at the
beginning  of this doc (ognibene Pascal), with the money. Please hide
it inside a strong sheet of paper...

    If  you  have  an internet acces, I can mail you the game, and it
will  be  quicker  and  less  expensive  for  you.

    If the solutions above dont fit you, you can send me a message by
E-mail (prefered) or snail-mail.

    I  wont  dwell  on  the  whole  claptrap  about  shareware, moral
contract,  and  so  on. I think you all know this, and that Atarians,
who  are  passionnated,  can understand the use of a certain honesty.
(Let's  give  an  exemple  to  PC  users  whose  hard  drive is often
overflowing of useless and, of course, cracked software...:-)

   I've  made a demonstration version with five levels + one boss, so
you  can  have  a  good  idea of what is Tecknoball. Please spread it

   If  there  is a good feedback for this game (that is, if I can get
some  money),  I  will  certainly  start coding a new, more ambitious
   That's why I would like you to participate to a:

6) Little sounding

   I  would  like  to  know what kind of games you want to see on the
Falcon. Here is a list but you can had anything else. You can fill it
with  friends,  and  note the number of answers for every choice. The
last  column  is  the  price  that you would think honnest for such a
shareware game.

Game type               Nb of answers             Honnest price

A Raiden like shoot'em  |                       |
up with a smooth        |                       |
animation               |                       |
A Xenon II like shoot   |                       |
them up (more strategic)|                       |
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
A Shadow of the beast   |                       |
clone.                  |                       |
                        |                       |
A Mario clone.          |                       |
A Sonic clone.          |                       |
A UFO like game         |                       |
(strategy)              |                       |
A  wargame (which type) |                       |
                        |                       |
A Ishar like game       |                       |
                        |                       |
A street fighter clone  |                       |


   There's  nothing  in this list about 3d games, because I just dont
know anything about it. (it will change).

7)Technical notes

   Some technicals notes that could interest someone.

-The  whole  game  is  coded  in 68000 assembly language. It is 20800
lines  long,  plus  generated  code  for  the  sprites. The code isnt
perfect, but I'm tired...
-The  soundtrack  rout have been coded by Laurent de Soras (Dumbo/big
noz) for the Graoumf Tracker, an EXCELLENT shareware tracker. It uses
the DSP, and the quality is 16 bits stereo at 50 khz of course.
-The  musics  uses from 4 to 8 voices, and the sound fxs use 6 voices.
So 14 voices of sound.
-The game runs in one vbl on any kind of monitor.howewer on VGA there
might  be  slowdowns  in shoot'em'up parts. Slowndowns are one of the
easiest things to obtain on a standard Falcon. (sigh):-(
-Sprites  collisions  are  made  to  pixel  precision.  They  use the
blitter.  To  know  more  about this technic please see the HTC 3, by
EKO. (Patrice Mandin article)
-The  generated  code  is based on routs first seen inside the french
mag 'ST magazine'.

About graphs:
   All  originals. Synth images made with POV 2.1. The manga pictures
are inspired of some japanese comics. I have drawn, scanned, etc.

About ziks:
   Composed by ADS/Megabusters. Great, no?

About voices:
   Rachel  Foyer,  an  english friend, has made them. I dont give you
her  adress,  as  she  would  be  overflowed  by  thousand of (dirty)

About playability:
   At the beginning it will seem easy. But in the last five levels it
is  very  hard!  Personnaly  I have finished the game and I still had
three  lives. So dont give up, it is possible to finish the game, but
you have to do the -perfect- game at least up to the 15th level...

About adresses:
-Mine is at the top of this file.
-Laurent de Soras (Graoumf Tracker) :   92 avenue Albert 1er
                                        92500 Rueil-Malmaison

-ADS/Megabusters                    :   Deshayes Fabrice
                                        7 chemin du Moulin
                                        14130 Pont l'Evˆque
                                        E-mail  :

-HTC 3/4                            :   Naibo Alexis
                                        63 rue des cigognes
                                        31520 Ramonville

NB  :  50 megs to install the W(omiting system)indow 95! I just can't
believe  it!  In 40 megs I've installed a complete Linux distribution
with C++, and so on... Thanks Micros.ft. In fact I'm not concerned as
I  don't have (and DONT want to have) a PC. But, Atarians, let's have
a  minute  of  silence  for  all PC users, that ruin themselves for a
crappy system.

That's all folk !
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