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Screenshots - Penguin

Penguin atari screenshot
Penguin atari screenshot
Penguin atari screenshot
Penguin atari screenshot
Penguin atari screenshot

Information - Penguin

GenreBrain - Logical / PuzzleYear1992
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisherThe One
ControlsMouseDistributorEMAP Images
Players1DeveloperDBR Software Development
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Butler, Mark (UK)

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)


Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Penguin Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Additional Comments - Penguin

Other versions with the same title:

B.Ware (version Full Version) (United Kingdom), ST Format (version [Coverdisk]) ().

Released on The One for ST Games coverdisk issue 42 (March 1992)

Instructions - Penguin

Penguin Shareware Information
------- --------- -----------

* If you are using a 520 ST/STE then  * 
* make sure that you run Penguin from *   
* within an AUTO Folder - otherwise   * 
* you will have insufficient memory.  *

"Graphics  and  sound  are  of  a  high 
quality,  and  the games  addictiveness 
and  Cartoon type Characters make  this 
a  game to look out for"  "Deserves  to 
become a classic" - ST USER March  1990 

A  couple of quotes from a review  when 
Penguin sold for Twenty  Pounds,  shows 
just what you are getting for a fiver !

Following the success of the  Shareware 
Super  Card,  we are going  ahead  with 
two  more  Shareware titles  -  Penguin 
and Master Doodle.

Penguin  is  a  highly  addictive   and 
original  game,  whilst  Master  Doodle 
takes  the  Doodle part of  the  highly 
acclaimed  Master Time and  expands  it 
into a program with a unique method  of 
control, ideally suited to children.

To All Super Card Registers
-- --- ----- ---- --------- 

Thank  you to everyone who  sent  their 
fivers in for Super Card,  the  quality 
of  the people that did  register  made 
up for those that didn't.

We greatly enjoyed reading all of  your 
letters,   and  only  regret  that  any 
reply  had to be hastily  scribbled  on 
the back of the documents that we  sent 
back  to you.  A lot of overseas  users 
and  many  Doctors and Vicars  made  up 
the numbers,  with some generous  souls 
insisting  that we accepted  more  than 
the five pounds that we asked for.

Well  you  can pat  yourselves  on  the 
back,  knowing that you are responsible 
for  Two more B.Ware titles being  made 

"I  can afford a lot of fivers but  not 
many  fifties"  said  one  user,  which 
sums up nicely what it's all about.

It  doesn't matter to us if we  sell  a 
little  for  a  lot,  or a  lot  for  a 
little,  but  it allows you to be  able 
to  amass a lot of top  quality  titles 
with a clear conscience,  knowing  that 
you  can  be a genuine  user  for  only 
five pounds.

What is Shareware ?
---- -- --------- -

For  those  unaware of the  concept  of 
Shareware  here  is  what  it  is   all 

We  put  out a program of  the  quality 
that  you would normally pay twenty  to 
thirty  pounds for,  via magazines  and 
Public Domain libraries.

Then  we  ask everyone that  likes  the 
program  for  a donation for  which  we 
will   send  you  some   goodies,   and 
special  offer  forms that  will  allow 
you  to  recoup your five  pounds  many 
times over.

And  then as you have made us happy  by 
sending  your  money,  we do  the  same 
thing again.

You  are  free to copy the  program  as 
many  times as you wish,  and  pass  on 
copies  to  anyone,   anywhere  in  the 

Shareware  relies on trust and  honesty 
-    if   no   one   sends    in    any 
contributions,   then  we  decide  that 
we're wasting our time and pack it  in, 
and  you  will have to find  "lot's  of 
fifties" or delve into the seedy  world 
of  piracy  for your programs  (and  we 
hope you get nicked and all your  discs 
eaten by a Virus!)

So  please don't leave it  to  everyone 
else - send a fiver in - Thanks.

How to register your copy
--- -- -------- ---- ----

Send  in  five pounds  sterling,  as  a 
postal order or cheque made payable  to 
: -

B.Bytes Computer Systems

and send it to : -

B.Ware Software
B.Bytes Computer Systems
19 Southfield Road
LE10 1UA

Or  Telephone UK (0455)  613377  9-5:30 
Mon-Sat  UK Time with a credit  card  - 
Access / Visa or American Express.

We  will  return a data  sheet  on  the 
program,  double-sided B.Ware demo disc 
and  special  offer  order  forms  that 
will  let  you  purchase  other  B.Ware 
programs at prices so low that we  dare 
not  print them for fear  of  upsetting 
other dealers !

If  you  can only boot from  a  Single-
Sided  drive,  then  please  enclose  a 
blank  disc,  and  we  will  split  the 
demo's over two single-sided discs  for 

The  offer to upgrade to Super  Card  2 
was  so good that very few people  have 
yet  to  take it up,  -  and  they  may 
simply be waiting a bit longer !  -  so 
you know that we mean a GOOD offer !

There are a couple of extra's that  you 
can take up as you register : -

2. Billy Bounce and Jump Jack 
-- ----- ------ --- ---- ----

Two  more top quality  B.Ware  programs 
for just one pound fifty each !  - just 
add on Three Pounds to make a total  of 
eight pounds.

"Both  games are  superbly  illustrated 
with   large   sprites   of    friendly 
characters,  Jump Jack is a small devil 
while  Billy  Bounce  is  a  Ball.  The 
biggest  difference between the two  is 
that   Jump  Jack  takes  place  on   a 
limited  screen that needs items to  be 
collected  in order to leave  a  locked 
door  while  Billy Bounce has  a  large 
scrolling  screen to bounce  around  in 
order to find his objects.  Both  games 
are  amusing  and frustrating  and  the 
difference  in  screen  format   allows 
enough individuality to make them  both 
worthwhile  purchases."  -  New   Atari 
User Review Conclusion - Issue 44 

Note  that Billy Bounce and  Jump  Jack 
are returned on One Double-Sided  Auto-
Booting  disc  which  will  also   work 
manually  from  a  Double-Sided  second 

If   you  only  have   a   Single-Sided 
internal   drive   and   no    external 
Double_Sided drive,  then please add on 
an  extra  pound to cover the  cost  of 
seperate discs - Thank you.
So in conclusion : -

a:  Send  Five pounds to  register  and 
get  an info sheet,  double_sided  demo 
disc and special offers.

b:  Include  a blank disc if  you  want 
two single-sided demo discs instead.

c:  Add  three pounds (or  four  pounds 
for  Single-Sided versions)  for  Billy 
Bounce  and  Jump Jack  -  Total  eight 
pounds (nine pounds for Single-Sided).

Please register your copy - Thank you.

Penguin Instructions
------- ------------

The  program  file PENGUIN.PRG  can  be 
placed  within an AUTO folder  to  make 
it Auto run and to save 32k of  memory, 
or it can be started from the Desktop.

* 520 ST/STE owners MUST Run Penguin  * 
*   using   an   AUTO   Folder    !   *        

This is a mouse controlled game.

On the start screen click on the +  and 
-  buttons  to  select  the  number  of 
penguins  (1  to  4)  and  the   level, 
before clicking on START.

You  can  only  select levels  1  to  5 
unless you play beyond them,  in  which 
case  you  can press F5  to  save  your 
position  to disc (make sure that  it's 
write enabled),  so that you can return 
to this level another day.

Function key commands are : -

F1 - Pause - Stop game while you  catch 
your breath !

F2 - Help - Displays Help Screen

F3 - Music Toggle - Off speeds up  game 
-  also  Blitter ON from  Desktop  will 
also  increase  the  speed  (  if   you 
really want to ! )

F4   -   50Hz/60Hz  -   Switch   screen 
frequency  -  gives bigger  display  on 
some monitors

F5 - Save Max - Got past screen 5  ?  - 
Press  F5 so that you can  return  next 

F10 - Game Over - Give up !

The  game  consists of  moving  various 
arrows,  bridges and objects around  to 
shepherd  your penguins safely  to  the 

There are twenty screens in all with  1 
to 4 penguins,  giving you 80 levels in 
all.  And if you switch the blitter  On 
and Off as well as the music,  then you 
can   create   even  more   levels   of 

Have fun - and please don't forget  the 
fiver - Bye Bye for now.

Book / Magazine Reviews - Penguin

 International TOS Software Catalog · Winter, 1992

Penguin Atari review 

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