Pairs are Gone! (The)

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Information - Pairs are Gone! (The)

GenreBrain - Logical / PuzzleYear2008
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboard, MouseDistributor-
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Hettinger, Nicolas [Cooper]

Graphic Artist(s)

Hettinger, Nicolas [Cooper]

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish

Stempell, Mathieu [DMA-SC]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe Enhanced / 0.5MB
DumpMISSINGNumber of Disks? / ?

Instructions - Pairs are Gone! (The)

          By Paradize (2008) 

System requirement :

* ST/STf/STe/MegaST/MegaSTE, 512K of Ram
  (Hopefully Falcon and TT !)
* Colour Monitor, Low Rez.
* Mouse or keyboard arrows.
* Enhanced for DMA equipped machines.

Credits : 

GFA Code..........................Cooper
Graphics......... Shamelessly (!) stolen
..........................from Zookeeper
DMA Music...........Shamelessly (again!)
...........stolen from Mario Party (N64)
Chipmusic..............Dma-Sc/Sector One

Intro :

This  little  game  has been  especially
created  as  a  gift  for  the  S.T.O.T.
(ST Offline Tournament)  crew , to thank
them  for their support  and their great
tournament idea !

The  gameplay  has  been  stolen  from a
mini-game included  in   New Super Mario
Bros on  Nintendo DS. I played it a bit,
I loved it, so i ported it :p

The only goal is to do many  points , so
don't expect a story, extra bonuses, and
other fancy features. Only scores,scores
and scores ! 

I hope you  will enjoy to play  this new
game,  and  be sure  there will  be some
releases this year.

Rules :

The goal of this  game  is  to clear all
the  cards featured  on  the screen. You
have 3 ways to delete them :

- horizontally 
- vertically
- diagonally

The  best rewarding  clearing  method is
the  diagonal one. The  worst one is the
horizontally one because of the easiness
of this method.

If you aren't able  to do a  combination
and  if some cards  are  remaining , you
loose a life. And if  no more  lives are
left, you know the deal :)

Moreover,  when  you  loose a life, your
score is reduced and the remaining cards
are substracted to your score, so try to
clear the maximum of them !

You will have 25 levels to try to be the
best in cards deletion.Good luck in this
hard task !

Greetings :

I send  some greetings  to all the atari
sceners,  atari enthousiasts  worldwide,
more  or   less  active  people  on  our
beloved machines , in coding , painting,
msxing, collecting, playing...

I  send  a  very   particular  thank  to
Dayzynne for  all the  support during my
dev times.

A last note :

If you loved this game (or  an other one
that i did), you  can send me a postcard
of your location, it would really please
me and it will only use a few percent of
your free time ;) Moreover , it's cooler
than a single mail which will be lost in
a near future.. Thanks to you :D

Contacts : 


or   Nicolas HETTINGER
     94, Rue Charles Gerome
     88270 DOMPAIRE

Have a nice day, and stay Atari !

                    Cooper, January '08.
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