Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts

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Screenshots - Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts

Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts atari screenshot
Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts atari screenshot
Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts atari screenshot
Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts atari screenshot

Information - Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts

GenreArcade - Catch'em!Year1993
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperBreakpoint Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Garry, Jon / Sally

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Garry, Jon / Sally

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Sally / Gaubatz, Gunnar [Big Alec]
Seemann, Frank [Tao] / Hippel, Jochen [Mad Max]
Alderton, Nic [Count Zero]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeSTe Only, Falcon030 / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts

 Oh no!! Not more radioactive mineshafts
                      -= A game for the STe or Falcon =-                    
                             Brought to you by:
                 SALLY of STAX and JON of Breakpoint Software

	Nice title huh?! Well I thought so anyway!! Ok, so this will probably
be the first game we've done with a plot!! Yep, a REAL plot!! Here goes:
	You have been dumped at the bottom of a huge mineshaft and in order to
escape you must escape from each level of this gigantic mineshaft. To escape
from each level, you must do one of two things either collect as many of the 
blocks as you can, or collect a specific number of each coloured block within
a set amount of time. Now if there was a competition of who can make the worst 
plot then we would certainly win!! Have you ever read a cornier plot??
	Anyway this sounds VERY VERY easy doesn't it? Well there are a few 
problems. When the blocks fall down the screen you may collect it by allowing
it to land on your head - as soon as the blocks reach the floor they start to
move sidewards and if you touch a block when it's moving sidewards then you 
will lose a life!! Ha! Ha! Fortunately it is possible to jump over the blocks
as they are moving! You get more points for collecting the faster moving 
blocks which are a little harder to collect... You start with five lives so 
you should be able to get quite far into the game!!
	If at the end of the time on the level, you have not collected enough
points or you've not collected the correct number of blocks you will also lose
a life. If you manage to collect the correct number of blocks (which is the 
harder way to complete the level) then you will be awarded a big points bonus.
	That's it I think - it's a bit difficult to describe the game so your
best bet is to go and load it up and play it!! It's quite nice to play and it
can get quite frantic at times!!
	You can play it with either a joystick (left, right and up/fire to 
jump) or on the keyboard (cursor left, cursor right, escape to jump). It is a
lot harder to play on the keyboard, but I put the option in for those who have
broken joysticks or just like using the keyboard (like me!)


Coding		:SALLY of STAX
		 JON of Breakpoint Software
Graphics	:SALLY of STAX (watch out for this sprite in future!)

Music		:TAO of ACF
		 Big Alec 
		 Mad Max
		 Count Zero

	If you like this game then please send us a letter and tell us!! We
think it's a small price to pay for the time and (lack of!) effort that's gone
into these games don't you?! It also encourages us to do more software for the

* On the easier levels try to collect the number of blocks required as this
  helps you to get a huge score!
* On the harder levels, try to collect as many blocks as possible as this is
  much easier to do - although you don't get the bonus, you save lives!! 
* Try to stay near the centre of the screen!
* Don't allow any dogs, cats etc to disturb you - you'll almost certainly die!
* Write dwon the passowrds!
* Enjoy it!            

	Like H Mec 2 it's a bit of fun, so BORING BITPLANE BOFFINS don't load
it up!! Anyone else is more than welcome to play!!

Trivia - Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts

Supports Blitter
Supports STe palette

Features up to 28 colours on-screen simultaneously (introduction screen)

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