How to Become an Emperor

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Screenshots - How to Become an Emperor

How to Become an Emperor atari screenshot
How to Become an Emperor atari screenshot
How to Become an Emperor atari screenshot
How to Become an Emperor atari screenshot
How to Become an Emperor atari screenshot
How to Become an Emperor atari screenshot
How to Become an Emperor atari screenshot
How to Become an Emperor atari screenshot
How to Become an Emperor atari screenshot
How to Become an Emperor atari screenshot
How to Become an Emperor atari screenshot

Information - How to Become an Emperor

GenreStrategy - WargameYear1991
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
Players1, 2+DeveloperWisisoft
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Felber, Alois

Graphic Artist(s)

Felber, Alois

Game design

Felber, Alois

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Felber, Alois

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Felber, Alois

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari How to Become an Emperor Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - How to Become an Emperor


                               HOW TO BECOME


      *******  *      *  ******   *******  ******    *****   ******
      *        **    **  *     *  *        *     *  *     *  *     *
      *        * *  * *  *     *  *        *     *  *     *  *     *
      *****    *  **  *  ******   *****    ******   *     *  ******
      *        *      *  *        *        *     *  *     *  *     *
      *        *      *  *        *        *     *  *     *  *     *
      *******  *      *  *        *******  *     *   *****   *     *

                                by Wisisoft

                   (Version 1.15: 27th, december 1991)

                     a strategic game by Alois Felber

                               Playing Guide

Table of contents:

 1................The Story So Far
 2...............Starting The Game
 3............Progress of The Game
 4...................The Main Menu
 5................Moving The Lords
 6.....................The Battles
 7..........Conquering Settlements
 8..................Defence Values
 9..................Casting Spells
10............The Inheriting Order
11......................The Titles
12.................The Settlements
13................Winning The Game
14....Some Remarks about Copyright
15.........Some Remarks about Bugs


                           Ý1. The Story So Far

The Isle of Elmor was prospering for centuries under the government of the 
imperial family. But the emperors died out because their last descendant, 
Harry IV, refused to marry and instead of that he left Elmor to discover 
new Worlds. From that time on a steward ruled the island. Many years later 
as the steward died the knights of Elmor refused to accept his son as 
follower in stewardship and the empire fell into 78 counties that were 
each ruled by a knight. The rulers of the counties made war upon each other 
and threw Elmor into Chaos.
Each one of these knights dreamed of reuniting the empire under his 
government. But to conquer 40 of the 78 counties to be able to claim the 
emperorship was a difficoult thing, which was nearly impossible to succed 
in without allies. So they began to form alliances.
The players now take the role of one of those knights representing the four 
most powerful aristocratic families of Elmor. Their goal is to have a lord 
in their alliance that owns 40 counties. That goal can be achieved by using 
different means as war, intrigues, magic, trade and so on. So at the end 
it's not the players' original characters, that must become the emperor so 
the players win. It has just to be one of their allies. If the players' 
original characters die, they can go on playing as long, as they have other 
allied lords left.

                           Ý2. Starting The Game  
After loading the game by starting the file EMPEROR.PRG the screen will 
display the following menu:

               START A NEW GAME
               LOAD AN OLD GAME
               SAVE CURRENT GAME
               EXIT TO DESKTOP

To start a new game move the mouse on START A NEW GAME and press the left 
mousebutton. The game will ask you the amount of players which is from 1 to 
4. After that you can type in the name and the sex of your knight as well as 
the name of the county he or she shall rule. The default values are:

Sir Lancelot of Swordmania    -   Player 1   
Sir William of Axeland        -   Player 2
Sir Gawain of Unicornia       -   Player 2
Sir Edward of Dustwood        -   Player 4

After that you will have to enter the amount of computer - enemies your
game will include.
Since version 1.1 it's also possible to play the game using variable starting
conditions. To use this feature simply answer the question "Do you want to
change the starting conditions?" with Y (yes).   

To continue an earlier saved game you have to click on LOAD AN OLD GAME. 
The screen will then display the Fileselect Box. Saved Games of HOW TO 
BECOME AN EMPEROR use the extension SAV.

To save a game in progress, click on SAVE CURRENT GAME. A save-game-file of 
HOW TO BECOME AN EMPEROR needs about 50 KBytes space on the disk.

EXIT TO DESKTOP quits the program.

                         Ý3. Progress of the game  

At the beginning of each turn a new gameorder is chosen by random. Each 
turn the players can move their characters using 40 MOVEMENT POINTS. When 
the last player has finished his turn, the program will work up all events 
that are caused by the players' moves. In this part of the program, first 


the outcome and results of battles are evalueted then the production of the 
counties will start and after that the program will check for lacks of food 
and famines caused by that.

                             Ý4. The Main Menu

At the beginning of each player's turn the game's MAIN MENU is displayed on 
the screen:

               MOVE LORDS
               SHOW MAP
               SHOW LORDS INFO
               SHOW COUNTY INFO
               SHOW RANKINGS
               END TURN
               LOAD/SAVE/END GAME

MOVE LORDS displays a list of a player's all allied knights in which the 
player can choose the one he or she wants to move with.

SHOW MAP will display an overview map of Elmor. In the MAP MENU you can 
switch between a political and a geografical version using CHANGE MAP. You 
can also activate the display of the location of armies, citadels, keeps, 
cities, villages, mines and towers.

SHOW LORDS INFO will display Information about a lord after having 
specified one in a Menu that shows the location of the lords on the 
overview map.

SHOW COUNTY INFO does the same with counties.

SHOW RANKINGS compares all the living lords and displays after a short 
while a table listing the 20 at the moment most powerful lords. The lord 
that is No 1 at the end will be the emperor.

Clicking on END TURN will conclude a player's turn and start the following 
player's turn. When all the players have finished their turns, the working 
up phase will begin.

LOAD/SAVE/END GAME will return to the menu described in Ý2.

                           Ý5. Moving The Lords

Having chosen a lord using MOVE LORDS the player can travel with him or her 
through Elmor's landscape. If the chosen knight is in a settlement in that 
moment, the screen will display the following menu:

               PROPOSE TO A LORD (only if there are other knights present)
               RECRUIT A LORD    ( "   "   "     "    "      "       "   )
               TRADE/EQUIP ARMY
               VISIT THE WIZARDS (only in towers)
               PRAY TO THE GODS  (not in towers and mines)
               LEAVE THE ...
               MOVE OTHER LORD/EXIT

PROPOSE TO A LORD and RECRUIT A LORD are means to get new members of one's 
alliance. PROPOSE TO A LORD will cause one's lord to propose to another 
lord that is present in the settlement. If this lord agrees to a wedding 
and the proposer has enough gold with him to pay the feast, he or she will 
automatically join one's alliance. Married female lords can get children, 


who will also be controlled by the player controlling their mother. Since 
they own no county when they are born, they bear only the title of Master 
or Mistress.
If you want to make allies without marrying them you have to use RECRUIT 
LORDS. Related knights will always join your alliance without asking for 
gold. Other though will demand a certain amount of that precious yellow 
metal to help you.

TRADE/EQUIP ARMY is used to exchange all "items" a knight can carry around 
with a settlement as long as the settlements belongs to that knight's 
alliance. If the settlement is neutral or belongs to an enemy only WAR 
EQUIPMENT, FOOD and HORSES can be bought or sold using gold. 
To exchange items you have to move the mouse over one of the three arrows 
that point in the direction you want the exchange to happen. From the left 
to the right the arrows exchange 100, 10 or 1 item(s).
You can combine certain items with others in order to get another kind of 
items. The combinations are:

So if you want a knight to get UNMOUNTED SOLDIERS from a settlement, but 
there are none of them left, the programm automatically combines WAR 

VISIT THE WIZARDS is only avaiable in the magic towers of Elmor. In those 
towers there live wizards, powerful magical beings, who will cast for each 
knight one spell per turn if he visits them. If the tower is controlled by 
the player's alliance, they will do it without asking for gold. Else you 
must pay their aid. Casting a spell is quit dangerous because it can be 

PRAY TO THE GODS will cause a knight to visit a church and pray the gods to 
bless the county he's in at the moment. Blessings influence a county's 
fertility in a positive way.

LEAVE THE (settlement) causes the lord to leave the settlement. (What did 
you think?)

MOVE OTHER LORD/EXIT finally returns to the list of allied lords.

Outdoors the screen displays the surroundings of the active knight from his 
sight. In this part of the program you have to use the keyboard to play it. 
The numbers are used to move around:

                                 [8] move forward
              [4] move left                     [6] move right
                                 [2] move back
              [7] turn 90ø left                 [9] turn 90ø right

[M] will display the overview map as described in Ý4.

[I] displays a short description of what the knight can see in the square 
in front of him.

[E] will return to the list of allied lords.

Stepping on a square costs MOVEMENT POINTS that are subtracted from the 40 
that each knight gets at the beginning of a new turn. Different types of 
landscape will cost a different amount of MOVEMENT POINTS:


               PLAINS      2 MP
               WOODS       4 MP
               FOOTHILLS   6 MP
               MOUNTAINS  10 MP

If a lord's army consists only of MOUNTED SOLDIERS (no UNMOUNTED SOLDIERS, 
no MEN and no WOMEN) the  moving on a adjanctient square will cost only 
half the amount of MPs. Hosts that consists only of cavalry therefore are 
twice as fast as normal. Exceptions are the entering of settlements that 
costs always 2 MPs as well as the crossing of water that needs 20 MPs. 
Only one square of water can be crossed.

Stepping on a square on which there is a settlement, a knight can decide 
whether he will enter it or rather stay outside. If the settlement is 
neutral or belongs to the alliance a knight can always enter it. If it 
belongs to an enemy, he or she must allow it first. If you answer the 
question DO YOU WANT TO ENTER THE (settlement) pressing on the NO button, 
the screen displays the question DO YOU WANT TO ATTACK THE (settlement) if 
it is an enemy or a neutral settlement. If your answer is YES you start a 

                              Ý6. The Battles 

If a knight meets enemy or neutral troops or settlements he can decide 
whether he wants to attack them. In a battle any amount of knights can come 
into action and let their troops fight on the side of the attacker or the 
attacked. If a lord meets an enemy army outdoors the game will ask the 
player whether he wants his lord to attack this army, support the attacked  
or retreat to where he came from. Armies of the same alliance as the 
attacked one will always defend so it doesn't matter which button ATTACK 
or DEFEND is pressed.
Normally battles will go on to the bitter end. So it will not end ere all 
soldiers of one side are slain. But a knight can also retreat earlier if he 
thinks he's going to lose the battle. Retreat from a battle in progress 
will cost 20 MPs. 
If all of a knight's soldiers are slain in battle it's possible that he 
himself will die too.

                        Ý7. Conquering Settlements 

If a knight attacks a settlement, all enemy armies that are on the same 
square as the settlement will defend. In this case lords that later join 
the battle can also decide whether they want to support the attackers or 
the attacked settlement.
If the attackers win the settlement will belong to that knight, that first 
attacked it. A conquered settlement must be assigned to a county which it 
shall supply with food (if it's a village) or by which it shall be supplied 
with food (if it's anything else). 
If the conquered settlement is a citadel, the whole county is conquered too 
and all settlements of that county, that have been conquered before again 
suply or are supplied by it.

                            Ý8. Defence Values

The success of defending armies depends on what kind of landscape or 
settlement they defend. The best defence value has the citadel the worst 
plains, which is quit logical. 


worst          PLAINS
               WOODS, VILLAGES
best           CITADELS

                            Ý9. Casting Spells

The wizards of Elmor know the following spells:


DEATH will cause the poor victim to get a heart attack and die.

PARALYSE turns the victim for one turn in a statue of marble, so it can't 

FEAR causes a victim's army to become terribly anxious and partly run away.

PLAGUE will kill a certain amount of a chosen county's population

EARTHQUAKE shakes a county and destroys a few settlements.

STERILITY will lower a county's fertility value and perhaps lead to famine 
and revolution. 

All spells can be reflected on the caster or guided on a random county, so 
casting spells is dangerous.

                         Ý10. The Inheriting Order

When a knight gets killed, all his possessions will be inherited by a 
related lord. The inheritor is decided by the following order:

               1. husband / wife
               2. related knight of the same alliance
               3. related knight chosen by random
               4. not related knight chosen by random

If a child is born, it will get a coat of arms that is composed of the two 
heraldic figures that can be found in the upper left part of it's father's 
and mother's coat of arms. So the male descending line is inherited.

                              Ý11. The Titles
In Elmor the titles of lords depend only on how much counties they own. At 
the beginning of the game each lord owns exactly one county, what makes him 
or her a SIR or a LADY. If a lord loses his last county he is only allowed 
to bear the title MASTER or MISTRESS. This is the exact list:


          Title:                   Counties owned:
          MASTER                             0
          SIR                                1
          COUNT                              3
          BARON                              6
          DUKE                              10
          KING                              20
          EMPEROR                           40

                           Ý12. The Settlements

In every kind of settlement there live people, eating and reproducing. 

List of settlements:

   The citadels is where the knights live and rule their counties. 
   Therefore they must be conquered to conquer a whole county.

   The keeps are just fortifications to guard the county's borders.

   People of the cities are craftsmen that produce WAR EQUIPMENT and pay 
   taxes in GOLD.

   The people of the villages produce FOOD for the whole county and breed 
   HORSES. HORSES will only reproduce in villages.

   People working in the mines produce gold.

   In the magic towers live wizards that can cast spells. See Ý9.

The production of a county depends largely on the county's fertility value 
that can be influenced positively by praying and negatively by casting the 

                           Ý13. Winning the Game

The game ends when a lord has conquered his 40th county or all players are 
eliminated. In the second case nobody has won. (Well, that's logical, isn't 
it?). In the first case the game will first display a short message about 
the winner and then return to the menu described in Ý2.

                     Ý14. Some Remarks about Copyright 

HOW TO BECOME AN EMPEROR is Public Domain and can therefore be copied 
by anyone who get's it for any amount of times he or she wants. It's 
absolutely forbidden to sell this program or to change anything in it. 
Crackers listen! There is no kind of copyprotection included in this 
program, so there is no need to crack it! 


                       Ý15. Some Remarks about Bugs

Please report bugs you discover or send suggestions for improvement of the 
game, money to show how much you enjoy playing this game, or anything 
else (please no bombs or old socks) to the following address:

                               Alois Felber
                              Feerstrasse 17
                                5000 Aarau

You may also just send me a postcard from your hometown, so I can see how 
far away it's come by the time you get it. 

End of Playing Guide

originated by Wisisoft using 1st Word Plus v3.15.    27th, december 1991.


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