Hank's Quest - Victim of Society

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Screenshots - Hank's Quest - Victim of Society

Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot
Hank's Quest - Victim of Society atari screenshot

Information - Hank's Quest - Victim of Society

GenreAdventure - Point and ClickYear2002
LanguageAGIPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboard, Mouse, JoystickDistributor-
Players1DeveloperFemo Duo Entertainment
ResolutionLow / HighLicensed from-


Graphic Artist(s)


Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Hanks Quest - Victim of Society Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Hank's Quest - Victim of Society

   	"Hank's Quest: Victim of Society" is brought to you & copyrighted by:
            		Femo Duo Entertainment (tm) 2002

Wait! Let me guess! You were a big fan of Sierra's Adventure Games, but became sadden when they stopped producing them in that good ol' "Classic Sierra Style"? 
Your worries, my friend, are over: Here it is! Hank's Quest: Victim of Society! A whole new adventure-game in that 'Classic Sierra Style' we all came to love so dearly.

THE STORY (in short)
You play Hank, a lanky boy who suddenly sees the 'importants' of organizing a party of his own...

Go to the Hank's Quest-directory, just select Hankqst.com & double-click or, when using MS-DOS, type HANKQST.COM followed by pressing the ENTER key.

A joystick or the number pad/arrow keys on your keyboard moves the main character north, south, east, west or diagnolly.  To halt your character's steps with the keypad, press the last direction key again or the number 5.

During the game you may change control modes by stopping the main character (see above) and resuming either joystick or keyboard control.  (If you've never used the joystick before in the game, pres Control-J to activate it)

Talk to your computer in commands of one or two words, or even simple sentences.  Unless otherwise instructed, follow all commands with the ENTER key.

You may meet others who have message for you.  Command them to speak.  Type:

You may later need objects you see along the way.  Type:

Pay attention to details.  To see an object closely, type:

Use the objects you find along the way.  Type:

To fully savour a scene you enjoy watching or negotiate a narrow path, you can slow down the animation.  Speed up the animation to make the main character walk faster.  You can change the speed in the menu under SPEED (which gets available by pressing the ESC key).  


F1	Help: shows list of control keys (including some specific to your game which will not be         mentioned here)
F2	Toggle sound on/off
F3	Echo (repeat) previous command
F4      View Items in Inventory
F5	Save game
F7	Restore game
F9	Restart game

CTRL-C	Cancel typed input (sometimes this key-combination has another function)
CTRL-J	Reset joystick
CTRL-R	Toggle RGB/composite graphics mode (most MS-DOS machines)
TAB	Inventory
CTRL-ALT-right or left arrow	Shift display (right or left)

Press ESC and a menu bar will appear at the top of your screen.  Use the left or right arrow keys to choose a menu.  Use the up or down arrow keys to highlight a menu item.  Press ENTER to select a highlighted item or press ESC to go back to the game.

ESC	        Pops up menus
ARROW KEYS	Highlights menu/menu items
ENTER           Chooses highlighted item.
HOME/END	Jump to first/last menu
PGUP/PGDN	Jump to first/last menu item

To allow for errors in judgment, and also for some pretty creative exploration, we make it possible for you to save and restore the game.  Before you try something that looks dangerous, or just because you've been playing awhile and you don't want to lose what progress you've made through some chance encounter, save your game.

Type "save game" and press ENTER, or press F5 to save your current game location.  This can be done at any time during your game.

You need only to press ENTER when prompted about the directory in which to save your game position.  If you want to save more than 12 games, create additional saved game directories.  Consult your DOS manual to make new directories on your hard disk.

In General
Although your game position is stored on disk as a normal DOS file, we do not require you to follow MS DOS file naming conventions in identifying your saved game position.  If you are standing before a tree when you save a game, call your saved game "STANDING BEFORE A TREE" or whatever has meaning to you.  You are permitted to save up to 12 different game locations per directory.

If you "run out" of saved game positions (you want to save more than 12 games), just use a different saved game directory, save game disk, or reuse (save over) one of the 12 positions you've already saved.  To change the name of a previously saved game, just enter Control-C and type a new name.

Type "restore game" and press ENTER.  You can also press F7.

You will be asked where you saved the game.  To accept the default directory, press ENTER.  Otherwise, clear the line with Control-C, type the drive or directory on which you saved the game (example: "b:"), and press ENTER.  Now select the game you wish to restore by moving the pointer and pressing ENTER.

NOTE: If the game shows up on a colour system in black and white:
Inside your computer you can have a graphics card installed known as the Colour Graphics Adapter.  With an RGB monitor, you will be unable to produce 16 colour graphics.  (a composite colour monitor will produce 16 colour graphics with a CGA card.)  The most your CGA/RGB configuration can produce is 4 colour graphics. An alternate graphics card, the Enhanced Graphics Adapter, is now available from many sources.  This will upgrade your computer to 16 colour capability.  This EGA card is definitely recommended for Sierra games and you will find it also has advantages with other software.

If you haven't played on of Sierra's 3D animated adventure games before, here are a few suggestions to help you get on the right track...

LOOK everywhere. When you go somewhere you haven't been before, or where you think you may have missed something the first time, the first thing you should do is look around.  When you type "look" on entering an area, you will receive a description of the general area.  Read this description carefully -- often there is a clue to the game or an indication that something in the scene bears further investigation

Thoroughly explore your surroundings.  Open doors and drawers, look under things and behind things for valuable objects and clues.  Look closely at all objects you encounter or you may miss important details.  If you are standing close enough to a particular object you can take a close look at the specific thing.  EXAMPLE: "look at spaceship."  Press ENTER each time you type a command to enter that command.

EXPLORE each area of the game very carefully, and DRAW A MAP as you progress through the game.  Make a note of each area you visit, and include information about objects found there and dangerous areas nearby.  If you miss an area, you may miss an important clue!

TALK to almost everyone you meet, but use discretion!  Some characters will be friendly and helpful.  They will give you valuable information and advice.  Others may mislead, capture, or even kill you.  At times it maybe be necessary to fight at others, to run away, hide or try to outwit your opponent.

GET anything that isn't nailed down.  You'll come across a number of objects that will be of use later in the game.  Some of these can be picked up, other may have to be bought or traded for.  You can see an inventory of items on hand by pressing the TAB key at any time.

USE the items you have picked up to solve problems in the game, or to help you to make progress and discover more clues.  Different approaches to a puzzle may bring about a different outcome.  Some problems have obvious solutions; if you're thirsty, take a drink of water.  To purchase an item, you'll need some money.  Other problems require more imagination to solve.

BE CAREFUL, and remain alert at all times - disaster may strike in the most unlikely of places!

SAVE YOUR GAME OFTEN, especially when you are about to try something new or potentialy dangerous.  This way, if the worst should happen, you won't have to start all over again from the beginning.  Save games at different points, so you will always be able to return to a desired point in the game.  In effect, this will enable you to travel backwards through time and do things differently if you wish.  NOTE: You cannot save your game during certain critical times, so remember: SAVE EARLY, AND SAVE OFTEN!

DON'T GET DISCOURAGED.  If you come to an obstacle that seems insurmountable, don't despair.  Spend some time exploring another area, and come back later.  Every problem in the game has at least one solution, and some have more than one.  Sometimes solving a problem one way will make it harder to solve the next, and sometimes it will make it easier. If you get stuck, you might try backtracking to an earlier point in the game, then choosing a different path.

If all else fails, you can write to other players for hints.  Try the AGI Messageboard or the Subspace Channel and ask for help in the game you're playing.  Please be polite and give enough information for other people to follow.  WARNING: Don't resort to using a walkthrough, this will ruin the enjoyment and puzzles of the game.

BRING ALONG SOME HELP.  You may find it helpful (and fun) to play the game with a friend.  Two (or more) heads are better than one at interpreting clues and solving problems, and heroes throughout history have worked in teams.

Have fun playing "Hank's Quest: Victim of Society" & if you're excited about this one check out another game by Femo Duo Entertainment called: "Enclosure" at http://home.deds.nl/~femo

			*** Femo Duo Entertainment (tm) 2002 ***
                           email us at:  femo_duo@hotmail.com
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