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Steve - 11/04/2015
I played this today and it's still darn AWESOME even if I struggle at it. lol ok I suck at it but I still love the game. Ace game on the Atari STe imho.

Screenshots - H-Mec II

H-Mec II atari screenshot
H-Mec II atari screenshot

Information - H-Mec II

GenreArcade - Pac-ManYear1993
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperBreakpoint Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Garry, Jon / Sally

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Garry, Jon / Shadowmaster

Game design

Garry, Jon

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Alderton, Nic [Count Zero] / Sally
Hippel, Jochen [Mad Max] / Seemann, Frank [Tao]
Gaubatz, Gunnar [Big Alec] / Synergy

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeSTe Only, Falcon030 / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari H-Mec II Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - H-Mec II

          * JON of Breakpoint Software and SALLY of STAX bring you: *

	 	              * H Mec 2 *
              -= A game for the 1 Meg STe or the Falcon =-

	Ok, so you played H Mec 1 and guided our hero to the end of the game
where he went to retire in the South of France and you thought that his
adventures were over...  Well, you are wrong!! The ghosts are back and this 
time they want to ELECTROCUTE H Mec!! 

	Well, the aim of the game is to collect all the pills in the mazes and
complete as many mazes as you can!! Sounds easy huh? Well there are a few 
little problems. Ghosts chase you around the mazes and any contact with them 
will unfortunately prove fatal so you will lose a life and have to restart the
level. Lose five lives and I'm afraid you will have GAME OVER!! Actually 
because I'm a kind and forgiving person, when you restart the game you start 
on the level that you last died on!
	Before you start a level, you will see a screen which tells you your
score, number of lives, level name and number and also a password. Note down
the passwords as when you select 'F3' on the main menu and type in a password
you can start on that level! There is also a cheat mode built into the game,
but if you want it, you've got to send me a donation (see below!).
	Oh, this game is meant to be played at a fast(ish) pace, so all you
big pansies who don't have 'nuclear reaction' style reactions (!) I suggest
you warm up first by playing hangman or something equally as BORING!!
	Ok, so you understand that each level is to be completed as quickly
as possible, so if you don't collect any pills within 5 seconds of collecting 
the last one, points start getting deducted, and if you go REALLY, REALLY 
slowly then you will lose a life. Tough! If you think about each level then 
you will find it's quite easy. When your time is nearly up, you will hear a 
very ANNOYING siren telling you to speed up!! This is a game where you will 
have yo think before you act!! If you need to pause the game then try pressing
	You will also see around the mazes little cages - if you can get a
ghost to walk into a cage then the ghost will be trapped for a few seconds
while you go and eat some more dots! Well it's slightly more original than
plain, boring super pills isn't it?! I think it adds to the gameplay as it
allows you to get away from the ghosts and doesn't remove them from the game!
	As this is H Mec 2, the ghosts are seeking revenge for H Mec 1! They
plan to get H Mec and put him into a chamber and ELECTROCUTE him!! They have
also put several spikes in the walls - if one of these spikes hits H Mec then
he will be injected with POISON and will die!! Ha! Ha! Ha!
	In order to control H-Mec, you can either use the joystick (bah!)
or use the cursor keys (hurray!). I don't think that it plays quite so well
with a joystick, so try using the keys first!! Go back to the early days of
ZX Speccies!! Right, I think I've covered everything... oops! If you try 
'walking' into some of the walls, then you may find a few surprises!! These
may include extra time, extra lives, bonus points or even warp levels!!
	You will get 100 points for each dot collected and a time and level
bonus at the end of each level! So when you play it, PLAY HARD!!!!!
	If you think this game is rubbish then I don't care!! I don't care
one bit!! If your one of these BORING BITPLANE BOFFINS that only talk about
games in terms of scrolling, bitplanes, sprite collision, CPU time used etc
then PLEASE DO NOT LOAD THIS GAME. This game is a bit of FUN and is meant for a
QUICK BLAST and ENJOYMENT - not for discussing it's technical merits. Go and 
read a PHYSICS textbook you BORING person. Alternatively, if you are not a 
bitplane boffin etc. then if you don't like it then don't copy it - just pass 
it on to a friend, or to your favourite PD library! You may be interested to 
know that I PASSED my first year exams!! So this time I've spent a bit longer
trying to sort through the messy code, adding new stuff etc... 
	If you run a PD library and want to stock this game then please send a
donation to me! Thanks!!
	Ok, I hope you enjoy the game - it's only a bit of fun! If you do like
the game then please consider sending a donation or even a letter etc!!!

The (not-so) Amazing specs 
* Uses the extended palette of the STe 
* Uses the BLiTTER chip to astonishing effects! Ha!
* Uses the VERY NICE hardscrolling only on the STe 
* Plays loadsa samples at a breathtaking 12 kHz!
* The game uses 13 different types of chip and digi-chip music!   
* Has loadsa levels so it should keep you going 'til the Falcon is available
  in ANY shop in Manchester! (Oh! Sarcasm there?)
* Great gameplay - hey, if only all games had that!!! 
* Now works on the Falcon! (Hopefully...!)

Credits for the game:
Main coding	:	JON of Breakpoint Software 
Great graphics	:	Sodan of STAX 
			Shadowmaster of Animal Mine
Rubbish graphics:	JON of Breakpoint Software 
MOD composer 	:	Dizzy Tunes of Imagina
Chip composers	:	Big Alec
			TAO of ACF
			Mad Max
			Synergy Software
			Count Zero 

* Try trapping the ghosts into areas of the maze they can't get out of
* Always keep your fingers on the keypad (if you're using it!)
* Try to find out the way in which certain ghosts work - it makes the game
  so much easier!!
* Keep trying! 
* Don't talk to anybody while your playing as they will distract you! If they
  keep talkng to you then pause the game and beat them up!!
* Keep the volume turned up on your TV/monitor!
* Feed all humans, cats, dogs etc. before you start playing so they won't keep
  whining for food!!
* Write down the passwords!!

A really BIG hello to the following great groups/people:

All members of STAX 		(Esp. Matt and Sodan! Always great to get a
				letter from you Matt! Let's hope that City and
				Bayern both do well this year! Many, many 
				thanks for the GREAT artwork Sodan! Hope you 
				both like this version!) 	
All members of Animal Mine	(Esp. Shadowmaster and Sethos! Many thanks for 
				the artwork Shadowmaster! Thanks for the kind
				words Sethos! I hope this works on your Falcon
				now and you both like this version!)
MUG U.K.			(Let's get this software house thing going 
All members of The Untouchables	(Esp. Mat and Steve!) 
Darren Lomax			(Hope the baby is OK!)	
Michael Darlison		(RIP!)
All members of The Admirables	(Esp. Nirvana, Sturm and Tormentor! Sorry your
				in the army Tommi! Write soon!!)
All members of Stranger		(Esp. Freddy! I've lost your address...)
All members of The Blues Boys	(Esp. Acid!)
All members of Aura		(Esp. Aeon! Great demos!)
All members of Pure Energy	(Esp. Harlequin and Zak!)
All members of Adrenalin	(Esp. Mookie!)
The Birch brothers!!		(Esp. FAT John and his THIN brother! Hey! 
				Little Birch - you'd better like this version
				and spread it to all your friends!!) 
All members of ex-NATO		 
All members of LAC		(Esp. Paul, Paul, Mick B, Mick C, Chris,
				Grogan, Don and the rest!)
All at LAPD			(Great PDL! Nice to hear from you!)
All at Caledonia PDL		(Great PDL! Hope you find this a bit easier!)	
Keith Frisby			(Many thanks for uploading our programs!! I
				hope you like this!!)
Sinister Developments		(Great games!)
Jeff Minter			(Great games!)

	If you like this game then please send me a pennant of the football
team that you support! If you don't like football then how about sending some
money? I know that trying to get support/pennants/money etc out of you lot is
like trying to get a general election in Britain, like finding an interesting
physics/chemistry student or like ST Format refusing to acknowledge that the ST
is NOT the best computer man has ever invented, but it's got to be worth a try!
Come on - don't be so mean!! At least send me a letter!!
	Many thanks to those people who wrote to me to tell me what they 
thought of H Mec v1 and persuaded me to do another version!! 
	You can have the GFA Basic v3.X source code for the game if you send me
a disk, letter and a SAE/IRC's... so write to me at:

		Jon Garry,
		18, Woodford Road,
		M35 9JU.

	Be warned though: the code is VERY UNTIDY!

	Why not send me your high score? I will give 5 disks to the person who
can get the highest score (I WILL know if you've cheated!). Generous huh?

Boring drivel...
	None this time!! Bye!	

Trivia - H-Mec II

Features digitized title soundtrack at 12.5KHz

Features up to 37 colours on-screen simultaneously (introduction screen)
Features up to 37 colours on-screen simultaneously (options or static screen)

Supports Blitter
Supports STe DMA sound
Supports STe palette
Supports STe hardware scrolling

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