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Screenshots - GEM Panic

GEM Panic atari screenshot
GEM Panic atari screenshot
GEM Panic atari screenshot
GEM Panic atari screenshot
GEM Panic atari screenshot
GEM Panic atari screenshot
GEM Panic atari screenshot

Information - GEM Panic

GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear2005
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperAnthill Industries
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-


Graphic Artist(s)


Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeTT, Falcon030 / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari GEM Panic Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - GEM Panic

version 0.90
January 5, 2005


Revenge of AstroPanic.

Clueless alien invaders are attacking your homeworld.
They arrive in ever increasing numbers.


Scoring is simple.  Bombers are worth twice as much
as Drones.  The closer the enemy ship is to the bottom
of the play area, the higher it's value.

Accuracy Bonus/Penalty

If your accuracy in a level is better than 75%, you
get 10% of your total score as a bonus.  If your 
accuracy in a level is less than 25%, you get a
10% of your total score deducted as a penalty.  This
is an easy way to see your score rise or fall quickly
as the levels progress.

Ship Bonus

Every 5000 points you will recieve a bonus ship.  This
happens whenever it occurs.  However once you receive a 
bonus ship for a score level, you can not receive it again.
For example if you got a Bonus ship during a game wave for
passing 10000, but had an accuracy of 19%. You would recieve
a penalty of 1000, taking your score down to 9000.  However
you will not get a bonus ship when you pass 10000 again, you
will have to pass 15000 before you will receive another
bonus ship. 


Watch your accuracy as the game progresses.  Once you
get 50000 points, a good accuracy score will guarantee
you a Ship Bonus!  This is easier to say than to do.
New - Changes
- RSC modifications
- Fixed documentation
- Modified some graphics
- Sound system expansion
- Created SRC Directory and modified PRJ
- Alot of code cleanup
- ST-Guide Help support

640x480 - roughly

Graphics are all in 256 colors, so a graphics mode 
supporting this or higher is prefered.

Game is controlled via the mouse and you fire
your gun with the right mouse button.

Speed.  If you find GemPanic to be too fast on your machine.
You can adjust the timing via the menu bar.  Very
few people will need to adjust it to make it slower.
If you do, try small values, it doesn't take too

Sound support

There are 4 different modes for the sound system
No Sound, Chip Sound, Xbios Sound and Use Gemjing.

Here is a brief explanation of each.

No Sound - All sounds are turned off

Chip Sound - Original Yamaha chip support.  Not exciting but
it's sound.

Xbios Sound - This is actually DMA and XBIOS sound routine
support.  Both are in there with this option.  (Not recommended
for MagicPC as the XBIOS sound support is very limited)

Use Gemjing - Use GEMJing for sound playback.  You must be running
in a multitasking enviroment (MagiC\MiNT) and have the evnviroment
variable GEMJINGPATH configured to use this option.  (Again not
recommended for MagicPC atm)


version 0.80
- GEMJing support

version 0.72
- fixed colision detection thanks to Philipp Donze
- Sound support for XBIOS sound
- monochrome graphics for background and about for systems
	with fewer than 8bit color
- changed how number of ships works

version 0.71
- Accuracy Bonus/Penalty
- Reworked score one last time now matches original
- Bonus ships awarded every 5000 points
- Bombs fall 50% faster
- New Loading Dialog with graphic

version 0.70
- put a vs_clip() back into window redraw routine
- fixed a small bug in the drawing routines
- modified location of missile start for aesthetics
- renamed a few of the images
- finish explosions at end of wave
- bombers now bomb!

version 0.64

- test version to track down a bug causing immediate crashes

version 0.63

- Control P - Pauses game during game play
- Control P or Esc while paused continues game
- New missile Graphic
- Alot of litle redraw fixes

version 0.62

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't quit while paused
- new animated bombers (non bombing)
- A lot of new experimentations for speed

version 0.61

- Should be faster, if less mtasking friendly during game play
- Animated explosions!
- New enemy although it's only partially implemented
- Adjustable timing.  Please give this some experimetation
   and let me know if what speed (if any) is playable on your
- Alot of optimizations, old bugs squashed and some new ones added
- Score system modified - still being worked on.  Basically if
    you have an old high score list, this one will never break
    into it.

version 0.6

- fixed some garbage on explosions
- Fixed a bug that could involve not enough drones
  on the screen, causing wave to never end
version 0.5
February 23, 2004

- initial demo alpha version to gemcandy voters

Thank You's...

I want to thank all the people that have helped me either debug
or with code additions since I started this project, so in no
particular order thanks to Sascha Uhlig, AltF4, Gokmase, 
Jean-Marc Stocklausen, Hormann Norbert, Matthias Jaap, Pascal Ricard,
Adam Klobukowski, Pierre Tonthat, Rafal Kawecki and probably
several others that I have lost out of my email.

I'd also like to thank Philipp Donze who not only did alot of
beta testing, but helped out alot debugging some of the harder
to track bugs in the code, as well as all the help with the 
GEMJing support.

And last but certainly not least a big thank you to Rob Malhert for
all the support he provides to the atari community.  Gemcandy and
the programs it has spawned would be nowhere without him.
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