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Screenshots - Donkey Island

Donkey Island atari screenshot
Donkey Island atari screenshot
Donkey Island atari screenshot

Information - Donkey Island

GenreAdventure - Text / GraphicsYear1997
LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLow / RGBLicensed from-

Cleveland, Ed

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Cleveland, Ed

Game design

Cleveland, Ed

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Smith, Jody

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe, Falcon030 / 1MB
MIDIVersionFinal Version
Dumpdownload atari Donkey Island Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Additional Comments - Donkey Island

Instructions - Donkey Island

DONKEY ISLAND final release.


                           Ed Cleveland
                         37 Oakhill Road
                             L13 5UE

Hello once again graphic adventure fans!

 Donkey Island is ...wait for it.. a   graphic adventure for   the 
Atari STfm,  STe, Falcon and probably TT too. It requires at least 
1 meg of RAM to run,  and will not work on monochrome monitors. If 
you're  running it on a Falcon start it from ST Low or Medium  Rez 
otherwise  the desktop colours will be corrupted- don't blame  me, 
it's all Ataris' fault.

  The  plot of the game is that you are looking for  the  lost  ST 
adventure game "Donkey Island". This was the sequel to the classic 
"Dog Island".  "Donkey Island" appeared on BC and Ameoba computers 
but not on the good old Arati ST. Your mission is to travel to the 
software  house that created these games and try and find out  why 
it never appeared.  Then, if you can find it, you must try and get 
a copy of "Donkey Island" back to your flat.

Or at least that was the original idea....

 Due to a combination of the general moribund state of what's left 
of  the Atari scene and me getting bored with thinking  up  stupid 
jokes  for the game,  Donkey Island was never finished.  I stopped 
work on it a few months ago.  What this is then,  is the shareware 
demo of the finished game with a new title screen added on.  It is 
fully functioning,  but this is all you're getting,  so ignore any 
references you may find to the "FULL GAME" whilst playing it- it's 
never going to appear.

                           How to play:

  You  press the keypad and arrow keys and look at the  screen  of 
  When you start the game you'll see a bloke with a big  nose  and 
some glasses. This is Fred, who you will be controlling throughout 
the game.  Press the cursor keys to move Fred around.  The control 
system  is  very logical and you should get the hang of  it  quite 
quickly. To pick up the book to the right of Fred, walk so you are 
standing next to it and press Take ("1" on the keypad) to pick  it 
up.  You are now holding it, and you should see a text description 
of it in the inventory box at the botton right of the screen.

 If you want to talk to someone, try and walk into them, this will 
start  a  converstion.   The  yellow  faces  on  screen  represent 
Positive,  Negative and Questioning responses.

  To combine objects,  make sure the first object is selected then 
press Combine,  select another object and press combine again.  If 
you  press  Combine by mistake the first time,  then pressing  any 
other key used in the game apart from "+" or "-" will cancel it.

  You'll know when you've finished the game when Fred says "Now  I 
know  where  Egosoft  is!".  Note  that most of  the  puzzles  are 
designed to be pretty easy,  with two trickier ones at the end. It 
was supposed to be an introduction, after all.

 If you really want to know why I never finished it,  it's because 
I got fed up with the damn thing!  There is after all, no point in 
me  slogging my guts out for no reward whatsoever.  Also a graphic 
adventure is not very interesting to program, if you're writing an 
arcade  game  called  "Leon The Magical Elf"  for  instance,  when 
you've programmed a new feature you can have fun playing the game, 
but  with Donkey Island,  I know exactly what's going to happen at 
every step, when I play it. As well as this, there is a ridiculous 
amount of artwork to draw.

 Mr. Pink of the Reservoir Gods says I'll be disappointing a lot of 
people by not finishing Donkey Island,  but as only 3 people wrote 
to  me  expressing encouragement,  I'm not going to lose too  much 
sleep over this.

 So this game is now Downloadware.  If you like it, then send me a 
disk of downloads from the Internet. I'm particulary interested in 
classic console/computer/coin-op emulation and retrogaming,  don't 
send  me  any Spectrum stuff as I've got loads  of  that  already. 

In return I will smile slightly.

                    Ed Cleveland, 25th September 1997

PS. Anybody  got anything technical on NES  emulation,  by the way?
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