Cops and Robbers

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Dma-Sc - 18/08/2019
Two players only game. I recommend to play the second version of the game.

Screenshots - Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers atari screenshot

Information - Cops and Robbers

GenreRacing - MiscellaneousYear1991
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
Players1 vs. 2DeveloperOutland Quest Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Scott, Larry / Scott, Kevin

Graphic Artist(s)

Scott, Kevin

Game design

Scott, Larry / Scott, Kevin

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Scott, Kevin

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Cops and Robbers Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Cops and Robbers


    By Kevin and Larry Scott
    (written and compiled in GFA Basic)

In this game you and your opponent are
both trying to get the upper hand.
As the robber you must find and rob
five banks in the city. to do this first
find a bank and then hold the fire 
button down while driving over the
crosswalk that says, BANK. your car
engine will be heard and you will not
be able to move your car until you 
finish robbing the bank. Be careful if
the cops are around, you may be a 
sitting duck.

As the cop, you must patrol your city
looking for the robber. Your police 
radio will always tell you his location
but in order for it to be useful you must
remember what city block you are in.
This is where memorization of your
patrol is vital. Learn how to get around
and where the shortcuts are. Because
his car is a little faster than yours, you 
may not be able to catch him in the
long stretch. So cunning may need to
 be used. 

The city is divided up into 32 city blocks
consisting of 8 across and 4 down .
The robber starts out in block 1 and the
cop starts out in block 21. This is how the
city is set up:

  1    2    3     4     5     6     7     8

  9   10    11   12    13    14    15   16

  17  18    19   20   21   22    23  24

  25 26   27   28   29   30    31   32

Therefore if you are in block 22 and you
go off the screen going up then you will
be in block 13 if you are in block 31 and 
you go off the screen going down you 
will be in block 7. if you are in block 17
and you go off the screen to the left you
will be in block 24.

If you are the cop and you catch the 
robber you will see a brief picture of 
you receiving a medal. If you are the
robber and you rob 5 banks, you will
see a picture of you with your reward.
In this mode you have the opportunity to
edit an existing city or create a new one
all your own. Then you can save or load
your cities to disk for future use.

In map mode the whole city is shrunk down
so you can see it all on one screen. you
can move your cursor around with the
joystick and place character blocks in your
city with the fire button. the keys that
are active are:

< and > - the greater than and less than
                keys allow you to select which
               character you want to build with.
               (i.e. road, water, house, etc.)

G - Grid, draws the grid that shows where
       the city blocks will actually be divided
       at. For best results, dont make a road
       run lengthwise along a grid line. This
       makes it difficult to see a road when
       your actually driving of f the screen!

E - Erases the grid

Q - quits map mode and returns you to the
      main menu where you can save your
      new city to disk.

Remember once you load a city from disk
or Create a new city, the one in memory
will be gone. so always save a city after
making any changes to it.


Here are the keys that are active while the
game is playing.

F- Faster, speeds up game play
S - Slower, slows down game play
   (hold these keys down until the desired
speed you want is attained)
 Q - Quit game with no winners
 C- changes background COLOR.

For best results when typing any keys
on the computer, both players should
let go of  their joysticks and wait for
their cars to stop.

We would just like to take a second to
say that we are glad that there are
many atari owners still out there that
suppourt their computers. THis game
is offered as shareware in the hopes
that everyone will continue to use
and suppourt atari computers in the
future. These shareware programs
allow everyone to get quality programs
for reasonable prices (unlike many other
computer systems that you have to 
sell your first born just to buy some
software!)  . Please, if you enjoy this
game and find yourself playing it more
than once or twice. Send a donation
to :

      RT. 2 BOX 323 , CRAIG AVE.
     VALDESE, NC  28690

  For everyone who sends a donation
 of $12.00 dollars or more, We will
 send you a free disk with two other
  games of ours on them and some
   good p/d favourites we've seen.
   you will also be on our mailing list
   for any game updates, new software,
   and other goodies. (like cheats and
    backdoors in  some of our games)

  Also, source codes for our programs
  are available to GFA programmers
   who might be interested. Just indicate
  that you would like the codes also.

   Please feel free to contact us at

      (704)  438-0732 if you have any
       questions, comments , or 
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