Cops and Robbers Too!

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Dma-Sc - 18/08/2019
Two players only game! Very fun one. Play this version over the first one as it adds some elements.
There's also music, that you will probably want to switch off asap by pressing M key though (mono channel beep and very short loop). ;)

Screenshots - Cops and Robbers Too!

Cops and Robbers Too! atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers Too! atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers Too! atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers Too! atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers Too! atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers Too! atari screenshot

Information - Cops and Robbers Too!

GenreRacing - MiscellaneousYear1995
LanguageGFA BASICPublisherST Format
ControlsJoystickDistributorFuture Publishing
Players1 vs. 2DeveloperOutland Quest Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Scott, Kevin

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Scott, Kevin

Game design

Scott, Kevin

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Scott, Kevin

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Scott, Kevin

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe, TT, Falcon030 / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Cops and Robbers Too! Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided / HD Installable

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Instructions - Cops and Robbers Too!


JV Enterprises, the maker of TOWERS, have released some games that were
made prior to TOWERS for shareware.  This is one of several games being
released.  If you like this game please send $5 to:

    JV Enterprises
    PO Box 97455
    Las Vegas, NV  89193

Please feel free to share this program with others.  However, please
keep all files on the disk unchanged when you do.


A 3D, one or two player, dungeon game for the Atari line of computers.
Available on-line or with your favorite PD house.  Towers Registration
fee is $15, if you determine to keep the game.

                                LOOK out for it.....


Coming Soon...

A game for your Falcon 030 computer.  If you thought you liked TOWERS,
wait till you see this! :)


Disclaimer:  This product is released on an AS IS basis without any
             kind of warranty.  This inlcludes product quality,
             condition, perfomance or merchantabilty.  JV Enterprises,
             the author, and its distributors shall not be held liable
             to the purchaser or any other person or entity for any
             liability, loss damage or disappointment directly or
             indirectly involving this product.

(c)1992 by Kevin L. Scott

                    C O P S  N  R O B B E R S  T O O

    This game requires an Atari computer with at least one meg of
RAM, two joysticks, a color monitor, and a DS/DD disk drive.  It does
work on the TT/Falcon, but it's a little fast.

    When starting the game there is no need to load a city into
memory.  The program automatically loads one in when the game is

    As the robber, you must rob five banks while avoiding the cop.
To rob a bank, hold the fire button down while driving over a bank
crosswalk.  After a few seconds the crosswalk will disappear, and you
have robbed a bank.

    As the cop, you must seek and capture the robber before he robs the
banks.  Use the police radar to determine the robber's location.

    Gas stations are found thoughout the city and will need to be
used when your gas runs low.  Hold the fire button down and drive
over the crosswalk to get gas, then let go of the joystick.  If you
move your joystick or when you are full of gas, the pump will stop.
Running out of gas will cause the car to move slow.

    Various places in the city have shortcut roads.  these are evident by
their light green color.  The robber drives faster over shortcuts than
the robber.

    Be carefull of oil slicks and greased railroad tracks, they make you
car slide.

    F        Faster    Speeds up game play.
    S        Slower    Slow down game play.
    M        Music     Toggles music off and on.
    Q        Quit      Quits the game, and returns to Menu.

Editing and Building Cities

    When building and editing cities, there are two things to keep in
mind.  1)When building roads and bridges, avoid building them running
lengthwise along a grid line.  2)DO NOT build smaller roads and/or
shortcuts roads next to each other.

    Use the joystick to select a position to build.  Using the fire
button, adds a block to the city.

    G    Draws grid showing city block separation.
    E    Erases grid.
    N    Chooses nighttime colors.
    D    Chooses daytime colors.
    Q    Quit to main menu.
    < >  Selects character to build with.

    To save and load cities select 'S' or 'L' from the main menu.  Then,
enter the filename and make sure to enter '.MAP' at the end of the
city name.

    Select 'C' from the main menu to create a map.  A blank screen
will appear with two white blocks showing the starting positions of
the cop and robber.  The cursor will also appear in the middle of the
screen as a white square.  All editing features are the same as in the
edit mode.

REMEMBER, when you load or create a city the one in memory will be
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