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Screenshots - Capy

Capy atari screenshot
Capy atari screenshot
Capy atari screenshot

Information - Capy

GenreBrain - Logical / PuzzleYear1998
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionVGALicensed from-

Valant, Janez [Swe] / Uros, Vidovic [Vido]

Graphic Artist(s)

Uros, Vidovic [Vido]

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish

Liljedahl, Jogeir / Nilsson, Anders [Toodeloo]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeTT / ?
MIDIVersion[preview 1.0]
Dumpdownload atari Capy Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Additional Comments - Capy

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[no publisher] (version [preview]) (Slovenia), [no publisher] ().

Instructions - Capy

                      _  ____________________________  _
                     / \/ \    \    \    \    \    \ \/ \
                     \_   /  \_/_ \_/ /__/  \_/  \_/ /\ /
                     / \  \  / \ \  \ \  \    \  / \  / \

	                       -=* Capy v1.0 *=-

    Hi THERE!!
  This is preview of our game called "Capy"... It is logical
game similar to Oxyd and Sokoban... U must simply lead your
ball to the exit, to drop on next level..... On 
Falcon u may listen MODules or CHIP music (we suggest to that
u leave effects turned off if u have enabled CHIP music). On
TT only CHIP music will work... Now there are "worlds" added.
World is folder where levels, gfx file, fonts, music saved games 
and backgrounds are stored, which means u have loadable scenarios

  Capy MUST be started in 640*480*16 VGA. We consider 256 col version
but all we would gain it would be nicer background picture(s) and a lot
bigger memory consumption + game would not run on TT.  ST High version
will be possible if there will be enough interest..  (fast hack to ST
High already works)

Capy MENU:
  In Menu u may select folowing options:

  F1    = New Game     (well New game or if u load level).
  F2    = Back to Game (In case u jump from game to menu (RMB).
  F3    = Load World   (Capy is designed for easy loading some kind
                        of "scene" files, because registered users
                        will receive GFX and Level editors).
  F4    = Load Game    (u may save your current position in *.GAM .
                        file and load it in game here. After that u
      	  	        must start new game (F1)).
  F5    = Save Game    (Save game :) It saves current level).
  F6    = Music        (CHIP/MOD/NONE)
  F7    = Effects      (ON/OFF) When u choose CHIP musix effects are
  			automaticaly set to OFF, becasue we have some
  			little probs with effects and CHIP musix.
  F8    = Hi Scores  	Displays Hi Score list.
  F9    = Greetings     Displays Greetings.
 F10    = QUIT          Quit to desktop.

  SPACE = Pause        (Game jumps to menu, where u may save that 
  		     	level, or change sound setups, start new game
 		     	Resume to Game with F2)
  * = Suicide          (In case u get stuck, u must kill yourself. 
                     	you will lost one live and had to start level

  CAPY worlds consist from tiles, walls, roofs and some elements. U may change
ANY of those or add new if u want... U may even create NEW gfx and levels. BUT
there are also special elements which MUST be drawn on same locations as in
original GFX file. That is because type of element is defined from its location.
General scheme is that first 3 lines (6 infact, but every second line is
infact mask) are common floor tiles, next 2 lines are walls, and "pushing" tiles.

 We must admit GFX file is a bit messed, so the only way to make new GFX is that
u draw tiles over existing ones.. (sorry for that folks). That way u will know
what tile will actualy "do" in game.

  Here is little description of some special tiles in game, to make your life
easier, or worse as u want :).  

*Slider tiles*  (tiles with blue arrows)

  When u step on those tiles u are pushed in direction of arrows, if wall is
after slider u will get killed.

*Moving tiles*  (tiles with arrows relief)
  Those tiles only go in direction of arrows. If tile is 2-way or 4-way u may
steer it. But if tile stop on end of screen, u still may fell down if move in
wrong direction.

*Skull tiles*
  Hm no need to explain that i guess :))).
*Spring tiles*
  They "throw2 u 4 tiles further. If u hit wall u will be killed.

*Exit tile*
  Warp u to the next level.
*Scrappy tiles*
  Those tilles break down when u step on them... U have 1-2 seconds before they
break completely.

  And there are also "pushing" tiles.. those may be pushed arround and fit into
holes, etc... If they have icons of special tiles, they convert to those when
pushed into holes..... Finaly, there are few elements in game too:

  If u pick up the clock the remaining time will not be calculated in points,
but it will be added to next level time.

*Little Capy*
  Increases your life for 1.
  Will add 200 to your score.
*Fashing "coil"*
  Will increase your score by 500


  Capy is SHAREWARE! Price for Europe is 15DM (8UKP) and 20DM (10UKP) 
for overseas countries (Canada, USA)... For that u will get Capy with
our "World" (pallete, GFX(tiles), levels, background picture , font
and game/menu mods (GT2 format)) and GFX/Font + Level editor.. As well
as any new versions of main Capy program or in editors.

  There is some things to do in near/distant future:
- more levels		       (12 so far - we work on that!)
- automatic res. switching     (Capy is our "tribute" to GFA, and 
			       have some probs with resolution
			       switching.. sorry folks. In any case
			       its better to switch to 640*480 before
			       u run Capy, as to get lotsa garbage on
			       screen after and need to reset)
- more music to be selected    (no big deal, but it will make Capy
                               archive much bigger!)
- intro picture.	       (cosmetic stuff, really :)))


   Credits  :   Vido/YesCREW      (Coding,  GFX )
			       SWE/YesCREW       (Coding,  GFX )
			       Toodeloo/YesCREW  (    Music    )
			       Jogeir Liljedahl  (    Music    )
			       Marvin            (Level Design )
			       Thomas/NBD        (Beta Testing )
			       Kellis/YesCREW    ( Tips&Tricks )
   Greetings:		       Read them in Capy  ;) We sincerely 
			       apologize to those we forgot!
   Contacts :		       SWE     :
                               Vido    :
                               Kellis  :
                               artTBL  :
                               Draco   :
                               Entuzio :  n/a
                       USE THIS SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK! ;)

                         _  ____________________________  _
                        / \/ \    \    \    \    \    \ \/ \
                        \_   /  \_/_ \_/ /__/  \_/  \_/ /\ /
                        / \  \  / \ \  \ \  \    \  / \  / \
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