Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse

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Screenshots - Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse

Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse atari screenshot
Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse atari screenshot
Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse atari screenshot
Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse atari screenshot
Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse atari screenshot
Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse atari screenshot
Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse atari screenshot
Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse atari screenshot
Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse atari screenshot
Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse atari screenshot

Information - Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse

GenreBrain - Logical / PuzzleYear2008
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperReservoir Gods
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Dempsey, Kevin [SH3-RG / Sparehead 3]

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Dempsey, Kevin [SH3-RG / Sparehead 3]

Game design

Dempsey, Kevin [SH3-RG / Sparehead 3]

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Dempsey, Kevin [SH3-RG / Sparehead 3]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe, Falcon030 / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Bob Fossils Sudokuniverse Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Instructions - Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse

       ______  ______  ______  ______  ______      ,---/  \        ______
/  /  /      \/      \/      \/      \/      \,---/   /    \  ,---/      \
  /  /   ,   /   ,   /   ,   /   ,   /   ,   /   /   /   ,  \/   /   ,   /
 /  /   /   /   /   /   /___/   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /
/  /    ___/   ____/\__ ÿÿ\/   ____/    ___/   /   /   /   /   /    ___/
  /     `--,  /---/ÿÿÿ/   /   /---/     `-(   (   (   (   /   /     `-----,
 /   /    /      /       /       /   /     \   ` /\\     /   /   /       /
/___/\___/\_____/ \_____/\______/___/\______\   /  \\   /___/   /\______/
                                       /ÿÿÿÿÿ\ /    \\ /ÿÿÿÿ\  /ÿÿÿÿÿÿ\
r  e  l  e  a  s  e  d   a  t  ::     /   ,   /   ,  \Y      \/   ,   /  ,
¹øøøùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùøøø¹    /   /___/   /   /   /   /   /___/  /
o  u  t  l  i  n  e    2  0  0  8   /   /   \   /   /   /   /\__   \   /  ,
¹øøøùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùøøø¹  /    \_  _) (   /   /   /ÿÿÿ/   /  /  /
a s c e n t i o n   w e e k e n d  \       /\     /       /       /  /  / 
¹øøøùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùøøø¹   \_____/  \   /\______/ \_____/  /  /  /
                                              \ /
    g a m e  ::   bob fossil's sudokuniverse
s y s t e m   ::  atari st+
      k o d  ::   sh3-rg
      m z x   ::  sh3-rg
      g f x  ::   sh3-rg
    t e z t   ::  partycle
    t e z t  ::   neo-rg
  e m a i l   ::

//First things first

There are two versions of the game here, one that is happy with various STs
and one that prefers Falcons & TTs.  Needs a clean desktop,  ST compat mode
on a Falcon, low res -basically nothing that might upset it. Min 1Mb memory
required to run the game. Keep the disk write enabled!

Sudokuniverse is my first attempt at a real game. I didn't finish Atariscne
Card Battle EX Plus Alpha or polish it up because it was just there for the
party as a bit of fun for the kids. This time I thought I'd at least try to
make something anyone could have a look at.   I like my DS Sudoku games and
Sudoku didn't seem like it would be all that difficult to do.   Some things
really bothered me about the games I had on the  DS  &  I  tried to make my
game avoid them (such as limited helpers/pencil marks)  &  also make things
simpler without making being too easy (no hints or cheats,  but a nice tile
highlighter showing the only tiles you need to consider  when  working  out
the correct possibilities).

There were other features I would have liked  to  add,  but  for  different
reasons they didn't make it. I'd like to thank partycle,  neo  &  pink  for
their suggestions, most of which I weighed up but ignored  ;)   A  tutorial
mode was a good one and highlighting numbers in red when input  incorrectly
in earlier levels was another good one. Feel free to add them yourself with
the included files :P  One thing I would have loved to do was have a proper
story with nice big animations.  Problem here was I was already low on time
and disk space when Outline came along.

Before you read the doc (I'm sure you will ;) check out this oldskool
run-down of some sudokuniverse facts:

     50 pages of pure STOS kod frenzy ;)
     Over 400 frames of icons &  sprites
     A handful  of  fullscreen  pictures
     5  chip  tunes  written  in   tracq  (internal  release  only) :
           cracktro music - remake of saboteur II, made to test tracq
           intro/menu  -  remake of Frazer's ace blakkel blippblopper
           in-game music - final fantasy fans should recognise it  ;)
           level complete fanfare - final fantasy fans will cringe ;)
           end music  -  my folktastic field walking from  Outline 06
     The characters featured are all to some degree Mighty Boosh guys
     After 10 days I pretty much had the game playable with features.
     Damo made a tile rendering machine code routine that was  better
     than  my   bodgings,   but  didn't  get  used  and I feel bad :P
     Utils used:  STOS 2.07,  Degas Elite 1.1,  Tracq 1.0,  Steem 3.2
     This game nearly missed the deadline for OL08 due  to  me  being
     hurt,  lazy,  tired,  drunk,  lame  and  ignorant  of  deadlines
     and  busy   making   lots   of   gfx   for   earx   &!
     GGN  is  the  most  helpful  person  on  atari outside our group
     Damo has the best ways of  making  you feel motivated to do shit
     mSg  can  drink  me  under  the  table  these  days  & then some

One other thing. The game as you get it is designed for 1 player  only.  If
you wish to start again or obtained this copy from someone else you need to
get yourself a new save file. Best way is to make a whole new copy  of  the
game. Otherwise, you can take  the  file  sudokuni.vrse/bobby/dat/levs.lev,
back it up if you need to,  remove it & rename the file new.bak to levs.lev
and you're away from level 1 again.

     Welcome to Sudokuniverse - where your dreams come true...niverse.


Bob Fossil is the King of Sudokuniverse. He discovered it while out hunting
grey leg face man.  You know,  he's got legs and then  another  leg  on his 
face. The Sudokuniverse is a vast blue desert of disordered logic problems,
sparsely populated by various  forms of life & life forms of various types.
Some  of  these  various  forms  of life & life forms of various types have
taken  away  many  important  building  blocks  of  the  very fabric of the
Sudokuniverse.  They also like to drink tea while on the move. They were so
impressed with Bob's first & so far only invention - the pocket cup -  that
they installed him as their King.   One of the King's most important duties
is now to bring order to the barren chaos of Sudokuniverse.  Unfortunately,
as it happens, Bob has difficulty with numbers.  You might think "So what?"
That's  not an unreasonable thought until you consider that numbers are the
very  building  blocks  that  the  Sudokuniverse was created from.  Without
numbers,  the  place  is just a blue hole and who wants to rule over a blue
hole?  Not  Bob  Fossil.  What Bob doesn't yet realise is that pure logic &
brain power  are all that is needed to return the Sudokuniverse to the time
of tranquility & order.  This  is  where you come in.  You  must help  King
Bobby return those numbers to their correct places.  Over  and  over  again
until all is  well  again  in  the  Sudokuniverse.  I agree, the  story  is
somewhat contrived, but the challenge awaits -  can you really deny Bob his
seat upon the throne of the Sudokuniverse? I thought not.


It is your mission to  guide  Bob  Fossil,  King of  Sudokuniverse,  safely
through each of the 51 desert landscapes (known as 'the levels') so that he
may sit upon his throne &  rule  over the land with his iron fist and drink
tea from his pocket cup.   When the mission is complete, you will receive a
special token. You will also receive further instructions and a second much
more diffucult  task  will  lie  before  you.  Completion of this task will
result in you receiving your own  personalised  further  adventures  of Bob
Fossil Game Pak.  This  special  edition adventure is only available to the
first  7  adventurers  who  complete  the required steps & prove themselves
worthy to become one of the Seven Saviors of Sudokuniverse.

This is a  special  bonus  to people who actually bother to RTFM & complete
the game quickly!


  "We'll have no mathematics here. This is a logic game for logic people"

Sudoku  doesn't  require  any  special maths skills or  calculations.  It's
simply a game of logic & concentration.

              "Nicey nicey Sudoku for him & her & me & you"

Anyone can play.  All you have to do is complete the game board putting the
numbers 1 to 9 in each row, column & 3x3 sub-grid.  They  can  only  appear
once in each of these.  That's it!

The numbers can appear in any order and diagonals are not part of the game.

Each game board has a given set of numbers,  these can't be changed.  Using
these givens,  you will be able to complete the board.  There  is  only one
unique solution to each puzzle in Sudokuniverse.

    "...and that's why you should never bring a cricket bat to Greece!"

Do this & help King Bobby:

Fill the grid so that the numbers 1 to 9 appear once in each row

Fill the grid so that the numbers 1 to 9 appear once in each column

Fill the grid so that the numbers 1 to 9 appear once in each sub-grid

A complete puzzle has the numbers 1 to 9 in each row, column & sub-grid

                   "Your logic makes me feel like a dick!"

//Register this game:

"I've got a tiny wife to support"

Please send a post card of your own 'niverse:

119 Aintree Road
Little Lever

If you play the game send the card.   Play the game & don't send the card &
I'll come at you like a bus full of nuns.   I'll be all over you like a nun
sandwich. Send a card, please, for the tiny wife's sake.


    "Technically you're not a peeping tom if it's one of your relatives"

sarh - you are more atari kid than me these days, you r0x0r!
damo - thanks for warez, superior kod(unused, sorry), support, belief!
part - help, emmotional support, cvs, test, icles, obscure computer use.
neo  - test, icles, walls & floors, fireplace removal, help, advice, stuff.
pink - some of my heroes wear eye patches  -  there's kirk douglas, me on a
       friday, did i mention kirk douglas? girls are shit, atari
mSg  - i know you, i fought with you in 'nam - you sexually confuse me. you
       have some very shit  colleagues  &  you should remember how to bitch
rip  - malc showed me a film of you on the internet. cool!  not pr0n though
       unlike the ones I caught him wanking over on ps3.
earx - twisty things, spinny things, smooth things, other things etc.
craz - videos, music, porn, videos of porn with music & other combinations
coop - pairs & future anglo-french bondage
gwem - 4k me, you get to work for next year :D
ggn  - allowing me to fiddle with your CuNT & SNDH magic
dma  - md is ace,  with a bag full of gfx  &  some animation & you've got a
       proper arcade smash on atari.  why does a coder take so long to tell
       us he is one ? It's your fucking job, man! Cool! :D
havc - I sit in front of the mirror,  hold  my  can  &  pretend  I'm a sick
       dutch fuck!
cycl - ace booty bizniz
para - sExy warEz, always nice chats, i'll get chuck d's autograph for you
krad - i was too drunk to talk much sense,  let's  take some steps to bring
       about your plans for a new world order.
grzy - ha! I went to outline, nere-ne-neeer! :P
cj   - good luck with project, sounds interesting STuffs!
chrs - tos :) great to meet you. you have 4 nice letters in your name ;)
505  - hand luggage, conrad's, st-shaped computers- remember those?
d4rs - i had no complaints this year for once... well, mic broke! ;)
norm - your brain hurts my brain - i try to understand but i forget
tat  - good luck with the big day & know we remember your aceNES.
lotk - i love my hat, bobby got it for me!
stgh - respect
tink - misc/crap pigmaster zzzz!
skrb - making me feel welcome & effort in trying to make it happen!
mkro - didn't get to say hi, sorry
strd - thumbs up
bgio - we want chips
chrn - could you try to explain what norman is telling me some time? ;)
zerk - nice hair, still going strong 5 years on
cih  - i saw you with your son in .nl, looked nice together
felc - aaaah, tasty oranges!
evil - always on hand with the warez knowledge, cheers
deez - i remember you
nats - keep smiling and working hard :o)
glok - i met you the other day! yay! i think i was intoxicated, sorry.
aegr - relive the dream?
dklt - StosDEV rocks my world, can I have one please?
carb - download wizzard!
heav - ta for pest loan, i will give it back, one day, mwahahahaa etc.
afrm - 90% yawn, 8% ummm & 2% ace!


Fuck GFA, Fuck C, Fuck Devpac/TurboAss, Fuck GodLib - STOS FTW!
OK, Pascal is propably better, ask crayon face if you dare


                         "Note to self: I hate whites"
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