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Screenshots - Bio Hazard II - The Xenowars

Bio Hazard II - The Xenowars atari screenshot
Bio Hazard II - The Xenowars atari screenshot
Bio Hazard II - The Xenowars atari screenshot
Bio Hazard II - The Xenowars atari screenshot

Information - Bio Hazard II - The Xenowars

GenreAdventure - RPG (2-D)Year1996
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisherST Format
ControlsMouse, Jagpad, Joystick, KeyboardDistributorFuture Publishing
Players1, 1 vs. 2Developer[n/a]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Greenhalgh, Les

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)


Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicenseGame Demo or Preview - Commercial
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe Enhanced, Falcon030 / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Bio Hazard II - The Xenowars Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

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Instructions - Bio Hazard II - The Xenowars

                          Bio Hazard  II
                         - The Xenowars -

                     Copyright L.J.Greenhalgh 
                    & Village Software 1995/96

You will require a 1 meg ST/STE/Falcon with colour monitor.
The game will operate better with a hard drive and jagpad.
You can order the FULL game from Village Software (UK) :-
just send a cheque or postal order for œ19.95p made payable to
"Village Software" to the following address:-

Village Software
10 Oak Drive
BS20 8QS

You email us direct:
or on Compuserve: 70004,2320

We cannot take orders by credit card at the moment.

Falcon owners please see the FALCON.TXT file for more info.

Please note that if you live outside of the UK you must add
an additional œ2.50p for postage and packing.  The game will
be available from the 1st June 1996 onwards and is fully
boxed with printed manual (with some stunning artwork too).

This demo version is unrestricted in play but only features
very small elements from the final version so you can expect
a lot more frenzied action.  Please feel free to copy this
demo around as much as you like.

It might be worth printing these instructions out!

* Demo Version

The author accepts no responsibility  for  any damage which may result
through the use of this program.

Please distribute this demo far and wide, but keep all the files

The year is 2081  three years after the dissappearence of the Imperial
Transport Equadus and its  Xenomorph  cargo.  The Xenomorph scurge has
infested every corner of the known galaxy,  humanity is on the run and
as  a  last  ditch  attempt  the  Imperial  Marine  Corps  is  formed.
Irreversibly sacrificing their  humanity  2000  volunteers  are turned
into cyborgs, half organic tissue,  half silicon circuitry  covered in
uranium alloys. Equipped with the  latest  in high tech weaponry their
task is to take the battle  to  the Xenmorphs, whatever the cost, they
are our last chance.

Welcome to Bio Hazard II a  turns  based  stratergy game for the Atari
ST/STE and Falcon series of computers.

Control is either by a mouse, keyboard or a jaguar joypad connected
to port A. If using the joypad then button A emulates the left hand
mouse button, button B the right hand mouse button. Holding down
button C enables smoother pointer movement.

The option button is used to more to the next character

The pause button is used to disactivated oppurtunity fire

By default pressing left or right on  the thumb pad when in control of
a character will rotate the character through 90 degrees anticlockwise
or clockwise respectively. However if  button  C  is held down as well
the character will move left or right respectively.

DMA sound will be used if it is present on the system.

Hard Disc Installation

Create a directory on your harddrive, using whatever name you want.
Copy all the files on the  included  floppy, excluding the contents of
the auto folder into this new directory.
Now enter the auto folder and copy  all the files present into the new
directory on your harddrive.
Click on the file bioIIdem.prg to run the program from a harddrive.

        Main Menu

        You will now be presented  with  the  main  menu. The up and
down arrows scroll  through  the  scenario  description.  Click on the
'Play' button  when  ready.

When the scenario is loaded you will be asked to select either one or
two players. The game then proceeds as a series of turns until one
side is destroyed or a task has been completed.

The screen is scrolled by moving the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen
that you wish to scroll and clicking on the right hand mouse button.

Characters are selected by clicking on them with the left hand mouse button.
The characters are then controlled using the control pad on the right hand
side of the screen. Note that you cannot scroll the screen whilst in control
of a character.

If you are using a jaguar joypad and a character is selected the left
thump pad controls  the  movements  of  the  character,  the lower pad
sections represents the rest of the  control panel, ie button 2 select
fire mode, button 5 deselect character/end go.

Each character has a number of  movement points which are allocated at
the beginning of each go, actions  like moving and firing reduce these
points. Once the  number  of  points  is  zero  that  character cannot
perform any more actions that go.

If a unit's stamina falls  to  below  a  quarter of its original value
then that unit is considered to be  wounded and will only receive half
it's allocation of movements points each go. If a wounded character is
not moved during a go then it will begin to recover stamina.

! 1  ! 2  ! 3  !
! 4  ! 5  ! 6  !
! 7  ! 8  ! 9  !
! 10 ! 11 ! 12 !
! 13 ! 14 ! 15 !
! 17 ! 18 ! 19 !

[Icon 1] Turn character left through 90 degrees. Cost 1 movement point

[Icon 2] Move character forward one square. Cost 2 movement points

Note that if you disconnect from a character whilst on top of another
character the character you are disconnecting from will be moved to
the first avaliable free square. Use this icon to attack people with
hand held weapons such as knives.

Note that some characters like rocket pods are considered to be
stationary and cannot move.

[Icon 3] Turn character  right  through  90  degrees.  Cost 1 movement

[Icon 4] Move character left one square. Cost 2 movement points.

[Icon 5] Move character backwards one square. Cost 2 movement points

[Icon 6] Move character right one square. Cost 2 movement points.

[Icon 7] Pick up object, the object is removed from the floor and placed
in the first avaliable pocket. The amount of movement points used
depends on the weight of the object.

[Icon 8] Activate fire mode, a target shaped cursor will appear, move it
over your potential target, scrolling the screen in the normal fashion
using the right hand mouse button. Press the left mouse button when ready.
A dialog box will appear with three choices. 'Snap' 'Aim' and 'Opp'.

A 'snap' shot is the most basic  kind of shot, not very accurate but doesn't
use many  movement points, an 'aim'ed shot is more accurate but uses twice
as many movement points. Characters can only fire within a 45 degree arc
either side of their current field of view, if the target you have selected
is outside this field then your character will be turned to face the correct
direction and the appropriate movement points deducted.

        An 'Opp'urtunity shot is very different, if during the next  go an
enemy character moves over your selected square, providing your character has
enough movement points for a snap shot, they will be fired at. This is very
useful for shooting people when they appear round corners for example. Be
warned that the computer is perfectly capable of using oppurtunity fire itself.

Note that you cannot set oppurtunity fire on a square which is currently

Note that you cannot fire from on top of another character.

Some weapons are very unreliable and prone to jamming, indicated by a yellow
no entry sign over the weapons name. Weapons can only be unjammed by clicking
on the use icon with all your movement points intact.

If you are already in fire mode when clicking on the fire mode icon then you
will revert to the normal character movement mode.

Some parts of the scenery like  tables  and chairs can be destroyed by
firing at them, some parts like storage drums are highly explosive.

The thin yellow hatched walls are  blast  doors which can be destroyed
by the more powerful weapons.

[Icon 9] Drop object, the  amount  of  movement points used depends on
the weight of the object. Note that if you drop a mine then anyone who
walks over it will  be  blown  up.  Note  that  only  certain types of
character can pick up and use objects, aliens certainly can't.

[Icon 10] Open/Close doors. Note that if the door has a coloured band
across it, it is locked and requires the correctly coloured keycard to
open it. The keycard must be selected. Cost 5 movement points.

[Icon 11] This either  disconnects  you  from  the  character you have
currently selected, or if no character is selected will ask you if you
wish to end your turn. In  this  case  click  on 'Yes' or 'No'. If you
have selected a one  player  game  the  computer  will  make its move,
otherwise control will be given to the second player.

Note that you can  move  from  one  character  to  another on the same
screen by clicking on  the  new  character  with  the  left hand mouse
button. You do not have to disconnect and reselect every time.

[Icon 12] This loads the currently selected object, if that object is a weapon
and you have the correct magazine for that weapon in one of the other pockets.
Cost 5 movement points.

[Icon 13] This displays a map of the current scenario with all the characters
displayed upon it. Click on the 'Ok' button to continue.

[Icon 14] Moves you to the  previous pocket.

[Icon 15] This displays more stats on your current character. Click on the
'Ok' button to continue.

The attributes displayed are:

Default Movement- shows you the characters default movement points.

Default Stamina - shows you the characters original stamina

Protection - some  scenery  offers  protection  against incoming fire,
this shows how much.

Snap Innaccuracy -  this  shows  you  how  bad  a  shot  the currently
selected character is, the higher the number the worse a shot.

Snap Cost - This reflects how  quickly  a character can fire a weapon,
the lower the better.

Weight - Shows the combined  weight  of  all  the objects carried by a
character. If this number exceeds  the  original stamina then the unit
is considered to be overburdened and the allocation of movement points
will be slashed in  half.  Objects  like  armour  and  ammo clips once
worn/loaded are no longer considered to be held and their contribution
is no longer considered.

If oppurtunity fire has been activated it will be displayed here.

[Area 16]  This  shows  you  the  currently  selected  object  in your
selected pocket.

[Icon 17] This activates the file dialog, you can now either save your
position, reload a saved position or quit the game.

If you are running the game from  a  hard drive then the following too
paragraphs do not apply  as  any  save  game  files  are placed in the
current directory.

If you select save you will be asked  to insert a saved game disc into
drive A. Ensure that  this  disc  has  been  previously formatted, you
cannnot use the game disc for this  purpose. The file will be saved to
this disc and you will then  be  asked  to reinsert the game disc into
drive A.

If you select load you  will  be  asked  to  insert the save game disc
which contains the saved game files. Once the file has loaded you will
be asked to reinsert the game disc into drive A.

If you select quit you will be asked for confirmation before returning
to the main menu.

[Icon 18] Moves you to the next pocket.

[Icon 19] This is the use object icon.

If the currently selected object is a medikit or food then this item will be
consumed and the stamina of the character increased. Cost 5 movement points.

If the currently selected object is a jammed weapon and the character has
it's maximum allocation of movement points then that weapon will be unjammed.
Cost all movement points.

If the currently selected object is armour then that object will be taken out
of the pocket and assumed to be worn, with the armour of that character
increased. Cost 5 movement points.

If the currently selected object is dynamite then a dialog box will be opened
and you will have the oppurtunity to set the timer using the left and right
arrow icons. The timer is measured in 'goes' .Once you have set the timer
click on 'Ok', if the timer is not set to zero then the dynamite will be
dropped on the floor and the countdown begun. The countdown can be stopped
by picking up the dynamite again.

If the currently selected object is a credit card and the character is facing
a food dispensor then the credit card will be replaced with food. Cost 5
Movement points.

If the currently selected object is  a  medi card and the character is
facing a medi dispensor, then the  medi  card  will be used to buy the
character extra stamina. Cost 5 movement points.

[Area 20]
This shows the major stats for the character:

mov: the amount of movement points left

sta: the amount of stamina remaining, when this is zero the character is

nam: the name of the character.

amm: the amount of bullets remaining in the weapons magazine.

arm: the armour value of the character, as long as this is not zero then
the character will not be damaged by incoming fire.

Keyboard Shortcuts

[P] Pick up object
[D] Drop object
[Insert] turn character left
[Clr Home] turn character right
[S] Saves the screen in the file rebel2.pi1
[M] See map
[U] Use object
[L] Load weapon
[Space] Disconnect from character/End go.
[Backspace] Activate/Disactivate fire mode
[Delete] Previous pocket
[#] Next pocket
[A] See attributes
[Return] Open/Close door
[N] Move to next character
[O] Disactivate oppurtunity fire

When a character is not selected or fire mode is activated
the cursor keys can be used to scroll the screen.

When a character is selected they move the character in the
appropriate direction.

Avaliable weaponry:
Not all of the below are present in this demo.

        Standard issue marine  pistol,  limited  range.  Can remove an
area the size of  a  basket  ball  from  a  man, barely scratches most

Assault Rifle:
        Fires uranium tipped caseless  shells,  will damage most known
Xenomorphs, limited range.

        An archaic weapon  with  extremely  limited  range  but superb
power, you want to keep this handy for close encounters!

Rocket Launcher:
        The weapon  of  choice  for  the  discerning  marine,  awesome
firepower and range.

        The latest weapon to appear  from  the  Imperial labs, fires a
ball of electro-plasma with devestating effect, Xenomorph soup!

Sniper Rifle
        Good accuracy and long range,  very reliable, although lacking
in destructive capability.

Laser Rifle
        Widely tipper to replace the assault rile as the staple weapon
of the marine corps. More  accuarate,  more reliable, longer range and
larger magazine all help to make this a superb weapon.

        If your using these, pray!

Sentry Gun:
        These are placed in areas  of  know Xenomorph activity, cannot
be moved and are considered  expendable,  there  task is to destroy as
many Xenomorphs as possible before they are inevitable destroyed.

Rocket Pod:
        More powerful than the sentry  gun,  fires missiles with large
area destructive fire power. Cannot be moved.

        Placed  in  the   path   of   oncomming   Xenomorphs,  can  do
considerable damage.

        Can damage many Xenomorphs in one go.

        Known Xenomorphs
Not all of these are present in this demo.

Baby Alien:
        A freshly hatched solider  alien,  lacking the hard exoskelton
of a mature solider alien.  Armed  only  with claws this creature only
presents a problem for wounded marines.

        Slow moving, moderately well armoured. The weakest of the
mature Xenomorphs. Armed with Acid Spits.

        The workhorse of the  Xenomorph  army, well armoured and fast
moving, these are justifiably feared! Armed with acid spits.

        The most recently  discovered   of   the Xenomorphs, extremely
fast moving. Armed with acid spits.

Bio Gun:
        Information Restricted.

        Information Restricted.

        Other Units

Mech Droids:
         Cheap and cheerful droids  mainly  used  for  menial tasks in
dangerous backwater worlds. Quite well  armoured, although slow. Their
programming is prone to errors. Can  be  used to store vast amounts of
audio/visual data. Extremely strong, can  carry  huge amounts of heavy
equipment. Has various bio mechanisms which need organic nourishment.

War Droid: Well armed and well  protected combat droid, a marines best

Minning Droid: Slow moving,  extremely  well  armoured. Armed with the
powerful minning laser, although this  has extremely limited range and
number of shots.

If you would like to order the
full version of Bio Hazard II
then please send a cheque made
payable to "Village Software"
for 19.95 pounds to the following

     10 Oak Drive
     Bristol, BS20 8QS

Orders outside the UK please
add 3 pounds for postage and packing.
Please do not send credit card
numbers or cash.  Those with
Internet access can email us at

Compuserve - 70004,2320 or

Enjoy the game and look out for
mission disks to be released in
the near future...

Trivia - Bio Hazard II - The Xenowars

Requires Blitter
Supports STe DMA sound
Supports STe palette

Features digitized sound fx at 12.5KHz on STe

Book / Magazine Reviews - Bio Hazard II - The Xenowars

 ST Format · September, 1996Rating: 78% 

Bio Hazard II - The Xenowars Atari review 

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