Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun

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Michael Mellor - 05/11/2009
As the programmer I should add the game's core loop was written mostly in Assembler. STOS was used for all the rest. STOS was too slow for the core graphics code.
Scott - 17/07/2008
Fantastic game, great fun, great music, very playable..... I was surprised to hear it was a Stos game, cos it's not slow & clunky like Stos games often are.

Screenshots - Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun

Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun atari screenshot
Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun atari screenshot
Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun atari screenshot
Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun atari screenshot
Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun atari screenshot
Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun atari screenshot
Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun atari screenshot
Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun atari screenshot

Information - Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun

GenreArcade - BombermanYear1996
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherST Format
ControlsJoystickDistributorFuture Publishing
Players1 vs. 2DeveloperMegagold
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Mellor, Michael

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Gray, Ben / Mellor, Michael

Game design

Mellor, Michael

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Ultimatum / Alderton, Nic [Count Zero]
Hippel, Jochen [Mad Max]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Additional Comments - Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun

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Instructions - Bang and Blast Man Explosive Fun

                          Bang And Blast Man
                            Explosive Fun


      Bang and Blast Man  Explosive  Fun  is  the  first  game we have
produced for the Atari  ST(E)  and  hopefully  not  the last so please
register, details are at the end of the text file.
      You are free to copy this game  as long as all files are intact,
so it can go on  BBS's,  in  PD  Libraries  and all over the Internet.
However I do not want anyone  to  include  it on any compilation disks
without written permision from  MegaGOLD.  MegaGOLD  dose still retain
copyright on all files.

      1meg ST\STE use STOSfix for TOS 2.06
      A Friend
      Two Joysticks

Basic Idea:
      The idea of this  game  is  fairly  simple,  kill!! You and your
friend (you  do  have  one?)  are  in  a  maze  seperated  by   rubble
(normally). Using the  joystick  you  must  run  round dropping  bombs
which in turn blow the rubble up  and finally the other  person. Sound
simple? ... Well to liven things  up  there are icons, 20 infact which
appear under rubble or are there at the start of the game.

      This is a complete run down on what the icons do and an  attempt
to describe their appearance. If  an  icon  is lost after laying bombs
the bombs will still have the affect  of the icon. The icons are split
into 2  catagories Basic and Advanced.

Basic Icons:

      Yellow Flame: Looks like a yellow flame and increases your  bomb
explosion length by one.

      Orange Flame: Looks  like  a  flame  but  this  time  orange and
increases your bomb length by two.

      Water Droplet: Looks like  well  a  water  droplet and decreases
your flame size by one, with a minimum size of one.

      Extra bomb: Bomb with a white  cross  i.e. a plus sign and  lets
you drop one extra bomb.

      Lose Bomb: Guess what a bomb  with  a white negative sign on  it
and it decreases the number of bombs you  can drop at one time  with a
minimum of one again.

      Multiple Bombs: A  plain  black  bomb  and  lets  you  drop well
multiple bombs i.e as many as  you want (infinite.) Collecting another
turns it off.

      Remote Control: Hard to describe but lots like three small bombs
getting hit by a beam  or  as  some  people  say  a candle stick. This
allows you to blow your bombs up  when  you  want to and not when they
want to, this is acheived by  pressing your remote key (Keys described
later.) Again collecting another turns it off.

      Walk Through Bombs: A plain black  bomb with lines coming out of
the left hand side. Normally you  can  not  walk through any bombs but
collecting this allows you to walk through them and collecting another
turns it off.

      Speed Up: Looks like a blue boot and allows you to increase your
speed (Speed Table below Slow.)

      Slow Down: Looks  like  orange  blob  of  glue  and  as the name
suggests slows you down (Speed Table below).

                Speed Table:
                | Very Slow (Minimum) |
                | Slow                |
                | Normal              |
                | Fast (Maximum)      |

Advanced Icons:

      Punch Increasement: Looks like a boxing  glove with a white plus
on it. It allows you to punch  a  bomb one square further than before.
To punch a bomb stand next to  it, not necessarily facing it and press
you punch key  (Key  Table  later.)  This  causes  the  bomb to hurtle
through the air and explode on  impact  however upon hitting a wall it
will bounce forward (Try it and see.)

      Punch Decreasement: Looks  like  a  boxing  glove  with  a white
negative sign and it decreases  your  bomb  size  with a minimum of no

      Teleport: Looks like a white  T  and  teleports you to any blank
square without an icon, be careful  of  teleporting in to an explosion
or a no escape area. Green teleporters are available but are not icons
as they do not disappear when walked on (permanent) and are there when
the game starts.

      Plasma (Probably the best icon in  the game): Looks like a green
flame (Do not play this on a black and white T.V.), which changes your
bomb explosion to green and allows it  to blow through rubble until it
hits a wall or its  maximum  size.  Collecting  it again (Very Stupid)
turns it off.

      Immunity: An  orange  jacket.  This  makes  you  immune  to bomb
explosions for a period  of  time  (User  Definable)  and flash white,
collecting death has no affect  while  immune (See next Icon.) Jackets
affect is inclusive.

      Death (Probably the worst icon in  the game): Looks like a skull
and makes you flash black for a period of time (User Definable Again),
you may not drop any  bombs  in  this  time  period  and once again is
inclusive. Collecting an Immunity icon while having Death will turn it
off Death that is.

      Radioactive: A Radiation sign,  now  your  bombs  do not blow up
after a set period of time,  they instead explode randomly (Dangerous)
and collecting this again turns it off.

      Invisible Bombs: A faded bomb and  when  you drop bombs they are
invisible and only appear just before they explode (Try punching one.)
Collecting it again turns it off.

      Invisible Player: A faded face  and  makes your player invisible
for a certain period  of  time  (User  Definable.)  and flash every so
often. This  allows  you  to  hide  from  the  other  player  and even

      Random: A yellow question  mark  and  has  one of four different
affects (One good and Three bad):

                Plasma (The Good one): See Plasma for details.

                Death: See Death for details.

                Reverse Control: Reverses your players control i.e. Up
is Down, Left is Right etc. This lasts for a user definable period and
is inclusive.

                Bomb Diarrhoea (The Very Bad  One): As you walk around
you randomly drop bombs with a size one explosion for a period of time
(Which is guess what? ..User Definable) and it is inclusive.

      Well thats all the icons, remembered them all yet?

Rundown(From Start to End):
      Insert your disk into the drive,  it is autobooting. If you have
TOS 2.06 use STOSfix 3.0.  The  program  is  hard drive installable by
creating a folder on your hard drive and copy the FILES folder into it
and then the BANG.PRG (In  the  AUTO  folder)  into  it  and run it by
double clicking on the BANG.PRG.
      First of all you will get a nice loading screen just in case you
do not know what is happening.  Then  you  get our intro press fire to
quit (It quits once the writing  has  faded  out so don't hit the fire
button repeatively) except on the MEGAGOLD logo.
      Next you get a Title Screen press  fire  to get to the Main Menu
or leave and a Credit Screen scrolls up press fire to get to the Title

Main Menu:
      Using your Joystick (Defaulted to player one, change by pressing
F2 or F1) you can select one of the 7 options, press fire to select:
      Title Screen
      Play Game
      Basic Options
      Advanced Options
      Toggle Hertz
      Load Data
      Save Data

      Be careful pressing escape quits to the desktop.

Title Screen:
      Takes you back to the Title Screen simple.

Play Game:
      Have a guess? Takes you to select arena.

Basic Options:
      This accesses another menu with 10 options which affect what you
start with by pushing left or  right  to change it (Not necessarily in
this order.)
  Player 1 Colour: Allows you  to  change  player 1's colour between 6
  Player 2 Colour: See Above except for player 2.
  Bomb Size: Allows you to change the size of your explosions from 1-9
  Bomb Number: Allows you to drop 1-6 bombs when you start the game or
  Immunity: How long your initial immunity lasts (if any.)
  Speed: Allows you to change your speed from Very Slow to Fast
  Punch Size: Allows you to change the size of your punch from none to
9 squares.
  Remote: Allows you to start with remote or not.
  Plasma: Allows you to start with plasma or not.
  Walk Bombs: Allows you to  start  with  the  ability to walk through
bombs or not.
  Exit: Quits back to the main  menu  by  pressing fire and ESC is the
keyboard shortcut.

Advanced Options:
      This contains 10 options:
  Icon Type: Weather you play with  Basic  Icons or Basic and Advanced
  Icon Chance: The percentage that a piece of rubble will have an icon
under it from 10-100, a 100% means  every piece of rubble will have an
icon under it. Pressing fire while changing  it moves it in steps of 5
instead of 1.
  Immunity: Define how long immunity lasts when you collect it (50-500
in steps of 50)
  Diarrhoea: Define how long bomb diarrhoea  lasts when you collect it
(50-500 in steps of 50)
  Reverse: Define how long reverse controls  lasts when you collect it
(50-500 in steps of 50)
  Death: Define how long death  lasts  when  you collect it (50-500 in
steps of 50)
  Icon Blow: Weather icons are blown up by bomb explosions or not.
  Music Type: Lets you choose between  cycled music, random music or a
selected music for in the game.
  Music No: Lets  you  change  the  music  played  for  selected music
between 1 and 8 when random or  cycled  music is selected it shows the
last music played.
  Exit: Press fire to get to  the  main  menu  and ESC is the keyboard

Toggle Hertz:
  Changes the  hertz  from  50  to  60  and  vice-versa,  the keyboard
shortcut is F3.

Load Data:
      Load up a previously saved options or the default one and do not
worry it dose not access the disk.  To  do this use the joystick up or
down to select between the 100 different files and press fire to load.
Pressing ESC goes to main menu.

Save Data:
      Allows you to save the  currently  set  options by selecting the
correct one and typing  in  the  new  name  and press return. Pressing
return to save or ESC to re-select. Pressing ESC takes you back to the
Main Menu while selecting. The first option default can not be renamed
as it the default when the game  loads  up  but you can save on top of

Select Arena:
      When pressing Play Game you can  now select between 31 arenas at
the time of writing by pushing left or right and fire to select.

Movement (Unless reversed):
Joystick Up     Move Up a Square
Joystick Down   Move Down a Square
Joystick Left   Move Left a Square
Joystick Right  Move Right a Square
Joystick Fire   Drop a bomb (If you can drop any more)

      The keys used throughout the game.
Main Menu Keys:
F1              Selects Player 1 Joystick (Joystick Port)
F2              Selects Player 2 Joystick (Mouse Port)
F3              Toggle Hertz
ESC             Goes back one menu

Select Arena Keys:
F1              Selects Player 1 Joystick (Joystick Port)
F2              Selects Player 2 Joystick (Mouse Port)
F3              Toggle Hertz

Main Game:
F1              Set 50hz
F2              Set 60hz
ESC             Quits game
CONTROL         Player 1 Punch Key
LEFT SHIFT      Player 1 Remote Key
RETURN          Player 2 Punch Key
RIGHT SHIFT     Player 2 Remote Key

Notes On Game Play:
      General Tips:
Tip 1: Do not collect a immunity icon straight away way and wait until
you can reach them and then collect it (See Tip 1 on how to win.)

Tip 2: Collecting icons in the  right  order  is useful. i.e. When you
are fast collect a slow the a  speed  icon  as you will still be fast.
Another example is  ones  which  turn  thereselves  off when collected
twice like radioactive, so collect two of these.

Tip 3: If you have a punch  size  of  1  and do not have plasma, place
your bomb next to the rubble and punch it to clear the rubble quicker.

Tip 4: Some levels are designed with punch bomb in mind so use them to
your best advantage.

      Tips on how to win (hopefully) and lose your friends.
Tip 1: Try to collect immunity,  remote  and  more than one bomb, when
you can reach the other player.  Then run towards him/her holding down
your remote key and the fire button.

Tip 2: Get hold of a punch bomb  icon  and try to punch bombs of walls
at the other player, better  still  punch multiple, invisible bombs at

Tip 3: If the other player can't walk through bombs and you have a few
bombs  and  a  remote  then  surround  her/him  in  bombs  (preferably
invisible) and gloat over your plan  before  moving out of the way and
pressing your remote key.

Tip 4: If they run down  a  corridor  lay  a  bomb at the entrance and
punch it at them then move out of the way quickly, oh yes laugh.

Tip 5: If they are in a dead-end and don't have walk through bomb then
drop a bomb at the end and move then wait.

Tip 6: Try to collect  invisible  bomb,  and  remote bomb then lay one
somewhere and wait for  them  to  pass  it,  then whack remote. Better
still lay lots of bombs then lose  your  remote and carry on as normal
then wait for them to go near the bombs and remote them.

      Registration costs a mere œ5 and gives you the following things:

Bang And Blast Man Explosive Fun Plus: The newest version of this game
with Bomb Chain  Reactions,  One  Way  Arrows,  A  League Option (3-10
Players), Players Have Names, Menus are  layed out better and the game
can be up to 33% faster.

Bang And Blast Man Level Editor: Allows  you to create your own arenas
to play on, only works with the plus version.

MegaGOLD support and information on the newest version of this game.

      Plus for an extra œ10 (œ15 in all) we will give you the complete
source code to Bang And  Blast  Man  Explosive Fun Plus. This includes
the 75K approx STOS Source code, 12K approx assembly source code. STOS
is needed to make use of  this  along  with The Missing Link Extension
v2.0, Misty v1.7 or v1.8 and the  Compiler is useful. A good assembler
would also be useful but not essential to understand the game.
      Hopefully a text file will be  included on how to understand the
game's code. However we  at  MegaGOLD  still  retain  copyright on the
source code and do not allow it to be sold or given away, its intetion
is teach people on how to program a game in STOS.

      The address to send your money and details to is:
Michael Mellor,
12 Molesworth Terrace,
PL10 1DH

      Please make all cheques,  postal  orders and international money
orders made payable to Michael  Mellor.  Remember to include your name
and address.
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