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thisispete - 18/03/2024
Stunning work for what essentially amounts to a hobby project -- had this been expanded into a full game with additional missions, narrative, character progression and suchlike, it would have absolutely cleaned up.

As it stands, it's still well worth playing -- and randomised elements mean it's replayable, too -- so if you enjoy the Laser Squads and XCOMs of this world, this will definitely keep you happy for a while.

Vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSpYmJ0iJic

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B Squad atari screenshot
B Squad atari screenshot
B Squad atari screenshot
B Squad atari screenshot

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GenreStrategy - MiscellaneousYear1996
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Hansell, Richard

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Hansell, Richard

Game design

Hansell, Richard

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Hansell, Richard

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Hansell, Richard

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari B Squad Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

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ST Format ().

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              B Squad Demo Instructions
About the Author
My interest with computers began at the age of ten when my school bought a
Commodore PET.  Over the years I have owned a BBC Micro Model B, an Atari
VCS, a Dragon 32, a Commodore 64, another Dragon 32, a ZX Spectrum (which I
only kept a week), an Atari 520 STE (upgraded to 1MB), an Atari 520 STFM and
an Aptiva Multimedia 486 PC.

For the last three years I have been a devoted Atari user.  However, my 
Atari has now taken second place to the PC as it can't compete with the 
CD ROM, Hard Drive and software available for the PC.  Also, the mouse port
isn't in such a stupid place and it doesn't reset itself every couple of

I studied Computer Science at University and am currently working for CODA,
a firm producing Accounting Software (yawn) for large businesses.  My job is
a mixture of Testing and Development, programming in 'C' and COBOL on 
Digital VAX and Alpha platforms.

B Squad was written in GFA Basic 3.0x and compiled using GFA 3.6 Compiler.

The graphics were put together in Canvas.

Sound effects were sampled on the PC from a variety of sources and 'ported'
to the ST using a utility from the front of an ST Format.  They would be 
better if it wasn't for the fact that my STE can not play samples after an
accident involving a mallet and a replacement PSU.  As you can imagine this
made testing the samples rather tricky.

It took two years to complete this demo.  This is mainly due to the fact
that I only spent an average of a couple of hours a week working on it.

The air supply in the escape pod was running low when sensors detected a
cruiser within range.  Although the craft failed to respond to any distress
signals it made no attempt to stop the pod docking with the main airlock.

Now you are docked the air supply has been replenished but the pod will not
disengage.  Even if it could, it was a one in a million chance to find a
ship before the air ran out in the first place.  You may not be so lucky

Getting Started
Double click on BSQUAD.PRG and wait for the credits to appear.

The ship you have docked with has been infested with a number of alien
lifeforms. To survive you must destroy their queen who is nesting in the
Bridge.  The aliens have taken control of the ship's computer and are also
in control of all the servo droids.

From the view of the ship as you came in to dock it seems to be a small
trader class with a cargo deck at the rear of the ship and an observation
deck at the top.  The airlock is in the middle at the bottom of the ship.

Roxy            Used to operate as a pirate on the outer planetary trade
                routes.  Trained to use an Assault Rifle.
Dorian          Dissident poet.  Weak with poor combat skills. Best left
                with a Hand Gun.
Julius          Cold and calculating, pyschopathic tendencies.  Has little
                experience with heavy weaponry.
Hooper          Dismissed from the Marine Corps for excessive brutality.
                Strong and well armoured, but slow.  Favours heavy weaponry.
Tobias          Priest in the service of the Followers of Soth - an illegal
                cult.  Average skills with most weaponry.
Tallis          Trained as an assassin from birth.  Agile and skilled with
                most weapons.  Prefers the Needle Gun.

Strength        Physical Stamina of character - increases Life Points.
Agility         Dexterity of character - increases Movement.
Skill           Training and natural ability - increases skill percentages.
Life Points     Health of character - dead when this total reaches zero.
Movement        Number of squares that can be moved in one turn.
Armour          Reduces damage taken when hit.

Grub            Alien lifeform.  Attacks by detonating explosive gases held
                within it's body causing minor damage.
Droid           General purpose android armed with a blaster.
Nest Warrior    Alien lifeform.  Breathes flame at target(s).
Gun Turret      Computer defense mechanism.  Slow movement - can only move
                in straight lines.  Fires a heavy laser cannon.
Mine            High explosive proximity mine.  No movement.  Explodes on
                contact - this includes being shot at.
Nest Queen      Alien lifeform.  No movement once spawning.  Breathes flame
                at it's target(s).  Also spawns grubs through four birthing
                tubes.  These tubes must be destroyed individually.

Handgun                 Short range weapon, little power.
Assault Rifle           Longer range than handgun, fires two shots a round.
Needle Gun              Longer range than an assault rifle, more powerful.
Plasma Device           Can shoot though obstacles to detonate on target.
Flamethrower            Short range, high damage, large hit radius.
Frag Grenade            Thrown - explodes on contact doing high damage.
Stasis Grenade          Thrown - causes incapacitation over a wide range.
Photon Bomb             Detonates causing incapacitating blindness.
Explosives              Can be planted to create a mine.
Battle Armour           Increases armour class.  Hooper already has armour.
Targetter               Laser sights increase %ge chance to hit.
Door Jammer             Prevents a door from closing.
Medikit                 Heals user - returning some lifepoints.
Cloaking Device         Causes invisibility when stationary.weaponry.
                        You cannot use weaponry while cloaked.
Scanner                 Provides statistics on target.
Teleport Bracelet       Panic teleporting device.

Sequence of Play
        Squad's turn
        Alien's turn
        Random Events

Moving the map window
        Click on an arrow button in the bottom right of the screen to move
        the board in that direction.

        Note: that you can't scroll into areas that you haven't visited yet.
        (eg. at the start of the game you cannot scroll the board at all.)

        These areas will start off blank but will be filled in as you start
        opening doors.  One exception to this is the lift shaft and lift;
        these will always be displayed.

        Note: to centre on a character click the button in the middle of the
        arrows (you must have selected a character first of course).  The
        centre will override scrolling into unseen sections of the map so
        can be useful for movement.

        Note: to view the entire map seen so far click on the small green
        button above  and to the left of the scroll arrows.

        Note: to display information on the room that the selected character
        is in click on the small "?" button below and to the left of the
        scroll  arrows.

Selecting a figure
        Click on the figure on the board, or click on the figure's picture

        Note: the currently selected figure's picture is highlighted and the
        box depressed.  The 3D figure at the bottom right of the screen
        shows the weapon held.

Moving a figure
        Select a figure and click on the large button with a footprint on.
        The squares that aren't valid for that figure to move into are
        hatched out.  Click on a non-hatched out square to move.

        Note: you may move into areas that you haven't seen yet, although
        they will remain blank when selecting your move.  Once you move into
        a blank area it will be filled in.

        Note: that a move may be interrupted if an unseen figure blocks it.

        Note: the number of moves left are represented by red LEDs under the
        figure's picture.

        Note: you may move/fire, fire/move, move/fire/move as you wish.

        Note: doors are opened automatically as required.

Taking an action
        Click on the action button under the figure's name.  Available
        actions are listed on the three buttons.  The top button is a weapon
        action. The middle  button is an item action.  The bottom button is an
        environment action (eg. use  lift, pick up).

        Click on the action that you wish to take.  If you have more than
        one item then you can click on the little arrow to the right of the
        item action button to browse the actions available.

        Note: some items have no action (eg. Battle Armour).

        Some actions are taken straight away (eg. HEAL).  Other actions
        require a target figure to be selected to complete (eg. firing a

        When a target is required squares that can be selected are
        highlighted.  When the pointer moves over the map window it will
        turn into cross hairs.  When it moves over a square that has been
        highlighted it will give a percentage chance to hit for that square.

        The percentage chance to hit is calculated using the character's
        base skill, the distance to the target and the range of the weapon.
        For example, if Roxy has a skill of 60% with a handgun with a base
        range of 8 and a max range of 12...

                Distance                        Percentage

                 1      Point Blank             99
                 3      Short Range             90
                 8      Base Range              60
                12      Long Range              30
                18      Out of Range            --

        (But you don't have to worry about this as it is all done for you.)

        To complete the action click on a highlighted square.  A roll will
        then be made to test the skill of the selected figure.  If the roll
        is less than or equal to the percentage to hit then the action
        succeeds. If it is greater than the percentage to hit then the
        action has failed.

        Note: the Assault Rifle fires it's second shot at -10% to hit.

        Note: the Scanner will always display 00% as the percentage to hit.
        This means that it is will always be a success and no roll is

        Note: in the case of a failed weaponry action the shot/ grenade will
        miss the target but could hit another figure.

        To exit this screen click on the cross button next to the bottom
        button, or select another figure.

        Note: if an environment action is available then the action button
        will be highlighted.

        Note: you may make many environment actions, but only one weaponry
        or item action each turn - making such an action disables the action
        button until next turn (even if environment actions remain).

Viewing character Stats
        Some character stats are displayed in the character's box (Name,
        Moves left,  Life points left, Action available).  Other stats are
        available by right clicking inside the character's box to toggle
        to a second screen.  To return from this screen right click again.

        On this screen full stats are shown and equipment is listed.

        There are three buttons available:

        The "?" button gives information on the equipment.  Use the arrow
        buttons to browse through the equipment if the figure is holding
        more than one item.

        The "S" button lists the character's skills with various weaponry
        and also their kill totals on this mission.

        The "G" button invokes the Give Menu allowing the character to give
        or swap items to adjacent figures.  Use the arrow keys to select the
        item to give  and the figure to give it to.  Then click "OK" to
        proceed or "CANCEL" to return to the stats menu.

Ending your turn
        When you have completed your turn click the thin vertical button
        next to the  map window.  The aliens will then take their turn.

Finishing the demo
        The demo will end when the Nest Queen has been destroyed or when
        the entire squad has been wiped out.

Registering your copy
Please give me some feedback on this demo...

To register your copy send a cheque or postal order made payable to
R Hansell for three pounds to the following address:

        25 Pembroke Street
        Burton Stone Lane
        Y03 7BB

If I receive enough interest then I will complete the full version with more
detailed plots and multiple scenarios.  I may even make a few improvements
to the game engine.  Here's my wish list:

        o more character interaction;
        o "movie" 3D combat sequences;
        o more weaponry, including hand to hand;
        o interesting things to do in rooms;
        o bigger and nastier aliens.

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