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Screenshots - Atom Ant

Atom Ant atari screenshot
Atom Ant atari screenshot
Atom Ant atari screenshot
Atom Ant atari screenshot
Atom Ant atari screenshot

Information - Atom Ant

GenreArcade - Boulder DashYear1993
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboardDistributorInternational Freeware Assoc.
ResolutionMedium / HighLicensed from-

Drevensek, Branko [Pat H. Etic]

Graphic Artist(s)

Drevensek, Branko [Pat H. Etic]

Game design

Drevensek, Branko [Pat H. Etic]

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Drevensek, Branko [Pat H. Etic]

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Atom Ant Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Atom Ant


                                    Atom Ant



                        Atom Ant Construction Set (AACS)


                           Another Pat H. Etic product

                               All rights reserved.


        Atom Ant and AACS are freeware, therefore:

           -they are free

           -you are allowed to copy them freely, if you

               -do not charge any money for it

               -distribute it in unmodified form

               -distribute all files (see file list below)

               -ditribute your own level sets as freeware

        I provide no guarantee. Use this software at your own RISC. ;]


        Atom Ant file list:

           -ATOM .PRG     ( game                                           )

           -AACS .PRG     ( construction set                               )

           -ATOM .BIN     ( common routines ( animation, graphics, intro ) )

           -ATOM .TOP     ( top scores                                     )

           -ATOM1.ANT     ( first 24 levels                                )

           -ATOM .TXT     ( guess what                                     )


        Atom Ant

          I wrote first version of this game in early 1990, when I knew

        no other ST series computer than ST itself. It ran well there

        and I never made any major improvements. So what might be a

        problem? Well...When you run ATOM or AACS it creates a virtual

        screen just below the current physical without checking, if that

        memory area is really free. Therefore I recommend running A...

        without accessories, RAM-disks, shells... It causes no problems

        with my configuration, but you should check if it does with yours,

        especially if you use a new version of TOS. 

          Atom ant supports ST monochrome and ST medium resolution. It was

        designed for monochrome and uses same sprites at medium one.

        This makes medium resolution graphics look pretty awful.

          When you run Atom the first thing you will see is a kind of intro.

        You mey freely ignore it. Simply press space bar.

          Then file selector appears asking you to select level set. Select

        any level set you have (.ANT files). Atom1.ant is default and only 
        level set I provided so far. The game will boot with seleced level

        set. You can reselect level set latter with L key.

          The next key you could try is HELP key. It provides some on-line

        help including key descriptions.

        Now I have told you almost everything except...

          What or Who is Atom Ant?

          Atom Ant is a klone of formerly very popular C64 game

        called Boulder Dash. It combines logic and strategy, although

        quick reflexes come very usable, too.

          Your duty is to guide Ant safely through the earth, rocks,

        butterflies (wow! Are you scared...) right to the elevator that

        will take you right to the next level. Of course, those levels

        are dangerous and all the animals are capably murderers. (dig this)

        The elevator won't let you enter before you have collected

        requested number of gem-stones. Take a look to the right side

        of screen ( You haven't turned monitor around, have you ? ), where

        you will find all the numbers U need in this game... Elevator will

        start opencloseopenclose...openclosing its door when you have picked


        some hints:

           -you can push stones when there is nothing on the other side

           -sometimes U can use gems ( not just pick them )

           -some levels are bigger than they seem to be

           -'butterflies': smash them, see what happens

           -'boxes'      : smash them, when they are near bricks, etc...

           -'cheese'     : lead butterflies to it

           -hove to steer quickly ? Press one key, then press another

            without releasing the first one.


           Atom & AACS file access routines are not completly bugproof, 

        so make sure:

          -the floppy is not write protected when you want to write to it,

          -drive is ready when programs needs it,

          -there is enough free space on disk...                        :(


        Atom Ant Construction Set (AACS)

          Only one level set is provided by me. So what to do when you

        finish all levels? Run AACS.


          -The AACS runs in ST monochrome mode only.

          -The AACS will not handle desk accessories properly.

          -same memory problems warning as at game above

          -same file access warning as above

          -everything else I forgot

          First you will have to do is level set selection. Just like

        in game. Please use .ANT extension for all your level sets.

        Select existing or enter new name. When you are in level editor

        press ESC key to switch to control board.

        control board options:


            FILE FORWARD  (+)    increases file pointer to next level

            FILE BACKWARD (-)    decreases file pointer one level back

            LOAD LEVEL    (L)    load level from current file position

            SAVE LEVEL    (S)    save level to current file position

                                 To append level move to the end of file

                                 first and then save.

            EDITOR        (ESC)  enter level editor

            QUIT          (Q)    no comment

            File system is pretty primitive. You will have to remember

            level positions. Sorry.


            In this menu you select the object you wish to add to the level

            you edit. 

            The choice is:

              -brick            ( unmovable, destructable by box          )

              -old brick        ( unmovable, falling                      )

              -concrete brick   ( unmovable, undestructable               )

              -stone            ( falling, movable if not blocked         )

              -gem              ( falling                                 )

              -bonus live       ( falling                                 )

              -earth            ( blocks everything except ant & 'cheese' )

              -air              ( space, ant 'flies' through it,

                                  the reason game was called Atom...      )

              -elevator         ( exit from level                         )

              -Atom Ant         ( players starting position               )

                                ( one per level please                    )

              -butterfly        ( moving around, turns into gems if killed)

              -box              ( moving around, explodes if killed       )

              -cheese           ( invades earth and space                ;)

                                ( kills butterfly if touched              )

              -logo             ( authors logotip, same as brick          )

            All objects follow their rules. You should know them before

            you try to create levels to (ab)use them. Observe.

            Atom1.ant is nice example of level set. Analyse it.


            PLAY        Play level you are currently editing.

                        You should solve all your levels to be sore they

                        can be solved at all. It also gives some important

                        information: the time U spent and the number of

                        gems you picked. U shall remember theese data.

                        You will need it when you save level.


            bla...      Those options do nothing. Plain text only.

                        Short desription of editor keys.

        editor options:

          cursor keys   move around

          2,4,6,8       same

          space         draw single object

          return        toggle pen (on|off)

          esc           switch to control board

          C             clear level ( earth surrounded by con. bricks )

          A             animate objects


          Level #1 has special meaning. It contains the srolling message you

          see at start screen ( first three lines ) and Game over message

          (fourth line). First level to play is really the level #2. See

          how is this done in Atom1.ant.

          Surround your level with concrete bricks, so you are sure

          player never leaves the preferred area. This is also important

          for routine that determines the size of level and draws map

          at right bottom of the screen. Don't ask. Just do it.

        When you finished your level set simply start Atom Ant game and

        select your level set instead of Atom1.ant. Good luck.


        If you design your own level set(s) please share it with the rest. upload would be just fine. If you don't

        have a FTP access please mail your levels to me ( UUEncoded, if

        mailed via E-Mail ).


        Contact address: ( comments, questions, level sets, whatever )

        Pat H. Etic


        \  Branko Drevensek  \  Internet:                   \

         \  Hotinja vas 11/b  \                              \

          \  62312 Orehova vas \  Branko.Drevensek@Uni-Mb.SI  \

           \  Slovenia          \                              \

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