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Sut - 26/03/2022
Once I got my head around the nonsensical nature of the game I found myself really enjoying this and couldn’t put it down. Excellent fun, feels like Hotline Miami the driving game.

Screenshots - Anarcho Ride

Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot
Anarcho Ride atari screenshot

Information - Anarcho Ride

GenreRacing - CarsYear2015
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJoystick, MouseDistributor-
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Ilg, Thomas

Graphic Artist(s)

Tomkins, Alan / Ilg, Thomas

SoftwareEnglish, German, Polish, Spanish
Game design

Ilg, Thomas

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Ilg, Thomas

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeSTe Only, Falcon030 / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Anarcho Ride Download / STNumber of Disks2 / Double-Sided / HD Installable

Additional Comments - Anarcho Ride

Instructions - Anarcho Ride

You expect instructions for this game?
Ok: Crash everything that gets in your way. Collect points for that. Exchange the points and bonuses for cute hearts. And go and buy more cars and tracks in the flower shop.
Sounds logical?

Ahh, yes: Press "X" to end a level at any time.
English (G/Q)
German (G/Q)
Spanish (BETA, G)
Polish (G)
Vorarlbergerisch (G)
G – Game Text, Q – Quest Explanations
More languages and language updates to be expected soon.

ATARI STe/Falcon or compatible ATARI ST emulator. 
Colour monitor. Or switch emulator to Low resolution mode. 
RAM STe: 2MB recommended/1MB minimum 
(enter setup on start-up to switch to 1MB mode) 
RAM Falcon: 4MB minimum
Harddrive recommended for convenience and shorter loading times 
(Floppy version comes with setup utility)
If available use 16Mhz or higher (Falcon & MEGA STe).

Setup Options
This has become a complicated beast! Therefore a system setup tool is built into the game. It enables you to run the game in full beauty on a +2MB STe or in a reduced setup in a 1MB Machine. Technically it should even run on a standard ST(f) but with a massively lower framerate. So the ST(f) is no official option to playing the game.
At any time the game needs full writing access to the Floppy/Harddrive it is played from! If you play it from a Floppy, do not write protect the Disc!

You can enter the setup screen by pressing any key at game start or by entering it from the main menu. Some options force a restart. Some options become active only after restart.

Listening to the beautiful tunes form xFalcon results in a little lower framerate… Its up to you!

Joystick is by far the best way to handle the game, but if you do not have one, ride with the mouse!

Any object is stored in the Memory in every single scale state. This takes lots of RAM. 
You can reduce the amount of scale states -> less memory consumption -> jumpier game experience. 
Prerendered values	

There is some math going on while playing. Math is not funny. Math takes time. Therefore some math can be done before hand and the results are stored in RAM for a higher framerate. BUT this takes RAM! 
You can reduce the Prerendered Values -> Less memory usage -> quicker game start -> slighty lower framerate.

Streetdesigns per Track
Streets come in different forms: Normal, Beach, Highway… But using more street designs in one Track, means massive amount of memory being used. 
You can reduce track designs here -> Less memory consumption -> some levels have lesser variations in Track designs.	 

Load music	
Music needs RAM as well. Not loading it, saves lots of space… but: No Music. The ride becomes a bit quicker without music.

Load DMA Sound FX	
Lots of cool sounds are stored as Sound samples. They are BIG BIG BIG! (more than 40kb!) Not loading them results in saving lots of RAM.
But therefore you will hear some Chip Sounds… not as good…	 
Process Debug console (on startup only)	

Starts a screen with lots of weird boring things going on. Not as boring for the developers of the game.	 	 

Load all riders to memory	
This option load all the beautiful graphics of the Drivers-Cars to the memory for fast access. But it also takes RAM. 
Switching it OFF also has an impact on the Gameplay: when playing from FLOPPY DISC new riders/cars coming from expansion packs, can only be used if the option “Load all rides to memory” is set to “YES”! 

Easy mode	
Choose from a 1MB standard setup or do the opposite.	 	 

Cleanup Ram	
This searches for unused objects in the Ram. But don’t expect to much.

Street details	
This option changes the details in which the street is painted to the screen. Going to „MEDIUM“ or „MIN“ results in higher frame rate but more edgy street looks.

Host System	
If there is “AUTO” switched on, and your system is not shown correctly for example as “AUTO (STE)”, you may overwrite the auto detection by selecting your system manually to “STF/STE/FALCON”. Side information: this will result in a different handling of Sound. For FALCON users: if your Falcon plays DMA sound in the STE Mode, there is no reason why you MUST go to FALCON mode. The FALCON mode has a slower startup.

Hardware - Anarcho Ride

Atari 1040ST

Atari Mega STe

Trivia - Anarcho Ride

Additional credits:
SNDH Playback: GWEM / YM Rockerz / Paradize
Videomode Kernel: Cooper
DMA Playback: Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize
GFA Depacking Logic: SWE / YESCrew
Translation: JoanAM, Piotr
Poster Artwork: Melanie Schober

Supports Blitter
Supports STe DMA sound
Supports STe palette

Features digitized sound fx at 6.2KHz

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