Algebra I - Verbal Problems

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Screenshots - Algebra I - Verbal Problems

Algebra I - Verbal Problems atari screenshot
Algebra I - Verbal Problems atari screenshot
Algebra I - Verbal Problems atari screenshot
Algebra I - Verbal Problems atari screenshot
Algebra I - Verbal Problems atari screenshot
Algebra I - Verbal Problems atari screenshot
Algebra I - Verbal Problems atari screenshot

Information - Algebra I - Verbal Problems

GenreEducation - MathematicsYear1990
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboardDistributorInternational Freeware Assoc.
Players1DeveloperEducational Management Systems
ResolutionMedium / HighLicensed from-

Gauthier, Charles O.

Graphic Artist(s)

Gauthier, Charles O.

Game design

Gauthier, Charles O.

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
MIDIVersionHome Version
Dumpdownload atari Algebra I - Verbal Problems Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Algebra I - Verbal Problems

Welcome to the use of ALGEBRA I - VERBAL PROBLEMS   . There are three files on  the disk. You must have all three in this SHAREWARE version.

README    - This is the file you are reading now. It only tells you what 
            each file in the set does and is not needed to run the
            programs. But it handy to know what to do.
ALG13A.PRG - This is the BOOT program for this disk. In the SHAREWARE
             version you must load this PRG file first, read the
             documentation if you want, print it out or print out
             an order form. Or you can just use the arrows to go
             to the MENU and select ALGEBRA I - V. PROBLEMS     
             and press ENTER and the main program will run.
ALG13B.PRG - This is the main program and if you have read or printed
             out the documentation then you know the power it has to let
             you configure it for your own uses.

When you register your version (directions are in the BOOT program) you will    receive an updated version, printed documentation, and the program will include all working functions.  THANK YOU AND ENJOY!!!
Educational Management Systems - P.O. Box 153 - Huntingtown, MD. 20639

     The  ALGEBRA I SERIES developed by Educational Management
Systems under the guide of Charles O.  Gauthier, Senior Programmer, 
is  based on twenty years of teaching Algebra I  by  Mr.  Gauthier 
from three different text series.

     The program on this disk has many features:

     * The user may store or retrieve the results of any work     
       session to or from disk

     * The user may print worksheets with as many problems as 
       wanted, and each would be different - there is also the
       option to select the help sections to be printed also to
       make them instuctruction worksheets

     * There are three levels of help available with each separate
       problem, and the help is geared toward helping the user to
       understand the specific skill for that particular problem

     * The entire operation of the program is within the user's 
       control - allowing the work session to be as long short as
       the need be

     * The work and program changes use the GEM interface as much
       as possible - for ease of use

     * The user may go to the SELECT menu and make the problems
       more difficult, work more problems, select a higher range
       of digits etc.

     * From the OPTIONS section of the FILE, the user may change
       their name, the date, save a file, input a file, see the
       scores on screen or to the printer, or any of the other
       OPTION functions
     * Randomly generated number make each problem in each program
       different - and worksheets with many of the same type of
       problem will ALL be totally unique problems


     There  are  30  different  types of  verbal  problems  in  10 
different  areas of work that are found in all current  ALGEBRA  I 
texts  used  within curriculum.  

     Each  HELP section starts with a definition of what X  should 
be,  and leads the user into the relationships of that  particular 
type of problem ( i,e.: age uses a chart, motion uses the distance 
formula with a chart, geometry uses the correct formula, etc.) and 
in the final step sets the equation up.

It  is  assumed that the user knows the axioms and  properties  in 

The types of problems covered are:

NUMBER - These cover sums, differences, separate into three parts,
          consecutive integers and others.

AGE  -  These  cover the basic ideas of age  relationships  -  one 
        person being older than another and then in so many years, 

GEOMETRY  -  These  cover  area,   perimeter,   right   triangles, 
             complementary angles and the Pythagorean Theorem.

MOTION - These cover uniform motion in still water and people 
         who meet when one of them leaves before the other.

MIXTURE - These cover mixtures selling at different prices and 
          percent solutions of water and alcohol.

COIN - These cover 3 types of coin and value relationship.

INVESTMENT - These cover interest earned on two investments and
             a total invested at two different rates.

PERCENT  - These cover the interest formula,  selling  price  with 
           profit and overhead figured in, and also percent of 
           increase or decrease.

WORK  -  These cover work by two people,  work  where  one  person 
         starts before another and also covers the capacity of 

LEVER  - These cover weights and distances where one  distance  in 
         not known and another where the total length is known.

Algebra I - Verbal Problems

This  version of Algebra I - Verbal Problems was written  for  the 
beginning student in algebra. There are some assumptions about the 
level  of  algebra  that one needs to  know  before  working  this 

1.)  The student would have a working ability to translate from  a 
verbal  statement into the algebraic representation  using  LET  X 
statements and then be able to set up and solve an equation.

EXAMPLE:If a number is increased by twice itself the result is 12.

LET X = a number
LET 2X = twice a number

                   X          +           2X           =     12
               ________                 _______
               a number  increased    by twice    result is   12
2.) The student would have a working knowledge of equation solving 
techniques and know the axioms of equation manipulation.

EXAMPLE:    Solve     5( X - 4) -3(3x + 6) + 42 = 8

clear parentheses      5X - 20 - 9X  - 18 + 42 = 8

use the commutative
property to combine     5X - 9X  - 38 + 42  = 8
like terms

                          -4X +  4 = 8

Use the additive
inverse to combine            -4    -4           
like terms across the     ---------------
equal sign                  -4X   =  4

divide by the               ---     ---
coefficient of              -4       -4 
the variable                            

                             X  =   -1

These titles will be available in a HOME VERSION and a SCHOOL SITE 
VERSION. The difference being that the SCHOOL SITE VERSION will be 
sold  to a school and the school will have a license  through  the 
purchase  to  make  duplicate copies for use  within  that  single 
school, or use within a network off a hard disk drive.

But  more importantly there is a separate program for the  teacher 
to enter classes,  class lists and do managed instruction from any 
of the series titles for individual students the results of  which 
will automatically be saved to disk.  The teacher can then  assess 
this information and make changes as appropriate.

It is very important to understand that written into the programs
are controls that allow the user to make changes in the parts that 
effect the numbers,  their size,  use of negative numbers etc.  in 
order  to  make the program as customized as it can  be  for  each 

Also  OPTIONS are included that make it possible for the  user  to 
make  use  of the data generated from their use of  this  program, 
including  generating worksheets of randomly  generated  problems, 
dumping  to  the  printer problems that the user is  not  able  to 
master for future study,  saving to disk at any point a file  with 
the  results of the work up to that point,  bringing in from  disk 
any past file and many other OPTIONS.

It is hoped that the purpose of this program:
             to help students understand word problems
                           in ALGEBRA I
will  benefit those who spend the time working with it.

                  Thank you for using ALGEBRA I - VERBAL PROBLEMS

                              Charles O. Gauthier
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