Airfleet Woodlouse Game

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Screenshots - Airfleet Woodlouse Game

Airfleet Woodlouse Game atari screenshot
Airfleet Woodlouse Game atari screenshot
Airfleet Woodlouse Game atari screenshot
Airfleet Woodlouse Game atari screenshot
Airfleet Woodlouse Game atari screenshot
Airfleet Woodlouse Game atari screenshot

Information - Airfleet Woodlouse Game

GenreArcade - Pac-ManYear1989
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDistributor
ResolutionMediumLicensed from

Cooper, Alan / Cooper, Magnus

Graphic Artist(s)

Cooper, Magnus

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Airfleet Woodlouse Game Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Airfleet Woodlouse Game



     Woodlouse Game for Atari ST
     Written in GFA BASIC

Make sure you are in MEDIUM RESOLUTION.

To play the game select the GAME box on the first menu. Select one 
of the .SCR screen files. The chosen screen will appear. When the 
computer has finished displaying the screen a notice will appear 
asking you to choose a difficulty level. Do not do this until you 
have read how to play the game.

                   PLAYING THE GAME  

    On the screen there are lots of little symbols, each of which 
represents an object. You control the woodlouse, which is a small 
armoured creature with two red antenna on the front end and a stripy 
body. Find him on the screen so you know where to start. (He may 
be under the notice so you will have to wait until the game 
starts.) The following keys move the woodlouse:

               "Z" = Left
               "X"' = Right
               "'" = Up
               "/" = Down

At the start the game may run quite slowly so don't keep your finger 
on the keys too long or you will put commands in the buffer and you 
will lose control of the woodlouse until the buffer emptys. 

     The aim of the game is to eat up all of Farmer Browns little 
green seedlings. This is not as easy as it may look. The red 
bottles contain Farmer Browns Poisonous Pesticide,and if you eat 
one of those you will lose a life. You may have to eat poison in 
order to get some seedlings. Make sure you have enough lives 
before doing this. (Lives are displayed in the top-left hand 
corner of the screen, and you start with 3) If you eat a battery 
and your lives number less than 5 you will get an extra life. The 
batteries are green with a red label.

                    DANGERS TO THE WOODLOUSE

     There are two types of creature which are dangerous to the 
woodlouse. The most dangerous are the red ANTS. These have black 
heads and will go after the woodlouse if nothing is in the way. If 
an ant catches the woodlouse it will take away one life and vanish 
into thin air. SPIDERS are not quite so dangerous. These are like 
black asterisks and wander aimlessly around eating up any 
woodlouse or ants in their path. Unlike ants, these do not 
dissapear if they get you and may strike again!
     At the start of the game you will be asked to select the  ant 
difficulty level.  This governs the way that the ants move and how 
intelligent they are.
     Ants and spiders will die if they eat poison.

     The black and white blocks with a diagonal cross on are solid 
and cannot be moved.

                        WINNING AND LOSING 

     If your lives go down to 0 you will lose the game and a 
notice will appear asking if you want to play the same screen 
again. If you successfully eat all the seedlings you will be 
applauded by a huge woodlouse firework.


                   USING THE SCREEN EDITOR 

     The EDITOR enables you to design and create your own screens. 
Select EDIT on the main menu. You will then get a choice of 
LOADSAVE , EDIT or QUIT ED. If you don't want to edit click on 
QUIT ED. If you wish to load a screen and change it click on 
LOADSAVE, then click on LOAD and select a screen file. If you want 
to make a screen from scratch then click on EDIT, and then NEW.
Type in a name for the screen ( not more than 8 letters ) and 
press [RETURN].

     If you loaded up a screen you will see a lots of numbers 
appearing all over the screen. If you are starting from scratch, 
then nothing but a row of 3s will appear round the edge. Each 
number stands for a different object. Here follows a list telling 
you what each number stands for:
               2 = ANT STARTING POSITION
               3 = SOLID WALL
               4 = SEEDLING
               5 = POISON
               7 = BATTERY
               0 = BLANK SPACE (or click right button)

     Press the number key which corresponds to the object you 
want.(If you want a seedling press 4, etc.) The object is now 
ready for positioning. To position the object, move the mouse to 
where you require it and click the left button. The number you 
chose will now appear where you clicked, unless it was 0, in which 
case a blank space will appear. It will overwrite anything that 
was there previously. If you hold down the mouse button and move 
the mouse you can make a line of objects. If you want to put a 
different type of object, simply press the corresponding number.

     NOTE: The edges of the screen are always wall(3). You cannot 
change this.

                   RULES FOR MAKING SCREENS

     There are four main rules to keep in mind when designing a 
     1. Always put one and only one woodlouse start.
     2. Never put more than 20 ant starts.
     3. Never put more than 20 spider starts.
     4. Always make it possible to eat all the seedlings. If you 
surround a seedling with walls so that there is no way in, then 
the screen will be impossible.
     The computer will check if you breach the first three rules 
but you have to check up on the fourth one yourself.

                   FINISHING THE SCREEN

     When you think you have completed the screen, press the 0 
key, move the mouse to a blank space and click both buttons 
simultaniously. You will be asked if you are sure. Say YES(YOP), then 
wait a couple of seconds while the computer checks the screen for 
rule infringements. 

     You must now save your screen or else you will lose it. Click 
on LOADSAVE and then on SAVE. Use the standard GEM item selector 
to save the screen.

     Unless you want to do any more editing, then click on QUIT ED.
You will now get back to the main menu.


     To quit, click on QUIT in the main menu. 

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