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Screenshots - 22Diety

22Diety atari screenshot
22Diety atari screenshot
22Diety atari screenshot
22Diety atari screenshot

Information - 22Diety

Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionMediumLicensed from

Bowen, Robert

Graphic Artist(s)

Bowen, Robert

Game design

Bowen, Robert

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari 22Diety Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - 22Diety

     This  program  is  designed to be used during  a  Dungeons  & 
Dragons Campaign as a Reference for the DM.


           +  A Handfull of dice
           +  Monster Editor
           +  Monster Generator


     I  used  a basic window type interface.   Each window  has  a 
close  gadget in the upper left corner.   On the windows  you  may 
find labeled buttons.  Also simple 3D boxes for text are available 
for  input of text where required.   The text interface has a  few  
features built in.

          + Mode is always Overwrite.
          + Tab key brings cursor to next field.
          + Cursor keys enable cursor movement.
          + Return key brings cursor to start of next line.

Main Menu:

     At the main menu you have 5 options.

1) Die Roller                           
2) Charts & Graphs            ( Not yet implemented )
3) Monster Editor
4) Random Encounters
5) Close Gadget Quits to Desktop.

Die Roller:

     On  the left side you have 6 buttons for each kind of die  we 
use  in  roll-playing adventures.   Clicking on  any  button  will 
enable  1 die of the type selected and the button itself  will  be 
modified to reflect the number of dice enabled.  Clicking with the 
right mouse button will disable 1 die of the type  selected.   You   
may roll up to 9 dice of each type for a total of 54 possible dice 
to roll at once!   Each die is shown in a row to the right of  the 
button type matching the die type.  To the right of the individual 
dice  you  have a total of all the dice of that die  type  so  you 
don't have to add you're 3D6 in your head.  Also a Grand total  of 
all dice rolled is shown.

Use the close gadget to return to the main menu.

Charts & Graphs:

     At  the  present  time  this  part  of  the  program  is  not 
developed.   Possible uses will be along the lines of Spell lists, 
Treasure, Weapons, etc...

Monster Editor:

     From here you can enter your monsters into your own data base.
There  are 19 text fields to enter data about your  Monsters,  you 
must try to keep all text in standard form or the program will not 
treat it correctly.  Here are some guidelines.

Title: Any Characters
Freq: Use text or numbers, 1=Unique
                           2=Very Rare
No App: Use single number or range, 1 or 1-100
Armour Class: Single or multiple body AC's, 2 or 2\-2\5
Move:  6" or 12"/24"/10" or 12"//10"
Hit Dice: 2, 2+2, 4-2, 1-4hp, 200hp
% IN lair: 20%, 80          
Treasure Type: Individual separated by a ";" then Lair treasure.
               M(x10);Q,B,S OR ;Q OR I;X or Q
No Attacks: just a number. 1,2,3
Dam Attack: 2-8 or by weapon
            1-6 + Stun
            2-12 + poison
            1-4/1-4/2-5/1-3 or 1-3+weapon
Special Attack: Any Text
Special Defense: Any Text
Magic Resistance: Standard, 80%
Intelligence: Non,Very, etc
Alignment: Neutral
Size:S  OR  M OR L,  followed by description in  Parenth,  (5'  at 
shoulder), (1 1/2' tall), (7'+ tall)
Psionic Ability:120
Att/Def Modes:B,C/F,G,H
LEVEL/X.P. Value   VII/1300+10 (level 7, 1300xp + 10 per HP.)

After the text portion of your monster has been entered there  are 
a  few  more things we must do.   You have to SET  DATA,  enter  a 
DESCRIPTION, and assign a PICTURE (optional).


     If  you  would like to assign a picture just  click  on  this 
button.   The picture must be an STmedium binary file.  And should 
match the palette of the program.

Set Data:

     Here we enter the Encounter types and terrain types a monster 
is to be found in.   This is used by the monster generator to help 
find a reasonable monster for your scenarios setting.


     Here you should enter the description of your beast.


     There  are 2 other features in the Editor to help  with  data 
entry.   Arrow Buttons Left & Right with the current record  shown 
between.  A left click will increase or decrease the record and  a 
right  click  will increase and decrease by 10's,  also  the  GOTO 
button will take you to any record number you wish.   If you enter 
a  number that is larger than your collection it will take you  to 
the last record in your collection.

Close Gadget:

When  you  close the Monster Editor you will be  prompted  if  you 
would  like  to  save your new data,  if you do 2  files  will  be 
created.   MONSTER.DAT  &  INDEX.DAT during which you will  see  a 
progress bar. Old files will be deleted.

You will then be back at the main menu.

Random Encounter:

     Here  are  9 buttons with different terrain  types  on  them. 
Clicking  on one will attempt an encounter.   Two buttons are  not 
yet implemented, Outdoor and Airborne.  Look for the next version.
Some types require additional information.  An example is the City 
Encounter.   When you choose a City encounter a dialog will pop up 
and ask if it is Day or Night.  If you choose both the last choice 
will be active,  in this case the night.  I will later implement a 
RADIO  BUTTON  LAW  which  will turn off the  day  when  night  is 
selected.  Use your commons sense for now to select these types of 
input.  After the selections have been made just select CITY again 
for the encounter.

One  text  field is present.   Monster Level.   Enter a  level  of 
monster  desired to effect the Encounter Selection.  A level of  4 
will bring up a monster that is 4*10 +- 10 or 30-50hp.

If  a picture is on file the PICTURE BUTTON will press itself  and 
show  a  black  mark  to draw your attention  that  a  picture  is 

Last  but  not least is the ENCOUNTER  button,  although  it  does 
nothing now it is the future of the Random Encounter Program.   It 
will  interface  a  Character  Party  created  by  my  Character 
Generator with the Monsters Generated in the Random Encounters.

If you would like to register just send in a Question, Suggestion
or a Bug Report to me.

Robert Bowen                or          GEnie Address
161W Goltz Ave.                         R.Bowen1
Salt Lake City Ut, 84101

Any  contributions  for  my efforts will be  a  suprise  and  will 
get you a copy of my DATA files & will inspire me to work harder...

Gifts of time accepted.  Hey whats $5 ?

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