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Information - 'EE's Lost His Marbles

GenreAdventure - TextYear1993
LanguageSTACPublisherPowerfist Licenceware
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Mathews, James L.

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Walton, Daniel / Reader, Ken

Game design

Mathews, James L.

Box / InstructionsEnglish
Musician(s)LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FXSerial
Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari EEs Lost His Marbles Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - 'EE's Lost His Marbles

                    'EE'S LOST HIS MARBLES!!!

                       BY JAMES L. MATHEWS


                       (C) COPYRIGHT 1993

                       ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

                      ***** THE STORY *****

     "Ah ha ha ha!!!" the boys laughed as Mr.  Jones, the 89 year 
old  idiot of the town walked along the  pavement,  "Hey,  Jones, 
remember  what  day it is do ya?!" the boys continued  to  shout.  
Mr.  Jones (known as 'WOOF' to his pet dog) tried to ignore  them 
as he walked over to his bungalo.   The boys were still  shouting 
when Mr.  Jones was in his house.   Eventually they settled  down 
and  went off while Mr.  Jones settled back in to his  large  arm 

     "What's  wrong  with me?!" Jones asked  himself,  "Why  does 
everybody hate me,  I MUST find out what the problem is so that I 
can get people to like me!" he continued.   His pet dog came over 
to him and jumped on to his lap.  Jones was convinced that he had 
taught his pet dog to talk because he had given himself the  nick 
name  of  woof and his pet dog was  always  saying  woof!   Jones 
didn't  have  a name for the dog.   He had given up  after  about 
three hundred different names,  he just couldn't remember what he 
had called it each time so forgot about it all.

Mr.  Jones had lived in his bungalo for all his 89 years.  He now 
 : Page 2 of 5 : Lines 55 to 108 .

lives  on his own after his parents finally dies ten  years  ago, 
both at the age of 99 years,  11 months and 26 days.  The bungalo 
was in a dreadful state and just like his life, there was nothing 
in  it of interest.   He had just one suit to wear and  no  other 
clothing,   the  house  was  being  ruined  because  Jones   kept 
forgetting to clean it and where each room was.  Basically, Jones 
life was still as crap as it always used to be.

In all honesty,  Jones had lost it really.  His mentality I mean.  
It all happened when his parents died.   Jones had always been  a 
stupid old dick but when both his parents died on the same day he 
tried to kill himself in many different ways.   He tried  killing 
himself  with  a sledge hammer,  slicing his head with  a  knife, 
putting his head under a number 9 bus and many more head  related 
deaths.   Jones  had a tough head though and instead  of  killing 
himself,  he had mentally damaged himself.  He now no longer even 
remembers his parents, let alone them dying.

He often did things wrong or just acted a fool and all the youths 
around the area had picked up on it.   Jones was now teased on  a 
regular basis and was not liked.  He was known as the local idiot 
and  weirdo and parents advised their children to stay away  from 
him.   All this contributed to Jones mental illness as he  slowly 
got more and more lonely and got stranger and stranger.  

The  town he lived in was a bit strange as well.   To  the  north 
west of Mr.  Jones' bungalo,  there is a large farm which is said 
to  be owned by a strange old man who is over 300 years  old  and 
was brought up by ghosts in a haunted forest which is to the west 
of  the bungalo.   You are also by a large network of alley  ways 
which  lead  all  over the place and eventually in  to  the  town 
centre.   You  try  to remind yourself not to go out as  much  as 
often  because you are lightly to do damage to yourself  but  you 
never remember.

On the 5th October, Mr. Jones was back out on the streets,

     "Get some help you old fool!" shouted out the local  youths, 
"You  bloody weirdo,  get out of our town!" was heard  the  other 
side of the street from a concerned mother.   Many more of  these 
insults were shouted out as Jones began to shed a tear.   He  had 
TRIED  to get help before.   He had applied for a nurse  to  look 
after him but after he killed her accidentally, everybody thought 
it was best to leave him alone.   The killing happened when Jones 
forgot what thing in the room was dinner,  in the end he ended up 
stabbing the nurse with his fork and trying to eat her.   It  was 
another  failure for Jones when he realised what he had done  and 
it wasn't very good for the nurse either!

Jones  had lived this life for many years though and was  getting 
used to the insults and sadness of it all.  You may wonder why he 
hadn't commited suicide, well the answer to that is simply, if he 
had,  I wouldn't have been able to do this adventure!  Anyway, he 
 : Page 3 of 5 : Lines 108 to 161 .

forgot how to, so there!

The next day,  it was raining and Jones forgot to put any clothes 
on, he walked outside stark naked.  He suddenly felt the coldness 
drawing in on him,  so to keep him warm he started dancing  while 
singing  a Cliff Richard song.   The Cliff Richard song  was  the 
last  straw  and  he was kicked in by a  gang  called  the  'ANTI 
O.A.P's'  group.   Jones staggered back to his bungalo after  the 
attack.  Bleeding and wounded, he retired in to his bed, thinking 
that tommorow would be another day.   A day of  torment,  torture 
and  insults.   Another day where he would retire to bed  feeling 
lost,  saddened and worthless.   Little did he know though,  that 
the next day was going to bring him a quest which he would  never 
have expected!

The  next  day,  Mr.  Jones woke up.   He got  dressed  (yes,  he 
remembered this time!) and walked out in to the blazing sunshine.  
He walked along the pavement when all of a sudden,

     "It's  that bloody idiot again!" shouted a member  from  the 
ANTI-O.A.P  gang.   Jones had a fit of panic and collapsed on  to 
the  floor  jiggling like a jumping jelly bean.   His  arms  were 
waving in the air and his legs kicking around like a dying peanut 
(?!) while he screamed and shrieked in a dreadful way,

     "Oh my god,  let's get out of here!" shouted the  ANTI-O.A.P 
gangs leader, "'Ee's lost his marbles!!!" he continued.

Suddenly, Jones stopped jiggling around and sat up,

     "I've  lost my marbles.....That's what's wrong  with  me!!!" 
shouted out Mr.  Jones in glee,  "Now all I have to do is find my 
marbles and I'll be loved by everyone!" he shouted.  "I wonder 
how   many marbles I've lost." he said to himself,  "If  I  could 
just  have a sign of how many!" he continued.   A number  10  bus 
drove past,  splattering him with mud,  "That's it, I've lost ten 
marbles!  Now, all I've got to do is find them!!!".....

                      ***** THE GAME *****

Well,  that's the plot (and a scary one it is indeed!) so, as you 
can see from the story,  you now on search for ten marbles and in 
this  massive STAC adventure,  you must search for these  marbles 
until you have found all ten.   Then, your quest will be over and 
you will be able to live your life happily.  You now take over as 
the part of Mr. Jones, the 89 year old weirdo.

                    ***** AN EXTRA BIT *****

This  game must be one of the biggest STAC games around  so  far.  
It  has  over  600 locations plus 40 hidden rooms  and  loads  of 
secret  passwords  and cheats.   There is over 90 objects  to  be 
taken  and  thought  out  how  to  be  used.    There  is  actual 
communication  with characters and loads,  loads  more  including 
puzzle solving and even talking to Daniel Walton!!!

                       ***** CONTROL *****

To control the character,  first you will need movement.  You use 
movement by typing North (N),  South (S), East (E) or West (W) to 
go to different rooms and locations.   To pick up an object  type 
GET and then the objects name.   To drop an object, type DROP and 
then  the objects name.   To get everything or  drop  everything, 

When in communication with a character,  you will be given a list 
of  what you can say to the character.   Each thing you  can  say 
will have a number.   Simply type the number that you want.   For 

You are by Pac Man.   What do you want to say, 1. Are those pills 
nice?  2. Your mouth is too big!  3. Have you got any legs?  

If  you wanted to ask PAC MAN if he has any legs then  you  would 
simply type 3.

  must be pressed after each command.
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