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dtm-artist - 19/03/2024
Better than the 400/800 version, which is surprising. With a trackball controller, this should be the closest thing to the actual arcade, which would have been a big deal in the 1980s. Diehard 5200 fans should feel proud.
Randy - 29/01/2011
Centipede on the Atari 5200....good stuff!
I bought this game at the same time I got my Atari 5200 from Macy's in San Francisco in the early 1980's and played the heck out of this game.
Back in the day it was a REALLY big deal to have the Arcade games you loved play the same at home as they did in the Arcade, (that was the whole point of buying your favorite game to paly at home, actually) and this port of Centipede fit the bill perfectly. To me it looked and played the same as the Arcade version that I loved. Great graphics and sounds and just one fun game in general.
I never had the Trackball accessory, so played this with the awful 5200 joysticks. The game is really a lot more fun with the Trackball, but really shines on the 5200 no matter what controller you use.
A real gem!
Ransom - 25/03/2009
If you have a 5200, you have to get this game! It's not the best game ever produced, but it's one that really shines on the system -- especially if you have the optional 5200 trak-ball. There is no other home version of Centipede ever produced that is more like the arcade experience than playing this one with the trak-ball.

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Centipede atari screenshot
Centipede atari screenshot
Centipede atari screenshot

Information - Centipede

GenreShoot'em Up! - CentipedeYear1982
ControlsJoystick, Trak-BallPublisherAtari
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryUSA

Hausman, Frank / Hennessy, S.

Medium Cartridge
Dumpdownload atari Centipede DownloadSerialCX5215

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