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rave.N - 03/05/2016
The real AE, a work of art, is the home computer version which filled 2 disks. This 16K cartridge is a bad joke, probably not even created by Wada and Horai (they're credited with the 1982 original). If "A.E." is an acronym so what does it mean?

There are 4 boards here that you wait for to be drawn. What is the 4th? makes no sense. Disk ver tells the story of hostile aliens being fought away from Earth surface (board 1), fought in earth orbit (board 2 looks like north america), chased to the asteroid belt (board 3) with earth Mars and sun seen top right, chased out to Saturn (board 4), and finally the aliens were defeated at the outer edge of the solar system with a view of andromeda galaxy (board 5). See the disk version ....

Screenshots - A.E.

A.E. atari screenshot
A.E. atari screenshot
A.E. atari screenshot

Information - A.E.


Wada, Jun / Horai, Makoto

Medium Cartridge
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